Dean Winchester Big Bang is On

Hey all, so there was a lot more support for a Dean-centric Big Bang than initially expected, so it is definitely a go. Thank all of you that showed interest!

Sign ups are going to start on May 26th at 10:00am MST and they will run until July 1st at 10:00am MST. 

There is a schedule posted on the main blog page, as well as a list of rules, and the sign up links, though the three sign up links won’t go live until the date listed.

If you have any questions at all, or suggestions on how to improve the rules/schedule feel free to send the page an ask or email the mods at the email listed on the page. 

I hope you all are having a great night, and look forward to seeing the amazing work you do for this Big Bang!

Doctor Who Big Bang

Okay, so I’m unsure about this, but I don’t know if there’s ever been a Doctor Who Big Bang before? Anyway, I’m really interested in starting one, and it’d either be a Doctor/Rose Big Bang or an all-encompassed Doctor Who Big Bang. So first off, does anyone know if there are DWBB or DRBB? And if not, would anyone be interested in helping me start one? It’d probably start getting put together in May and run through the summer, early fall whatever if we did it? I dunno. It just seems like a good idea since we’re on a DW hiatus all year. Whatcha guys think?

Artists needed for the Dean Winchester Big Bang!

We have quite a few artists signed up, but the author turn out was absolutely staggering, so we are going to signal boost this as much as possible - there are only about half of the number of artists as there are authors signed up, and we do not want to overwhelm our amazing artists.

If you know any artists (graphic, handdrawn, or otherwise) that love Dean as much as we do, let them know!

Art sign ups will remain open until claims roll around (October 30th) or until the number of authors and artists evens out!

Dean Winchester Big Bang Sign Ups Are Now Open!

Sign ups for the Dean Winchester Big Bang are now open! Click here to get to the link for betas, authors, and artists!

Sign ups will remain open until July 1st at 10:00am MST.

We hope to see many of your names for sign ups and we hope you have fun writing!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a message!

Sign Ups in 2 Days!

Just dropping by to remind all of you that sign ups for authors, artists, and betas open in 2 days (May 26th at 10:00 MST).

You are allowed to sign up as any of these, or all three if you’d like to! 
Co-authoring is allowed, but you’ll need to adhere by the same schedule and the additional 2k minimum!

I hope to see lots of you guys signing up and I’m eager to see what work you put out for this event!

As usual, any questions or comments, feel free to drop an ask or send us a message!

Author Sign Ups Have Officially Closed for this Year’s Event!

Thank you all so much that signed up. The turn out was absolutely great. There are simply not enough words to say how happy we are that this many people want to show their love and affection for Dean!

So what now, you guys might be asking. Write! 
It’s time to just focus on writing and making the best story you all can, because we know you all can do it. 

Now, we’d like to remind you that, though Author sign ups have closed, sign ups for artists and betas are still open, and we always need more of those. You are welcome to sign up as both author and artist (you just can’t claim your own fic).

And if you know any fans of Dean that would be interested in doing art for this event, by all means, let them know!

Happy Writing Guys!

-Mod M

First Check In has Closed

Thank you for those of you that checked in.

Due to the number of those that did not check in, our numbers have dropped a little, so artist sign ups have closed at this time.

We are aware that this check in took place over Gishwhes events, so if you are an author that did not check in due to your participation in this event, please send us a message or an ask and we will work something out!