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This is for @winchestersgirl-67 's​  challenge! I thought I wouldn’t get it out on time, but I did! It’s not as nice as I wanted it to be but I hope you all enjoy it! Love you all so much, and congrats boo! You deserve tons and tons of love! Requests and the tags are open, as always 😉

Pairings: Sam and Dean x little sister!reader, and Mary Winchester x reader (motherly love)

Warnings: FLUFFFFF???!!!

Tags: @percussiongirl2017 @metaphysicalmisha @winchesters-favorite-girl @sisterwinchesterwriter @missygun @awkwarderthanaverage @staticweekes @lil-sister-winchester @hi-my-name-is-riley @the-third-winchester-warrior

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A Child’s Confession

Characters- Charlie x Reader, Dean, Sam, Cas

Words- 2177

Request by Anonymous- Can you write a Charlie x Reader where the reader is bisexual but she hasn’t come out to Sam Dean or Cas yet because she is afraid they might throw her out(like her family did to her). She has a major crush on Charlie but she doesn’t know that she’s gay. Can you add that she’s on a hunt and a witch curses her, she heads back to the Bunker and the next morning she wakes up and she’s a kid(like 5), and since kids don’t have filters she comes out to the four of them and she is sad, lots of fluff?

Warnings- Coming out? That’s not a warning. Uh no warnings, witches curse? Fluffy? I’ve got none. Got one! Sad talk about the past, yeah that’s it. 

A/n- This was super fun to write! Hope you guys enjoy!

Tags- @whovianayesha 

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You sat in the Bunker with the boys, Cas and Charlie joining the three of you. Sam was looking for a case, while Dean was probably looking up some sort of porn. Cas was doing whatever Sam was doing and Charlie was watching a movie. While you were suppose to be researching as well you found yourself distracted. You guys didn’t keep secrets, you were honest with them as they were with you. Charlie was your best friend, so that was a given. There was one thing you couldn’t tell. You were afraid to come out to them that you liked both guys and girls. Mostly because your parents through you out of the house when you came out to them. Cas was an angel, so he is all about the Bible, right?

Your other problem was that you had a major crush on your best friend, Charlie. You didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did. You had lost your best friend from 4th grade to the fact that you were bi and she thought you would hit on her. So she left your life as well. Let’s say you hadn’t had a great experience with coming out. You refused to lose the people who were now your family. You had to admit you were ashamed of your sexuality, but you had enough in you to cover it. But you just wanted to be happy. You told yourself that being in the hunting life made that impossible but it didn’t seem to matter.

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I will see you

Word count: 2500-ish

Pairing: Dean X Reader

Prompt: Band-aid

Warning: mild angst and feels, lot of Dean fluff!

A/N: This is my entry for @katnharper‘s 500 follower celebration writing challenge. Congrats babe, you deserve all of this and much more.

This is also written for my friend @charliebradbury1104. Elizabeth, you are one of the nicest and strongest people I know. I am so proud of you girl and I am so proud to be your friend. This one’s for you, I hope you like it.

I know I have been MIA for a while but I hope you guys like it, as always, feedback is really appreciated.

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You would have just stood there and given up. You would have let that thing- whatever it was- kill you, rip you to pieces. You were so paralyzed with fear that you couldn’t even feel your limbs, let alone find the strength to move them. But you did move, you found it in you to take charge and defend as adrenaline surged through your body. You grabbed the first thing you could lay your hand on- a piece of broken brick and chucked it hard at the monster, not because you were worried about your life, but because you were deadly scared that harm would befall the tiny life that clutched your leg- your 4 year old daughter, Zara.

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Never Again

A/N- BTW sorry for not writing, my internet has been fucking up and NOW IT’S WORKING! 

* * *


Your eyes slowly fluttered open, adjusting to the light beaming into your room. You yawned and slipped your cold hands under your warm and toasty blanket. You were slightly confused when you didn’t feel that strong arm around your waist, you looked over to the side where your boyfriend usually slept and it was made up and it lacked its usual warmth. You began to speculate horrible things but you kept telling yourself, everything was okay.

You got out of bed and grabbed your nearest robe while you walked into the sudden cold halls of your apartment. You checked every door, hoping he’d been hiding in there playing some cruel joke on you but you noticed, door by door his things we’re missing.

“SAM?” You called out into your echoing apartment, you were in the living room and you saw his hunting duffel bag was missing along with his running shoes. You walked into the kitchen and you saw something different on the fridge. As you walked closer to it, your heart dropped to the floor.

It was the letter and picture you gave him on your 1st anniversary. You picked up the picture and smoothened it in your palm.  You saw the love in his eyes as he stared at you while you smiled towards the camera, it was your favourite picture in the entire world. Your eyes trailed down to the letter and tears began to pool in your eyes.

Dearest Sasquatch,

    Kidding babe :*  Dearest Sam,

                                           I don’t know where to begin, I thought this was going to be easy but once you pick up the pen all ideas fly out that stupid window. But here, I’ll say this.

 Before you and Dean entered my gray life you were a fairy tale my mum use to tell me when I was 2, she told me about this prince riding into my castle on a noble steed and saving me from the wicked dragon or witch. Which you, Sam Winchester had done. You were my prince, Dean’s sick car was your noble steed and the wicked witch was life. After my parents died I thought I’d be damned eternally but you made sure that I wouldn’t be, so thank you Prince Samuel.

I love you with all my heart and this is the only time I’ll ever be cheesy. I know losing Dean was hard and living the apple pie life isn’t easy but I’m glad I’m with you.

P.S: By the time you finish reading this, I’ll be in the bathroom getting ready for your final gift ;) I love you, Sam Winchester.

By the time you finished reading the letter your tears became unstoppable. Your chest heaved up and down while you suddenly felt like you were going to faint. You grabbed onto the nearest chair for support and your stomach began to churn.  You dropped the letter and the picture suddenly feeling gross and sick.

You ran to the bathroom and as soon as your knees painfully hit the cold tiles you emptied all contents of your stomach into the toilet. Suddenly flashbacks of Sam holding your hair while you use to throw up flashed in your mind and you gag even further. You got up and wiped your mouth, you looked at yourself into the mirror and you felt cold. Not because you were in the middle of winter but cold as in losing your other half, forever.


“Mum I want owange juwce” Your attention snapped back to your bundle of joy. You saw your 3 year old son lift his arms up and you smiled, picking him up. You pinched his cheeks and you moved around as he jumped in your arms, giggling like theres no tomorrow. You walked over to the fridge as he began to tell you his dream.

“And then dinoswars flew in and daddy killed all the baddies… the you and daddy put me back to sweep” You tried so hard not to cry at your innocent child’s dream, he had no idea who his father was so he made him up and that killed you inside. You noticed he was a splitting image of Sam, he was 4 and his hair was already as long as Sams.

“When’s Daddy coming home, mummy?” You looked the other way as a tear slid down your face you wiped it away and smiled at your naive son.

“Mummy doesn’t know Bobby, now how about we get your orange juice” The mention of orange juice distracted his creative mind and you set him down while he ran to his toys. You sighed and opened the fridge, wondering how much longer you could take without calling Sam. When you found out you were pregnant you had the urge to call him and tell him wishing he’d come back instantly. But you didn’t want him to stay with you only because you were pregnant, you wanted him to come back willingly. You saw the orange juice container and noticed it was empty.

“Bobby, put your coat and shoes on sweetie, we’re going out.” You saw your son scramble away and you set the box into the bin.

“LETS GO MUMMY” you heard your son eagerly yell and you smiled, picking up your wallet and keys.

“Here’s your change, Y/N and heres your chocolate bar, Bobby” You smiled as you saw your son accept the chocolate bar.

“Thanks Andwy” Your son dug into the bar and you looked up at your friend thankfully.

“Thank you Andy, see you later?” He nodded and you took your sons hand walking out the convenience store. You saw Bobby devour the chocolate bar and he ran to the bin throwing the plastic wrapper away. You picked him up and he giggled when you kissed his cheek.

“Good boy, how about today we go the park? then we get some ice-cream? then mummy can make some spaghetti and we can watch some cartoons? How about that?” Bobby yelled a loud ‘YAYY’ and you giggled.

You noticed the happiness on your sons face, the pure euphoria. You wondered how you’d be able to protect a child as beautiful as him from all the evil existing in the world.A shiver ran up your spine as you heard a growl you thought you’d never hear again, you stopped dead in your tracks and you saw a 1967 chevrolet impala drive past you. Your grip on your son became protective and you saw the car slow down and to a complete stop. All emotion had fallen from your face and your son touched your cheek bringing you back to reality.

“Mumma, you okay?” You looked to your child with wide eyes and tears before looking back at the car.


“Sammy, why’d we stop?” Sam had been staring at your shocked posture and he knew you figured out it was him. You were smart enough to, he knew you figured out it was them just by the sound of the Impala.

“Y/N” Sam whispered your name painfully and Dean looked through the rearview mirror, he saw your ghost stricken posture as you held a child. He didn’t notice it was you until he saw your face, he inhaled deeply and shook his head, not believing you had been here, by yourself the entire time. Ever since he got back from Purgatory, Sam said you were out of the game forever and that they couldn’t come find you. He missed you more than anything, these four years without you was dull, boring and horrible, without you they weren’t living, they were simply surviving.

“Sam? Sammy! HEY! Is that Y/N with a fucking child?” Sam looked at his brother with tears pricking his eyes, he wiped them away and looked back to you. The pain Sam felt after leaving you was worse when Jess died or when Madison died. The last thoughts they had of Sam were happy and yours was simple abandonment.

You began to move slowly towards the car and you placed the child on the ground, next to you. He looked at the kid and his heart began to beat faster, he noticed the child had Sam’s eyes and hair, could that be his? You began to pick up your pace and suddenly you were so close the car you missed dearly you could feel the heat emitting from the beast. The passenger door creaked and it slowly opened.

“Mum, what are we doing?” Sam slowly exited the car and the tears fell freely from your face, you saw him and suddenly you were breathless. You didn’t know what to do, or what to say. You pinched your thigh, reassuring the pain is real even though your heart and soul felt like giving up. Sam stood still, not knowing what to do. He observed your body, how your hair had become shorter and your skin had become paler. Your eyes had dark circles under them and you lost a ton of weight. Were you eating? Why did you look so tired? Thousands of questions flew through Sam’s mind though he couldn’t think of one thing to say to you.

You saw the pain evident on his face and his hair became longer. You felt your child tug on your hand and you bent down to meet his eyes. You set down the plastic bags next to him and you spoke.

“Baby, mummy has to talk to this man. Please be quiet okay? “ You saw your child nod and you kissed his hair. He wiped your tears away and you smiled.

“Good boy” You got back up and faced Sam who was more that 2 meters away from you. You noticed his worn out posture and your heart hurt, when was the last time he felt comfort? You were about to speak but the driver side of the impala opened and you saw Dean exit the car and he ran towards you, crushing you into a hug.

“Y/N. Oh dear god I missed you” You sobbed into your best friend’s shoulder and held onto him dearly. You didn’t know he was back, after killing Dick you had no idea where he or Cas went.

“When did you get back?” You sniffed and Bobby stared at the three of you in pure confusion.

“About 3 years ago, where the hell have you been? Why didnt you come back with Sam” The sheer mention of his name made your heart swell and you ignored his question. You picked up your child and you kissed his temple.

“Bobby meet your uncle, Dean” Both Sam and Dean’s eyes grew wider and Dean broke out into a loving smile. He chuckled with tears and looked at his nephew.

“Uncle Dwean? Do you know my daddy?” Your eyes finally locked with Sam’s and he looked as if he was having a panic attack.

“Baby, stay here with Uncle Dean, okay?” You walked to Sam and he ran up to you pulling you into a hug.

“I’m sorry, Y/N… I’m so sorry” Sam fell to his knees and he hugged your lower half of your body. His tears seeped into your shirt and onto your stomach. Your heart ached for him and your hatred began to disintegrate.

“I’m so sorry…. i had to leave, Y/N. I had to go” You kept quiet and caressed his hair.

“Sam get up” You whispered, your hand not leaving his hair while he slowly arose. You touched his cheek, memorising his face incase he left you again.

“I’m not gonna lie to you, he’s your child.” Sam looked over to Bobby who was telling an ecstatic Dean a story. You saw the happiness in Dean’s eyes and the adventure in Bobby’s.

“I loved you so much but you left me with nothing but a damn bun in the oven oh and the letter I wrote you… but that’s okay. I know you wanted out and I accepted that over the four years, so you don’t have to be sorry. I’m okay with it.”  Every word you said was a lie, you still love him, you weren’t okay with it and you still havent accepted it.

“Well I haven’t accepted it. I still love you and if he’s mine, you’re not leaving my sight ever again, whether you like it or not. I’m sorry I left but never did I want out. I had to leave to protect you. I’m cursed Y/N i cant be with someone and them being okay at the end of the day. But now Dean and I found a place where no evil can harm us, ever again.” Sam shook his head, he held your hand and placed it on his chest, close to his heart.

“CURSED? Dammit Sam… you realise I was a damn hunter before I met you guys? I can protect myself, I have been for four fucking years….” You paused and sighed. Part of you wanted him to leave and never come back but the other half held onto him. “but i love you too dammit. “ He broke out into a smile and grabbed your head softly while he placed a soft kiss on your lips. You missed  the spark you two had whenever you touched him or he touched you. You threw your hands around his neck and deepened the reuniting kiss.

“Ewwwww mummy” You heard Bobby groan and you reluctantly pulled away from Sam. You looked over to Bobby and motioned for him to come over. He ran into your arms and you picked him up, hoisting him onto your side. You looked over to Sam and he gazed lovingly at your child.

“Bobby, sweety. This is Sam. Your daddy” Bobby’s eyes widened along with his smile and he looked like Christmas came early.

“Daddy looks like a superhero mummy” Sam laughed and he was shocked when Bobby extended his hands towards him. Sam reluctantly reached towards your child and he was scared to say the least. But that didn’t stop your child from hugging his neck. Sam smiled while Bobby curled up with his hands around Sam’s neck.

“Are you going to leave again Daddy?” your eyes travelled to Sams and a tear of joy fell down his hazel brown eyes.

“Never again, Bobby.Never ever again.”