Pride Drabble Request

This was requested by Anon: “Let me show you how a kiss should taste” with Pride ❤

Word Count: 269

Warnings: Fluff

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You sat in Pride’s kitchen, watching him move around the kitchen as he cooked.  You would always sneak a taste of whatever he was cooking when he wasn’t looking.  Pride’s cooking only added to the countless number of reasons as to why you loved him.  

While Pride was standing in front of the oven, you quickly extended your spoon towards the saucepan that was directly in front of you.  This time Pride was quick in catching you in the act.  You were sure your cheeks were as red as the sauce in the pan.

“Ah knew you’d sneak a taste [Y/N],” Pride smiled, padding up to you and taking the spoon from your hand.  “Didn’t ah tell ya that you have’ta wait like everyone else?”  Pride rounded back around the stove, giving you the ‘I have an eye on you’ look.

“At least let me have a tiny taste,” you begged, walking around the counter.  You didn’t get in his space too much when he was cooking.  He moved fluidly through the kitchen when he cooked.  It was almost mesmerizing.  

Pride peered over at you, a small smirk on his lips.  “Alright [Y/N],” Pride murmured.  “Let me show ya how a kiss should taste.”  Pride leaned in, pressing his lips against yours.  The kiss was slow, but unfortunately too short for your liking.  When the agent broke the kiss, he seemed to be quite pleased with himself.

“Not bad Dwayne,” you mused, biting your bottom lip.  “Do I get seconds or no?”

“Later,” Pride assured you.  “Ah’ll even include dessert.”  

Cooking with Dwayne certainly had it’s moments.

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Being pregnant with Pride’s baby would involve:

  • Pride is probably the best caretaker you could ask for. As you get bigger and its harder to get around, he’ll always be rushing around to get you the stuff you need
  • He has a sixth sense for your cravings. He has pretty much everything in his kitchen, so you never have to bother him about going out to get something (but Pride would highkey drive to get you a single pickle at 3am if you really wanted it)
  • So many compliments when you feel huge and disgusting
  • And he’s soo patient whenever your temper is shorter than usual. When you snap at him, Pride would just take it and not start a fight
  • SO MUCH BELLY TOUCHING like constantly
  • While you’re cooking? Comes up behind you and just places his hands over the bump. Sleeping? He just kinda absently rubs it, trying to feel any kicks.
  • Wearing his shirts because yours are getting tight and Pride highkey loves the sight of pregnant you wearing his shirts
  • Really overprotective. “Honey, you can’t do heavy-lifting, it’ll hurt the baby.” “Sweetheart, too much caffeine is bad for the baby.” “Maybe you should rest; let me do this, Sugar.”
  •  He’d just really really concerned for you 24/7

Requested by itty-bitty-baby-face~

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Pride teaches you how to dance because your dad was never around to teach you. 

Requested by Anon~

“Left foot. Right foot. Left foot. Right foot. You’re doin’ great.” Pride mumbled out the praise as he watched your feet move. So far, so good. You just hoped you wouldn’t step on his feet again. “Now, step back with your left foot like I showed ya.”

You did, and then Pride stepped out with his right foot before bringing it back. As you beamed up to Pride, he was smiling right back at you. “I think I’m getting the hang of it.”

“I’d say that you are.” The agent chuckled out. “Ready for the spin?”

With a firm nod, Pride loosened his grip on your hand, his fingertips grazing up your palm. And once his hand left your hip, you spun around, keeping contact with Pride’s hand the whole time. And once the spin was completed, the both of you cheered out at the victory.

Pride was right; dancing wasn’t so hard.

imthehoneyyourethebee  asked:

Situation: 35. Not wanting to be alone ; Sentence: 20. "Please stay the night. I really don't mind. I wouldn't feel right knowing you're sleeping by yourself." With Pride 💖💖💖💛🐝

35 - Not wanting to be alone
20 - “Please stay the night. I really don’t mind. I wouldn’t feel right knowing you’re sleeping by yourself.“ 

“Thanks for talking with me, Pride.” You smiled to your boss, though it wasn’t a genuine smile. And Pride picked up on that. “This case. It just…”

You trailed off, and Pride tilted his head to the side. “I understand.” He intervened, reaching over to place his hand over yours. “I’m always ‘round if you need to talk. Ya know that.”

Meeting his soft eyes, you gave a nod, but pulled away from him. “I guess I should be getting home. It’s pretty late.” You said. But both you and Pride picked up on how small and weak your voice sounded.

So Pride came closer, his eyebrows furrowed forwards. "Please stay the night. I really don’t mind. I wouldn’t feel right knowing you’re sleeping by yourself.” He said before offering a slight smile. “My couch is softer than it looks, and I’ll make some breakfast in the morning.”

Your first thought was to deny his request; the last thing you wanted was to be a burden to Pride. But he seemed earnest in his offer, and honestly, you didn’t want to be alone tonight. So when you nodded, Pride’s smile brightened.

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