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NEW VIDEO: “Mother’s Day Surprise ft. Queen Jackie - flew my mom out to SF for a day of fun adventures to celebrate mother’s day… had the silliest time!! hope you like it, reblog if you want a follow!! <3

Now that finals are over, I’ve had some time to ruin my life I mean read some of QoS as well as experimenting with colors and effects. So have some long overdue ToG art!

In the land of the dead after Red Queen...
  • Coriane: I knew it, I knew it. That Maven was a trouble maker from the start.
  • Tiberias VI: Hey don't look at me! He gets it from the Merandus side of the family.
  • Merandus Ancestor: He's just trying to take over the kingdom!
  • Jessamine Jacos: But if he is discovered, the Calore family will be forever shamed! Dishonor will come to the family. Traditional values with disintegrate!
  • Lucas: Not to mention we'll lose the kingdom.
  • Tiberias V: My other grandson never caused such trouble. He became a respected general!
  • Merandus Ancestor: well we can't ALL be respected generals!
  • Coriane: No! Your descendants had to be murderous traitors!


So I met:
Sean Maguire - Robin Hood in OUAT
Georgina Haig - Elsa in OUAT
Tyler Hoechlin - Derek Hale in Teen Wolf
Bob Morley - Bellamy Blake in The 100

OMG I HAVE NEVER FAN GIRLED OUT LOUD IN MY LIFE TILL TODAY! I usually tend to hide it since I’d freak people out but I did after my photo op with Bob! Essentially this is how it went

Me: *walks into photo booth* “hey Bell!”
Bob: “hey!”
*photos taken*
Me: “Thank You!”
Bob: “see you later O!”
Me: *dead*
I literally ran out of the booth jumping up and down going “he called me O!!!!!” (Yer I was cosplaying Octavia)

Happy early New Year ✿*∗˵╰༼✪ᗜ✪༽╯˵∗*✿
It’s about to be this blog’s 2 year anniversary, and I’ve also just hit 3,000 followers, yeehaw thx for staying even after I became Hamilton trash. I thought It’d be cool to celebrate with another follow forever, since the last one I did was for the 1,500 follower goal a few months ago. Maybe I’ll do one every 1,500 follower milestone. We’ll see.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Jack accidentally texts Hiccup thinking he's texting his best friend, Aster, about his crush, Hiccup. Love your writing!

ok! Sorry for the wait anon, my friend didn’t infore me on these auditions I had to do, i am getting called back anyway and *lesigh* 

Well here you go!


I had just realized anon who asked me this thank you for liking my writing ;w; I didn’t say it at first because I was so excited to post this 

If Hiccup wasn’t able to sleep not he just shouldn’t even try.

He had gotten someone texting him late at night over something important but at the same time hadn’t checked where the messages were going. Hiccup groaned at the continuous buzzing and wondering if he should tell the poor human they had the wrong number. He sighed and finally turned on the phone and blinked out the light to glare at the offending texts that seemed to stop.

Well it was a one sided, given Hiccup wanted the other to figure out he had the wrong number. Hiccup reached over and pulled his glasses on to text the other back not really bothering to read to the text. Only something caught his eye in the body of the text that had him scrolling to the top to find the context.

It was about him.

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