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are there any theories you've heard about the lore that you really enjoy?

A lot of dwarven stuff tbh, because I feel it’s an underdeveloped area as far as lore goes? And so hearing people piece things together is fun.

Like the idea that the reason they don’t dream is because of lyrium’s connection to the Fade. They’re resistant to it, just like the Fade and magic. Just like the Tranquil. 

(I still feel like there aren’t enough reactions to Cadash’s first dream TBH. Because of the anchor.)

Fun idea for a LOTR surprise party:

Wait until the lucky person is eating dinner on the special day

Show up at their house unannounced and greet them with “[your name], at your service” and just walk up in there and join them for dinner.

Have your friends show up one by one or in pairs and do the same (works best with at least 13 people, obviously).

Once seemingly everyone’s there and your friend is appropriately overjoyed yet horrified because they weren’t prepared to host guests, there’ll be a knock at the door and all of you will fall silent while one of you ominously says “he is here”, opening the door to reveal the final guest who should arrive with pizzas and/or cake.

Congratulations, you now have an actual Unexpected Party.

(P.S. Cosplay is not mandatory but highly recommended)

(P.P.S. At some point, you should all break out into song without warning, preferably to “That’s What Bilbo Baggins Hates”)

I could be sad that Pluto is currently classified as a dwarf planet.

Rather, I choose to look at this this way: Pluto wears its beard in man-braids, carries a battleaxe, and is handily available for tossing into a legion of orcs.

Dwarf planets. 

They’re awesome. 

And we’ve got a whole army of them camped out in the outer Solar System, protecting us from space orcs.



Wow!  It’s been a while since I posted anything, and I feel like I owe you all an explanation!  In September, I got my first studio job and moved across the country, so since then my life has been insanely busy!  Things are finally starting to settle down enough that I have time to finish the personal work I start, so expect to see more from me from here on, and thanks to everyone who stuck with me!  You guys are awesome.

Now let’s talk about Dwarf women.  Recently I decided to take on the task of designing dwarf women who didn’t just feel like little humans, who could be considered attractive, and who also have beards-  because Dwarf women really really should have beards, even if it’s just a little.  Over the course of designing them I considered that probably the main reason Dwarf women are so rarely portrayed with beards is that in our society, beards are a sign of masculinity and being women, they are often still drawn to appeal to our society’s sensibilities.  But Dwarves in fantasy are an entirely separate race from humans with their own styles and sensibilities and saying that their females shouldn’t have beards because it doesn’t appeal to humans is kind of like saying a bird shouldn’t have a beak because it doesn’t appeal to cats.  That all led me down the rabbit hole of thinking about what would likely actually be considered attractive in a Dwarven society– well-maintained beards; Solid, muscled bodies; dainty hands suited to detailed crafting, etc.-  all in all, it was a pretty fun and challenging project!

(Just piggybacking off of this)

BioWare: Lol look how backwards the Avvar are, believing simple spirits are gods! Lets make fun of them and try and correct them every chance we get. What silliness from the Avvar!

BioWare: Hey you know The Stone we’ve introduced but haven’t bothered to really delve into? Let’s do that! There’s actually no such thing just Titans. Dwarves are so silly.

BioWare: The Elven Pantheon? Totally fake they were actually just evil mage overlords and look how silly the Dalish are lol!

BioWare: And we’ve already been pretty clear how wrong the Qun is, right?

BioWare: But that pseudo Christian religion, well that’s up to the player to interpret. 

BioWare: #DragonAgeInquisition