dwarven art


What kind of story am I? A romance? A tragedy? Or just another cautionary tale?

;^) fine dwarven crafts are my SPECIALTY. @ that one person who requested Varric, you’re welcome. Bianca and Varric’s looks here were based off the bits with them from Until We Sleep, though I modified her hair just a bit.

Full view the last panel for a painful little surprise.

… you know what? Just take Photoshop and FireAlpaca away from me. xD /qualityblogging boo yeah. If I had a Thedas fashion blog this would be the picture in the side. I still kind of want that blog but I’d honestly probably be too lazy to run it lmao. ^^

(original pic insp. before any of this vogue nonsense happened on top the actual picture. I’m re-using my own pictures because I’m lazy and also because I don’t have other good fashion-like pictures suitable for this atm ANYWAY THE PICTURE IS NOT THE POINT xD)