dwellers in the mirage

Abraham Merritt was a towering figure in early fantasy literature, but one of the least talked about today. He’s surprisingly readable. I’d argue the Ironmen from Game of Thrones are based on Merritt’s “Dwellers in the Mirage.” Vikings plus worshipping a creepy squid god is too distinctive a combination. 


The always amazing covers for Abraham Merritt’s eerie horror-fantasy novel, The Dwellers in the Mirage. A. Merritt may be one of the most important and influential horror/adventure novelists of his time. More importantly, he’s one of the most readable, and his books still crackle with lively people in an era when characterization was de-emphasized in genre fiction.

Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons and Dragons, said that A. Merritt was his favorite fantasy author. And there’s a great call out to Dwellers in the Mirage in the Lensman novels people miss today. One of the characters quotes it: “Luka—turn your wheel so I need not slay this woman!”