dweeb in a tie


*slams down offering and yodels*

slay me @cubert‘s WD & Aster is just too cute for my heart what even is this, I am so captured by these tiny fonts what the s h i t.

a+ content for the soul, they’re just delightful. 10/10 would draw again. 

(super fond of the smols but also dang the tols are hella cute. gdi.)


Also, idk, worked up some small dumb headcanons for ‘em along the way? mmmight as well share..

- WD’s left handed, Aster’s right handed, Gaster is skilfully ambidextrous?

- WD does the pinky thing to steady a long pen stroke.

- Is also the more ticklish of the two?

- And pokes his tongue out when concentrating.

- Aster thinks it’s all freaking adorable idk

*shrugs self into the void* ahahahaahhh hhhh

Watching this movie on DVD has opened my eyes to so many things

first of all: the snail lady is my favorite background character. 

second of all: Look at Jacks expression when Acacia opens his heart like


third of all: Jack actually doesn’t wear like a legit tie its one of those kinds that just slips on and has an elastic can he not tie a tie??? dweeb x 2

The Honey House, Chapter 27

Fight or Flight


Rae slid her Glock from its holster. She knew Negan wouldn’t be in this barn just like she knew she wouldn’t shoot him if he was but she liked the weight of it in her hand. So with a racing heart and a fistful of pistol Rae crept past the bales of hay, her eyes scanning any potential hiding spaces until she was certain, Negan was gone.

Gone. Bile rouse in her throat as she turned around on autopilot, one foot stretching out in front of the other until she was sprinting from the barn, calling Tim’s name. She ran around the corner blind, colliding with Zuzu who was happily zipping around on a scooter that Tim had found before Jacob or Negan had ever existed.

“I told you to stay inside!” Rae scolded, her tone harsh with frustration that was trying to find an outlet.

One large tear rolled down Zuzu’s cheek, paving the way for a waterfall of followers and Rae felt more than a pang of regret as she abandoned her little niece and ran towards the front gate. How could she have let Negan escape? How could she have been so careless? She couldn’t even control a child so how had she expected to control a man like Negan?

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Can I ask for more Cinderella 'verse, please? The Avengers' reaction to Skinny Steve.



“Well,” says the man, “I’m not what you expected, am I?“ 

That, Natasha thinks, is a bit of an understatement. It isn’t Rogers’s size or lack thereof that startles her—she has read his file, after all. It’s the fact that when he’s off duty, Captain America most closely resembles a cross between a hippie librarian and the sort of boy generally found lurking outside certain kinds of nightclubs in translucent chiffon shirts.

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