The very happiest of Happy Birthdays to the brilliant, multi talented and lovely Peter Capaldi!

The finest actor on the planet playing the best character in the universe. 😎🎭🏆💫

As the Doctor and in real life he’s inspirational. If only we could all be a little more like him the world would be a much nicer place - and the world really needs heroes right now.

Luckily Series 10 of Doctor Who is almost here - the Doctor is back on our screens tomorrow!

Happy Birthday, you fabulous Scottish thespian 🎈🎭🎈

Just One Life | TenToo/Rose | Doctor Who

Nine | Rose | Nine/Rose | Ten | Ten/RoseTenToo

Aaaand one for TenToo/Rose, because why not?  :D  Now I think I can say this set this truly complete.  Not that there won’t still be more, but, ya know, now it’s all rounded out.  :)

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The Twelfth Doctor is rocking it in Series 10. Peter Capaldi is on fire - and I don’t just mean when he’s running! 🐧🔥 What a wonderful actor he is. 🎭🏆 He and Pearl Mackie’s Bill Potts make a great team 😎😀

Celebrating the return of Doctor Who with a quick Capaldidoodle

Is it next Saturday yet? 💫

Only a matter of days now until the fabulous Twelfth Doctor is rocking the TARDIS once more! 😎 In the meantime, another Capaldidoodle. Doctor Who, Series 10 is on its way - Bring It! I could be a teeny bit excited - Who’s with me?

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Memories Part One

My first Doctor (x)

I always wanted to redo my first Doctor Who fanart, which I did when I knew very little about the series as whole and hadn’t done much if any drawing based on live-action serial. All I knew was that these two were destined to be with each other, and the sight of them together made me incredibly happy.

Just another quickie, following the original (lol). I think the feeling is still there, that urgency of ‘must doodle my lovebirds!!!’

Just One Heart | TenToo | Doctor Who

Nine | Nine/Rose | Ten | Ten/Rose | Rose

One for TenToo, because he’s the Doctor, too, and he’s important, and I love him, and this set still kinda felt incomplete without him, tbh.  I also just wanted to draw David’s pretty face again.

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