dwarven commoner origin

I love the dwarven origins in DA:O though.

Like, just imagine. You live your entire life underground. And you know there are these giants who live on the surface, because they buy lyrium and sometimes they send people to negotiate, and some of them fight darkspawn. Some of them can reputedly do ‘magic’, which is what they buy all that lyrium for, and all of them apparently ‘dream’, which is this weird thing where they go to sleep but then they actually visit somewhere else? And they worship a woman who died ages ago (normal) and a big invisible guy who they think created everything (weird) and the people who can’t do magic are terrified of the people who can and so they buy lyrium to make more people who can do magic but, like, a different kind of magic. Anti-magic magic.

And then all of a sudden, you’re there, and you have to save all of these crazy giant people because a Blight is coming and apparently they don’t have much experience in fighting darkspawn, like it’s a rare thing for them, but apparently they have roughly the same amount of political batshittery going on because there are usurpers and werewolves and the magic-wielding ones have all flown off the deep end, and basically everyone is doing the exact opposite of what they should if they don’t want to get eaten by darkspawn, and you’re still adjusting to the fact that instead of a rock ceiling, you’ve got a giant, colour-changing void with a giant flaming ball in it sitting over your head.

The Hero of Ferelden is impressive with any origin but I mean, shout out to the Aeducans and Broscas as the ones who’ve practically stepped onto Mars at the outset.


 Despite everything Bhelen’s done to inherit the throne, and despite his tyrannic attitude towards the dissidents, I can’t bring myself to support Harrowmont. The Dwarven Commoner origin made it impossible for me to risk anything bad happening to Rica. She’s been through so much already, she deserves to be safe, healthy and wealthy

One of the details I loved in Dragon Age: Origins was that, regardless of what origin you picked, all the other stories still happened.

It you didn’t play a city elf then all the events of the wedding (and after) still occur. There are two dead Aeducans instead of one, a body in the cells with Lesky, Jowan still turns up at Redcliff, and Howe kills the Couslands anyway. The clan still looses Tamlen.

You’re basically picking where you want Duncan to go recruiting.

Theoretically, if you only make one character from each background, than you’re creating a set of 6 timelines within a single universe that is entirely based upon where Papa Duncan decided to turn up one morning.

Like even deeper down the rabbit hole; the only difference between the dwarven commoner origin and the dwarven noble origin is how successful the commoner is at the games.

If the commoner is successful, then they’re revealed and catch Duncan’s eye, and he later conscripts them. They leave before the noble is sent to the Deep Roads. If they loose then they die, and Duncan stays long enough to see the trial and find the noble in the Deep Roads.

I LOVED that, and I really wish there had been something similar in Inquisition.