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Bananananananana BAT STAR! 

In honor of Bat Appreciation Day today, we bring you the colorful bat of the sea – the bat star! Found in several of your national marine sanctuaries, bat stars may not be quite like the famed superhero Batman, but they do play an important ecological role. Bat stars help clean dead organisms and algae from the seafloor. 

What other “bats” of the sea can you think of? 

(Photo: Dwayne Meadows/NOAA, taken in Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary)

Max Roach, the iconic jazz drummer & composer, on tour in Japan in the mid-1950s. Photo via Dwayne Rodgers of The Black Vernacular who obtained it from Mr. Roach’s family.

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Seto Kaiba doing things for Dwayne's charity, photo ops and stuff. For purely altruistic reasons. Seto Kaiba's internal reaction when Dwayne claps him on the shoulder and smiles at him.

Kaiba responds with a stiff nod. It says something like ‘I am a proper businessman and we have done good work today’.

Unlike his inner monologue. That’s something a bit more like:

‘Don’t smile, don’t blush, don’t think about those eyes, those perfect white teeth, that strong but gentle hand and how it would feel squeezing your ass- Abort! Abort! Abort!’

“Taxes.” Kaiba says loudly. Shouts really. To his credit, the smile stays beaming on the man’s face, and there’s simply a quirk of the head and a “Hmm?” from Mr Johnson. Dwayne. The Rock. Adonis- fuck shit damn.

“Of course, everything handled above board, no offshores - I know your methods, Seto Kaiba, and frankly the world would be a better place if everyone followed your example.” Of course they’re perfect. He knows this because everything Dwayne Johnson touches is perfect (is his shoulder now perfect? Physical and philosophical testing required). Also because he’s hacked into their accounting software to make absolutely sure, as boundaries are for other people.

It would be smart to continue this line of enquiry, so he doesn’t make himself indecent in front of a crowd of a thousand children and their guardians, and around fifty paparazzi (which is therefore the entire world).

But at the same time, maybe he can get him to say his name again.