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I haven’t been able to work on this all week while finishing up commissions, but since my commissions list is getting shorter I hope to get some work done on it this weekend :3

Walking through the doors he shrugged off his damp overcoat; the roaring fire in the center of the building warming him instantly. The tavern was bustling with people, most likely escaping the poor weather outside.

“Chuckles, I never expected to find you back here. Come in to check out the festivities?”

Solas glanced over to find Varric at a table near the entrance; notebook and quill in hand.

“Festivities? I was not aware of one. What is the occasion being celebrated?”

He directed his attention to where the largest cluster of bodies were and noticed that some event indeed seemed to be in the process of being set up. The Iron Bull and his Chargers appeared to be organizing the majority of it, with the dwarven sapper balancing precariously on Bull’s horns to hang a string of colorful flowers onto the wooden posts. The others busied themselves by sampling a variety of alcoholic beverages while the bartender watched with distaste.

“Those two elves of Tiny’s are getting hitched tomorrow,” Varric chuckled, picking up a smoking pipe next to him and puffing.

“I thought you had given up smoking, Master Tethras?” Solas observed, taking a seat at his table. Varric raised his eyebrows slightly as he did so, but otherwise did not comment on it, instead blowing out a perfect ring of smoke.

“It’s not elfroot, if that’s what you mean. Need to keep my head clear with all this shit going down. Just good old Dwarven tobacco for me, from now on.”

“I see. So there is to be a wedding tomorrow then, I gather?”

“Yeah; or whatever you elves call it. I think Dalish called in a bonding ceremony? All I know is that I am here for young love. And the open bar,” he guffawed.

“How accommodating of you,” Solas responded with a hint of a smile on his face.

“Speaking of young love, you and Ashes, eh?”

The smile died on his face.

“I assure you-”

“Don’t try to deny it, Chuckles. Everyone knows you and the Inquisitor have been making doe eyes at each other ever since we got to Skyhold.”

“Everyone does now? And I am sure you had nothing to do with spreading those rumors.”

“Gossip travels fast in a place like this.” He took a deep drag on the pipe before continuing. “And besides, I think it’s great for you kids. Everyone needs a bit of distraction for the better with ancient blighted magisters running amok.”

“It is a private matter, child of the stone,” He responded stiffly.

Varric laughed again at the dour look on his face.

“Chuckles, please, I’m trying to help you! She’s going to be here for the ceremony tomorrow, right? All I’m saying is, it’s a very romantic opportunity for you both. Consider it!”

“She turns, embarrassed by her boldness. No, no no. She must not feel that way; skin against skin, a burst of heat not felt in ages. I want, I want, I want-”

Solas closed his eyes. “Cole, that is unnecessary.”

Which sport would they practice

For a lovable anon

Anduin: Did you know that chess count as a sport? Because Anduin did. Chess totally is a sport. Oh, and also he can race a horse. However, he prefers ram racing, since he is better at that.

Ghost Varian: Fencing. And by fencing I don’t mean two people in beekeeper suits with blunt long bendy wires, no. I mean heavy plate armor and two hand swords.

The Council of Three Hammers:

Muradin: Tumbling. Don’t ask where he got to it, alright? there is a reason why Muradin is one of the most agile Dwarves.
 Throwing. It’s sorta national dwarven sport. From this very sport, darts were born. Moira can throw an ale-mug so it stays in the wall (and two men have to get it out).
Quidditch. Yes, there is a non-potter version of Quidditch played on ground, where you have a stick between your thighs, but this is not it. Dwarves play it in air. With normal balls… And gryphons.

Tyrande: Archery. Yes, it is stereotypical. She isn’t going to change her hobbies because of some of your stereotypes, she’s been doing that for thousand of years. What did you even want? Yoga?

Mekkatorque: Aerobatic. It’s acrobatic but with planes. You can bet your shoes that ‘Torque invented the Azeroth version of this sport.

Velen: Rock climbing. He can climb nearly 90° degrees mountain side without any equipment, but he uses it, because anything can happen. Sorry, I beg your pardon? No, he doesn’t crave that mineral! Draenei are not goats!

Genn: Hunting. Whether on foot with just a crossbow or on horseback, hunting is a sport and pretty hard one. It includes both brain and brawn.

Aysa: If you don’t count martial arts, then she is a professional synchronized swimmer. And quite a good one.

Thrall: He jogs. After spending years in arena, fighting or his life, or just fighting for victory, he is kind of fed up with anything that includes violence… And while jogging he can think about other things. 10 miles per day aren’t anything unusual.

Spirit of Vol'jin: Football tennis, sipa, sepak takraw. Basically anything when you have to kick a ball over net. All of those are national Trolls sports.

Baine: In case you are still mad that Tyrande doesn’t do yoga, then I can assure that the other nature freak here(aka Baine) practices yoga. … Alright, I guess nothing can make you happy. Welp, you can stick it.

Sylvanas: Aside from archery you mean, right? Baton twirling. You can try to judge her, but it is highly unadvised as she can throw the metal rod across the room and hit you straight between eyes.

Lor'themar: Dancing and ballet. You may argue that those are not sports but consider: A) It’s seriously physically demanding (have you ever tried to dance samba to something faster?). B) His hair looks awesome while moving that fast. C) It gives him that sort of strength in legs that he can kick your head straight off.

Gallywix: His palace in Azshara has a golf court. He plays golf for sure. However, Goblin golf also scores bonus points for hitting people’s heads or drinks.

Ji: Diving. Scuba diving too. But mostly the normal diving, since he loves going pearl hunting. It’s both sport and an adventure. Oh yes, and here are the martial arts again.

Taedal: You haven’t seen it all as long as you haven’t seen him figure skating.


What kind of story am I? A romance? A tragedy? Or just another cautionary tale?

;^) fine dwarven crafts are my SPECIALTY. @ that one person who requested Varric, you’re welcome. Bianca and Varric’s looks here were based off the bits with them from Until We Sleep, though I modified her hair just a bit.

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