Solas, is so incomprehensibly old………. 

He has likely seen the humble beginnings of mankind, 

The Rise and fall of his own people, 

and those of even the Dwarven Empires. 

He is so profoundly old.. That he likely comes from the ‘first’ few beings of creation.. 

So old, he has undoubtedly witnessed innumerable inventions and contraptions bringing forth new ‘ages’ each time. 

He has seen countless people, and various untold many ways in which they interact or impact the world around them 

He’s seen everything..

And yet more astounding even still, because …. ‘And yet’…. 

Lavellan Surprises him…

Just let that sink in for a moment.  


What kind of story am I? A romance? A tragedy? Or just another cautionary tale?

;^) fine dwarven crafts are my SPECIALTY. @ that one person who requested Varric, you’re welcome. Bianca and Varric’s looks here were based off the bits with them from Until We Sleep, though I modified her hair just a bit.

Full view the last panel for a painful little surprise.