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Let Me Tell You About The Silmarillion (pt 3/12)

PREVIOUSLY:  So, two of the sons of Feanor took in and raised Elrond and Elros, came to love them.  That doesn’t seem like they’re horrible monsters, even if they killed some Elves, so why all the pain and heartbreak?

As mentioned in the Feanor part of the story, the biggest thing you don’t do as an Elf is to murder other Elves.  Between that and jealously obsessing over his possessions (the Silmarils), it invites a Doom upon them that’s just bad news and because of their Oath, they just can’t stop murdering and trying to stomp over everything in their way.  Most of the sons of Feanor never express any regret over this, they’re pretty RIDE OR DIE about getting their father’s shiny rocks back and of course they’re complicated Elves, everyone is, but we don’t get a lot of story about the nicer things they do, mostly it’s just “Hey, so gives back our rocks or we’ll murder you all.” and murder them all they did.

When the Feanorians first came over to Middle-Earth, you also kind of have to understand the strife between the different cultures/clans.  The Noldor have this really rich history, they’ve achieved these great things (created so many awesome things, they were amazing smiths), they’re the most organized and ambitious, so they think pretty highly of themselves.  (To be fair, the story of The Similarillion is told through Noldor POV, so it’s not like they WOULD mention other cultures’ achievements much.)  Not without reason, but.  And the other thing you have to know about the Elves of the Blessed Realm is that a) being there made you stronger, taller, more magical, etc., especially if you’d seen the light of the Two Trees of Valinor (you could literally see a light in their eyes if they’d beheld the Two Trees) and b) the Elves of Middle-Earth were seen as being more simple, more backwards because they never made it across the Sea to the Blessed Realm.

So when the Noldor arrive in Middle-Earth, they expect to be lords of all they survey, because the first host of the Noldor that arrived were following Feanor and he WAS High King of the Noldor.  But, oh, hey, there are already some Elves living there (a group of Telerin Elves who never made it across the Sea, but got right up to the edge of it, which were called the Sindar, I ADMIT MY NARRATIVE BIAS IN FAVOR OF THE SINDARIN ELVES RIGHT HERE) and they were kind of “….” about all these new Elves coming over to supposedly help with the fight against Morgoth.

Now, whether it’s fair or not to blame the Noldor for Morgoth being in Middle-Earth (it was related to their actions, but honestly the blame really lies on Morgoth) there was some resentment of, “Why the fuck did you chase him out of your land and into ours?  Jesus, stop dumping your problems on us.”  This was combined with “Oh, you’re here to help us?  That’s great!” and then the Noldor conveniently forgetting to mention, no, they’re actually here for the Silmarils.

So, there’s tension there, because the Sindar have already established their kingdom with their king of Elwe, now going by the name Elu Thingol, because they made their own language instead of the Noldorin language.  Thingol mostly sort of tolerates them and says, okay, this is where my kingdom is, you guys can have these other lands over there.  It’s important to know the cultures of the Elves here because it’s about to play an even bigger role–the Teleri Elves, you remember them back from Feanor’s part of the story?  The ones that they murdered for their boats and then set the boats on fire?  Yeah, those. The Teleri Elves were one of the three original groups that awoke in Middle-Earth and were invited to the Blessed Realm, but they splintered a lot along the way.  Some stopped before crossing a huge river, some stopped before crossing huge mountains, and then there’s the Sindar.  A group of Teleri Elves that stopped at the edge of the Sea because Thingol got lost in the forest and met the most beautiful lady he’d ever seen and they decided to wait for him. Then they just kind of realized they liked it here and so they established their kingdom.

However, Thingol’s brother (Olwe) decided to keep on to the Blessed Realm and became the king of them instead.  So, those Teleri Elves that Feanor murdered?  Were Thingol’s brother’s subjects/originally Thingol’s subjects. That’s some personal shit there.

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