How to write your book step 201


Think about your book. Always. Have it boiling away in your mind all the time. Next time you are cooking dinner, or having a cup of tea, or tuning out while watching someone else’s story, think of your own. Don’t just think about it when you are already thinking about it.. remember to think about it. Draw yourself into your story make yourself think about your book, your characters, your world. Don’t let it get too far away, have it constantly on your mind, do it deliberately. 

When you stop to look at a sunset, think about how you would write it into your book. When you stop to write a shopping list imagine the handwriting of your characters. When you shower,  think about the next scene you’re going to write. 

Reading books is fantastic escapism, but writing books is even more so. 


Good wood - in love with the stone meets walnut meets bronze combo of this penthouse suite in David Chipperfield’s Westkaai Towers on the waterfront in the neighbourhood of Eilandje, Antwerp.

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What astrological placements can make someone more prone to dwell on the past?

Retrograde Mercury
Retrograde Saturn
Retrograde Moon transition 3rd
Retrograde Mercury transition 4th or 12th
Moon - Saturn (Conjunct, Oppo, Square)
Mercury - Saturn (Conjunct, Oppo, Square)
Mercury in Scorpio
Mercury in Pisces
Moon in Scorpio
Moon in Pisces
Mars in Pisces