Richard Armitage in ‘Dwarf Boot Camp’

“We arrived in February 2011 and we went straight into a training program which was called 'Dwarf Boot Camp’. We learned how to run and walk. We wrestled with each other, we did archery together, we did sword fighting, hammer fighting, horse riding, everything you could possibly think of. […] It was an incredibly great bonding time between the dwarfs and it sort of went on as we were filming.” -Richard Armitage


“We share beards.” Richard and his horse Sharman at dwarf boot camp.

After the darkness of Francis Dolarhyde and Hannibal (and we’re only two episodes in of Richard’s six) I was feeling nostalgic and with the need for lighter viewing, so have been watching The Hobbit appendices.

My gifs from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey extended edition appendices.