Good wood - the contrast between the two tone monochrome exterior offset against the warm hues of the natural oak lined box window that leads into a cosy yet airy interior, makes this house in Melbourne really stand out. 'The Datum House’ by local architects Figr.

Relinquishing Control

You are my anchor
You keep me from drifting away
Even when the waves attack like violent demons
You keep me strong and grounded
When I feel like I’m drowning under the weight of myself
When I’m gasping for air of freedom
You hear my pleas of sanity
You rescue me
You pull me back to the shore of your love
You show me that no matter where I get lost
There is ground where your love dwells and calls me home
“Follow my footsteps”, you say to me.
“My footprints will never disappear, so long as you choose to notice them”
“Proof that I am always with you”
All I need to do is allow your love to take me away
I am ready
I am yours
Forever and always

—  A Hopeless Hopeful

Good wood - regardless of how remote and harsh the environment of this home in Quebec, once inside it exudes an aura of cool and calm modernity that feels more akin to city living than the wilderness.

The grand table

The dining table, kitchen counter, desk, etc. are each designed for a specific function, although they each are essentially just a flat horizontal surface.

The grand table would run along the centre of the communal space. Like the dining table it becomes a place to gather.

It can be a raised living space; it can be a place for eating; it can be a space for working; it can be a space to cook.