(I hope agl likes my adaptation of Dynasty Warriors Enemies Need To Get Along: Part 2! If she does, maybe I’ll do part one some time.

This is meant as a tribute for my favourite fanfiction of hers. It is awesome and hilarious and I love it.

Any typoes or misspellings left in the dialogue are intentional. I didn’t want to change the original author’s words. Besides, I think they’re just perfect as they are. <3)

shockbomb asked:

Master Xiahou Ba, may I ask how you got your hands on a rocket-powered siege spear that propels you into fucking orbit? cuz its badass!

until today we’re still not sure how it ended up there in the armory, but i’m not one to look at a gift horse in the mouth!

no it can’t propel me to the orbit; i wish it can though, then the fighting can never reach me

Challenge Accepted!

Ziming, I accept your challenge! A limerick with Shadow Runner in it, it is!

The Tragedy of Shadow Runner

There once was a steed of pure black

With old Cao Cao up on its back

But dumb as rock

He let it get shot

Now he rides a steed of pure crap.

[OoC; I love how me and Fab caught onto the same thing. xD; POEM FAUX PAS]


Honestly Anon, I’m not sure how to feel. I’m hoping there will be pictures that show better angles, and that the hair will actually be attractive. Right now it kinda looks like I have a cone of hair coming straight up from my head that’s shorter than my bangs, which look chunky and digusting, and like the sides are swept back.

I actually do like the blingin’ outfit with the popped collar, but when you put it all together with the hair it just looks like I’m a douche nozzle going clubbing.

Wake me up when my hair grows back.

askaprivate-blog asked:

Lord Xu Huang, sir, your weapon is quite... long... :3 ... ;3

Ah, greetings, private!

It is quite long, isn’t it? Admittedly, it took time to train myself how to use it properly. A weapon so large requires skill and strength, not to mention great stamina. It needs a level of finesse that you would not expect, for if I were to put to much power behind it, I could overexert myself after only a few swings. I could even injure myself! But many years of tireless practice have made me an expert at wielding it. Just ask any of the men who have come up against me!