Haley has this sick obsession of this picture of a man’s anus

At her wedding I will put together a slideshow of a ton of pictures from both her and her groom

everyone is enjoying themselves and idly watching the slideshow and reminiscing

then suddenly an image of a naked man bending over to put his butthole on full display for the camera fills the guests’ eyes, his flaccid dangling genitals searing into their retinas. relatives shriek in unpreparedness and moderate disgust. people start questioning the origin of the anus and clamor for answers as to why this photo appeared in this particular slide show. grandma experiences immense shock and passes out. children point and scream at both the anus and their fallen nanna.

the slideshow continues. it is a picture from when Haley and her newly wed husband traveled to California together, how cute!


So the other day I was bored in speech class, and had Scout on the mind, so I decided to doodle her house. The house is on the left, the garage thing in the middle next to a fence, and on the right is the library reading ‘No Scout allowed’. In the top right corner you can see a glimpse of sonic the hedgehog, who does not live with scout.

I drew like the little porch thing too.

And her cat. I forget his name I think it’s a food like Taco or Bean or something idfk also there’s a tree next to scout’s cat that is definitely drawn to scale. 

I also drew cas.

in the top right corner of this picture, you can see Jared Padaleki’s hair. And some German stuff.

Always got Scout on the mind.

EDIT: I forgot the one weed growing in iowa right below the paulina sign

blaze it

doxxing my cat Texas

the most problematic animal on this planet, destroys my blinds and toilet paper, scratched up my couch and box frame for my bed, the sole reason I’ll never get a security deposit back, jumps on my laptop keyboard in the middle of the night, smells like farts all the time, and does sprints through the house while i’m sleeping

name- Texas

occupation- cat

location- my lap 

dwarvenstudmuffin  asked:

Top five songs! And top five places you've been!

Top Five Songs: 

1. O Children - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

2. Don’t Speak - No Doubt 

3. Where Do You Go - No Mercy

4. Voices Carry - ‘Til Tuesday

5. The Promise - When In Rome

(I went with my top five of the moment because this is a HARD QUESTION and I have a lot of favorites….SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM.)

Top Five Places I’ve Been: 

1. London, England 

2. Portland, Oregon

3. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

5. Marquette, Michigan 

Thank you for asking, Christy! <3 <3 <3