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If you could give the planets stereotypical high school traits (jock, nerd, ect) what planets would be what?

This is an awesome question. Here is my opinion:

Mercury is definitely a cheerleader.  Keeping close to the star! 

Women have always associated themselves as being “from Venus”. She is definitely the popular girl. The mean girl. The girly girl! The “A” Crowd.

Our planet, Earth, is the artsy kid in class. Earth is the only planet in this solar system who can dream and discover! Without Earth(lings) we would not have discovered the other planets!!!!

Mars is definitely that emo kid that doesn’t do much but you are so intrigued by.

Jupiter and Saturn are the jocks if you didn’t figure I’d say that anyway. They are bigger than everyone else and take the school to state championships-WHOO HOO!!! 

Uranus is the class clown. It isn’t bad enough that his name is inappropriate but he can’t sit up straight! He’s tilting! Cmon, Uranus! Pay attention!!!

Neptune is kinda a loner, not really a jock, not a class clown. Just kind of there. Neptune can’t find a “clique” but is definitely not forgotten!!!!

Pluto is….the wannabe. Pluto is not a planet but definitely wants to be! Own that dwarf status Pluto! We will still love ya!!!

Unwritten [OQ]

Robin and Roland take story time out to the courtyards, and a little black cat deigns to join them. Missing Year. 8k. [ffn | ao3]

Happiest of birthdays to @lillie-grey, who has been an absolute joy to have in my life. Thank you for being my friend, and for all those excellent owl gifs.

Also thank you to @sometimesangryblackwoman and @repellomuggletum15 for your wisdom and brains and patience with me.

Robin and his men mostly kept to themselves during those first few weeks in the castle, wary of attracting the wrong sort of attention (the Queen, of course, had already given every indication that they’d long overstayed their welcome as far as she was concerned).

Roland, on the other hand, had no trouble making friends. Within days of their arrival, Leroy had granted him honorary dwarf status, and on the seventh morning he marched right up to sandwich himself between elbows at the royal table, much to Robin’s outward chagrin.

(In secret, he found he rather enjoyed the way the Queen would startle and soften, letting Roland sneak crumbs off her plate while she smiled in a way that made it impossible for Robin to look anywhere else.)

His boy was also quite fond of the cats – strays, much like themselves – that roamed the courtyards when the weather permitted. He took to storing small bits of fish in his pockets for them, until Robin, having grown tired of washing out the smell from his clothes, suggested they ask Granny to stock up on some extra containers of cream instead.

They spent many of their afternoons out in those courtyards, Roland practicing his sparrow calls until the cats slunk out of hiding to join him. Robin would relax his weight into the base of a tree, idly whittling arrows from fallen tree branches while his son chattered at his newfound friends. They would mewl and purr contentedly back, rolling belly-up for him to scratch at once they’d had their fill of the milk he brought them.

They mostly tolerated Robin’s presence, so long as he sat there quietly; truth be told, he had never considered himself much of a cat person anyway, and he was fairly certain he was at least somewhat allergic to them. Once they’d determined him to be nothing more than a harmless, larger-sized version of Roland, they would come sit near him from time to time, batting at his pile of arrows or rubbing their heads against his forearm when he wasn’t paying them enough attention, looking quite taken aback each time that he sneezed.

The majority did not hang around long enough to earn themselves a name, but there were a few regulars: an orange-spotted tabby that Roland took to calling Pepper, a tortoiseshell with prominent brown ears that got nicknamed Pinecone.

One cat in particular would not emerge until the very end of the day, and even then she remained deliberately perched between shadows, just beyond reach of the sun and not a paw more than that. If milk was what she came for, she made no sign of it; rather, she seemed satisfied to stay by her little corner of stone until Robin was forced to grow strict about bedtime, and he would gather a yawning Roland into his arms (reminding the boy of that storybook Queen Regina had lent him when he refused to go easily).

Robin didn’t mean to make a habit of it, but each time his gaze would swing back, searching, to just catch the tip of her ebony tail as it slipped behind columns and became one with the night.

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For DWC! Dom!Solas "roleplaying" as Fen'harel with Lavellan in front of a Dread Wolf statue. Give me hair pulling, choking, spanking, diiiiirrrrrtttyyyy talk, ALL OF IT. Fuckin go wild with it. I need it

Glimpses: Or the Wolf’s Gonna Blow it Down


Rating: Explicit

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Solavellan

Warnings: Rough sex, Dom!Solas, choking, spanking, etc. 

Reader discretion advised.

Ellian knew exactly how to test him. She was cunning and quick-witted and always teasing. She’d invite him out on excursions in the field only to spend the entire time flirting and tempting him before pulling back. He wasn’t sure whether she was purposefully taunting him or not, but he was at his limit. What that meant, he wasn’t sure. They’d been physical before, in ways that pushed both of their limits, but somehow he still never had enough.

That morning he’d woken up to her straddling him, one brow raised, and though they’d rolled in the blankets for over an hour the actual sex had to be quick and easy to hide. They weren’t alone, after all.

But they were now. She’d brought him deeper into the forest on a mission to gather rare herbs, but he couldn’t tear his eyes off that perfect round of her ass shifting with every step. When she addressed him, turning slightly over her shoulder, he raised an eyebrow and forced his gaze away from her rear. She’d said something, probably. “Hm?”

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Fantasy-Day 12

Queen of the Forest-Part I

She was barely 3 months and a few hours when she was offered as a gift to the Desert Princess. Since that day all she had ever done was stick by the pink-haired girl’s side, day and night. She was 4 years old when her father put a sword in her hands and told her to kill her baby dragon pet. It was her birthday gift a few months before that. The princess didn’t like the dragon so it had to be eliminated, Hinata didn’t blink before putting the blade through the small creature’s skull. She didn’t mourn it despite the fact that since she received it she slept next to it every single night.

When she was 7 years old her baby sister was brought to the world and Sakura told her never to love Hanabi as much as she did her. When she was 9 she killed the first man. An old seller that didn’t give Sakura what she wanted when they sneaked out of the castle. Since that day she has a knife taped to her thigh at all times.

If Sakura asked for something Hinata did it, gave it to her without any question asked. The Desert flower may ask her for her head on a silver plate and she’d cut it off herself and apologize before for not being able to serve it herself. But Sakura never asked for that, as time passed the spoiled brat turned to a proper lady. When she was 12 Sakura asked for something Hinata could not offer. She desired to be the Queen of the Forest. Hinata doubted it was because of the great Kingdome and the unusual creature that it hid but because of the future King.

At 14 they attended his coronation as the King after his late father was brought down by an illness as a result of an Aethusa Roebuck. The Princess tried desperately to get close to the King yet her parents wouldn’t allow it. That day was the first one the Princess asked for space. Hinata had never felt so lost before, she walked around the halls of the palace with her father listening to all his talk about knights. That day her father put once again a sword in her hand and told her to fight.

The knight she fought was her age, a boy with bright blonde hair and blue eyes like the sky. He was to be the King’s Guard when he got older. That day her father praised her for winning against the boy despite not having trained at all.

Now years later, Hinata stands 2 steps away from the Flower of the Dessert smiling at the Forest King, her future husband. Hinata’s wearing a dress like always, the Princess never allowed her to wear armor, her knife was ever so present against her thigh, that was the reason why she loved dressed cut all the way to her pelvis, it made extracting it so much easier. The back was also open and a sword was attached to her lover back under the dress as well. Hinata developed a habit of placing her left hand on her back always ready to take the sword and fight. Her right hand was always free to use the knife.

Sakura bowed down and with small flutters of eyelashes talked to the King. Hinata looked around the room, only one guard was present and that was her. The King was all alone. She narrowed her eyes. Sakura asked her to stay with the King and she left with her father. Telling her to stay with the King was her way of telling her she needed alone time.

“I do not think I had the pleasure of meeting you yet, my lady”

Hinata looked at him. All her life she heard about him the second son of the Uchiha family. After Itachi, his older brother was lost in war a year before Sasuke was born everyone thought the Kingdome would remain without an heir. He was a miracle. The child loved by the Gods, by the Devils and all in between.

“It is true, we did not have the chance to speak until now”

From spending years with the Princess she learned the proper way of acting with royals but Sasuke did nothing to win her trust and respect yet, why must she treat him any different. She didn’t bow to him, she didn’t use any Royal names, she didn’t avert her eyes. She wanted to see him with all his titles stripped, all the rumors forgotten.

“You did not bow to me.” His surprise could be read in both his voice and on his face.

“I’m sorry…Your Grace. You are not my King, at least not yet. So who are you? That I must bow? What have you done for me that gains my respect to you?”

It was obvious he was not used to be talked to like that. All his life people treated him like he was a ray of sun. If he showed any sign of being angry she’d apologize, she would not throw aways Sakura’s chance to be what she’s been dreaming of.

He didn’t seem to be getting angry, actually, he smiled at her. And she smiled back and tilted her head. The next moment in walked a knight. Seeing him Hinata smiled. She could remember that blonde hair anywhere. Seeing her the blue eyed boy gave her a cheeky grin.

“Well well, I heard that the Desert Princess was beautiful but damn”  

Hinata’s face fall. He didn’t remember her, or rather didn’t recognize her. The King told his knight that he was wrong and that this was the Princess’  ‘hand maiden’ hearing the term Hinata wanted to throw up. Were they mocking her or was that how people saw her? Her father walked in shortly after. Hinata bowed to him and he placed his hand on her head keeping her like that while he talked. That was a rather strange custom he developed.

“My daughter. The Princess has asked you spend the day shadowing the King. She wishes to be alone.”

In the past hearing that would break her, but she got used to wandering the hallways of strange places in an attempt to waste her time. After the information was delivered her father bowed to the King and walked away leaving her with the King and his knight.  

“My lady. What would you like to do today? Shall we walk around The Gardens?”

The Gardens were rumored to be the most beautiful place on earth and the heart of the Forest Kingdome. They were rumored to be the home of Fairies and Dwarfs, some of the most exotic plants but also some of the most poisonous.

“Do you have dragons here?”

Over the years the loss of her baby dragon grew in size, especially after the species grew slim in numbers. The Dessert had no more dragons at all. She didn’t know about the Forest. The only place she knew for sure that dragons lived was the Savagery, a place where no man walked in and survived to tell the tale.

“Dragons? There are a few small statues of dragons but no such creature lives in this places”

She wanted to see the statues, which were of course in The Gardens, the mythical place was much more than she imagined, she would have loved it here as a child. Finally seeing the first dragon statue she sat next to it and petted the cold stone. The King was watching her as was the blonde knight. Her insides itched to tell the guard who she was but maybe ignorance was bliss.

“Where does this passion for dragons comes from?”

“For my fourth birthday I got a baby dragon as a present. And 3 months after, for the princess’ birthday it was killed.”

She meant to say she killed it but couldn’t bring herself to accept that. After walking around The Gardens more she noticed that the Fairies and Dwarfs were all statues, it made her sad that the magic wasn’t all there. After returning she crossed ways with the Princess, she seemed upset and once her eyes met Hinata’s she turned around.

The small gesture turned Hinata’s blood to ice and crushed her heart. Sakura found distress in her presence rather than easiness. The King walked beside her rather than in front of her and he’d go out of his way to touch her forearm and smile at her.

Entering the throne room she noticed her father talking to an older woman, her hair was grayish. She remembered her from the coronation, the Queen. She had Sasuke at a rather older age and the boy was already 19. Once she laid eyes on Hinata she made her way to them.


“My son”

The King and Queen exchanged greetings. Something didn’t feel right. Hinata knew this feeling. The feeling before a storm. That is how she felt before her knife pierced the old man’s stomach almost 10 years ago, that is how she felt when Sakura told her she couldn’t wear her armor.

“Father. What is happening?”

Hinata turned to her dad, he smiled at her and touched her cheek, something he’s never done before.

“My daughter always seeing right through everything. You will make a fine Queen”

Queen. The order to spend time with the King, his subtle touches and smiles, Sakura’s sadness, they all made sense now. They were indeed here for a wedding, just not Sakura’s but hers.

notes on a fantasy setting

hey @enby-trashgoddess my original comments on this post said that i was working on it with you. Do you recall what direction we were taking this in?

  • Elves: some elves are hairier, bulkier, and have enormous noses, or even small “horns” on their brows (actually not hard). Others are nearly hairless and have small noses and slender frames. The causes are hormonal responses to differences in diet and are connected to water retention and fat storage. This lead elves to make assumptions about what other species eat. All elves have tails like cows, these are seen as scandalous and titillating, and young elves giggle and snicker at the sight of cattle. Half-elves are hairier than humans on average. Elves are a mostly disenfranchised people who have not had large communities of their own in many ages. Elvish craft has historically included many practical uses of magic, and within the Empire, they are often employed in low-level thaumaturgy.
  • Dwarves: known dwarvish cultures lack a notion of gender as others understand it—pronouns are either uniform (in the Mimkut and Khurz languages), or based on status and rank (in Aomekait), and may change depending upon who is speaking and to whom they are speaking. It is recognized that some dwarves bear children while others do not, but no special distinction is made except to identify parentage—and this only applies to the childbearer, with the dwarf who impregnates another dwarf having no official status in dwarven culture even remotely approaching what is seen in other races. The siblings of a dwarf’s parent are of great importance in their life, however, and dwarves are often disgusted to see a lack of the presence of aunts and uncles in the lives of other races—or presume that a person’s spouse is actually a sibling (indeed, the words used for the undwarven institution of marriage are best translated as “adoption as siblings”).
  • Orcs: all orcs are women, with a rare few non-binary people. They recognize the existence of men, but there are no male orcs. Some orcs would be identified as trans women. Men are seen as pitifully weak; humans have historically misunderstood orcish spite for “men” as being directed at “humans”. The dominant orcish culture venerates a cruel and terrible killer whale goddess, and the use of this motif is the origin of their name in the Roanish language.
  • Halflings: live in the sky. We fear the tiny people and their airships. They are too cheerful, too smug in their superiority. They hunt the great sea serpents and lake wyrms from atop the backs of birds, they command the lightning and direct the winds. We are all fortunate that they have not gone to war. Those who have attempted to take halfling knowledge and steal it for use in war and conquest have been found dashed upon the plains, like eggs dropped on a kitchen floor.
  • Gnomes: survivors, skilled at hiding and battling their enemies. Gnomes are a people of shadow and rumor, masks and magic. Rare is the outsider who has seen a gnome’s true face unconcealed by hood, mask, and illusion. Highly skilled at diverse trades, they are encouraged by praise for their creations, but shrink from compliments directed at them as the creators. Gnomish flesh is considered a rare delicacy by some creatures, but others that will eat humans and elves react with disgust to it.

This Day in Disney History

August 25, 2006:  The Seven Dwarfs respond to astronomers giving Pluto “dwarf planet” status by issuing the following statement via their friends at the Walt Disney World Resort:

“Although we think it’s Dopey that Pluto has been downgraded to a dwarf planet, which has made some people Grumpy and others just Sleepy, we are not Bashful in saying we would be Happy if Disney’s Pluto would join us as an eighth dwarf.  We think this is just what the Doc ordered and is nothing to Sneeze at.”

The Mysterious Miss Matthews

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Chapter Six: He’s everywhere.
Word Count: 2,700

At lunch Riley finds Isadora and Farkle sitting together at a table. Riley enjoys the quirky geniuses company and joins them. They both welcome her with warm smiles.

“May I sit here?” Riley asks.

“Of course, you’re always welcome here. Right, Is?” Farkle turns to his girlfriend who’s staring away giggling.

“Smack?” Riley waves her hand in front of the girls face. When there’s no change in her unusual behaviour Riley follows her line of sight and catches Lucas just as he’s was about to pounce.

“Do you make it a habit to sneak up on people?” Riley shoots him a glare.

“Just you,” Lucas smirks, “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Sure, do you want to sit down?” Riley motions to the other spare seats at the table.

Lucas glances at the two staring geniuses, Smackle has her head resting in her palms as she gazes at him and Farkle is sporting a mild glare or jealousy.

“Uh, no,” he laughs, “Could you come over here for a second?”

Riley excuses herself and walks aside with Lucas.

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The Egg Part 3

Part 1  Part 2

Laketown hadn’t exactly ended how I thought it would.

We’d tried to steal weapons from the town armoury, only to be captured by the guards and brought before the master. There, Thorin made a promise to share the wealth of Erebor, and I could tell by the expressions around me, I was the only one who felt it would end badly.

With the Masters blessing, we left for the mountain in the morning. Bofur, Fili, Kili and Oin being left behind.

As soon as we reached the shore, I rushed up the slope, calling for Bow.

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