Our “Moana” wrap part invitation! Next week we finally get to watch “Moana” with the entire crew…I’m so excited! Look at this bad ass invitation, so rad!

The wrap parties are always such a good time to celebrate with the crew and enjoy everyone’s hard work after a long production. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into “Moana”, it’s truly a labor of love.

nineinchbutts  asked:

question: what is darien's sign?? :0

Dariens birthday is January 25 he is an Aquarius
lol because it;s only fair  i did his compatibility with Ruca an Aries!!

“Two forward-looking individuals who instinctively understand each other and share a vision of the future, as long as the freedom of each is respected. Aquarius is immune to the Ram’s domineering spirit. But the Air sign’s detachment may frustrate the Aries need for passion. If a common interest favors friendship over love and the Ram is satisfied with a dispassionate relationship, while Aquarius gains by the ardent contact with an Aries, the relationship they build will be healthy, fresh, and beneficial. “

“Aquarius is immune to the Ram’s domineering spirit.“ lol this shits too spot on


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Imagine Pride and Torres arguing over your affection 

Requested by Anon~

Bishop stayed with you at the back of the ambulance as the paramedic checked over your wounds. They said you wouldn’t have to go to the hospital, as long as you took it easy for the next couple days-

“Y/N, are you okay?”

Torres had rounded the corner of the ambulance, his eyes wide with concern. He would have gotten closer, in the paramedic’s way, if Pride hadn’t shown up right behind him. The older agent stood in front of Torres, giving him a look. “I think you should give Y/N some space. Been through a lot, just now.” Pride commented, looking to you with a worried look in his eyes.

Torres gave a cross snort, but stayed where he was. “You think Y/N can’t handle a little fight?”

“Now, I didn’t say that. I just want her to get better as soon as possible.”

“Funny you’re saying that, considering you let her run off alone.”

The two agents stared at one another, the sense of hostility growing until you glanced over to Bishop helplessly. She gave a nod and smirk before padding over to Torres. “C’mon, I’m sure Gibbs is looking for us.”

He was quiet for a moment, and Pride almost looked triumphant until Torres replied; “can you tell him where I am?”

MOANA: Soundtrack Tracklist and "How Far I'll Go" End-Credit Song Debut
Disney's Moana is set to sail into theaters- in just about 3 weeks- on November 23rd! The fast-approaching Disney Animation epic, like so many of Disney's best, looks to win the hearts of...

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Could you do an imagine where Pride takes reader on a date and they accidentally run into his daughter, who reader hasn’t met? 

Requested by Anon~

“I’ve never been to this restaurant, you know.”

Dwayne shot you a surprised look, like you had just offended his mother. You had to bite your tongue to keep from laughing. “Are you serious?” He asked with raised eyebrows, before smirking and looking away. “I can’t believe it…”

“I haven’t been to this part of town, okay?” You defended yourself with a laugh. And it must have been contagious, because Dwayne started to chuckle, as well.

“Yeah, well, you’re lookin’ at the person who probably comes here the most. ‘Cept maybe for Christopher-”


Dwayne stopped immediately, and you can tell that he recognized the voice. So you both turned around, only for your date to be tackled in a hug. A grin instantly took over his face, which put you at ease. But you still didn’t know who this girl was.

Finally, as she released Dwayne, he looked back and forth between you two. “Y/N, this is my daughter, Laurel. Laurel, this is my, uh- friend, Y/N.”

You smirked at the agent, but shook hands with Laurel nonetheless. And she looked very glad to meet you.