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Robin and Roland take story time out to the courtyards, and a little black cat deigns to join them. Missing Year. 8k. [ffn | ao3]

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Robin and his men mostly kept to themselves during those first few weeks in the castle, wary of attracting the wrong sort of attention (the Queen, of course, had already given every indication that they’d long overstayed their welcome as far as she was concerned).

Roland, on the other hand, had no trouble making friends. Within days of their arrival, Leroy had granted him honorary dwarf status, and on the seventh morning he marched right up to sandwich himself between elbows at the royal table, much to Robin’s outward chagrin.

(In secret, he found he rather enjoyed the way the Queen would startle and soften, letting Roland sneak crumbs off her plate while she smiled in a way that made it impossible for Robin to look anywhere else.)

His boy was also quite fond of the cats – strays, much like themselves – that roamed the courtyards when the weather permitted. He took to storing small bits of fish in his pockets for them, until Robin, having grown tired of washing out the smell from his clothes, suggested they ask Granny to stock up on some extra containers of cream instead.

They spent many of their afternoons out in those courtyards, Roland practicing his sparrow calls until the cats slunk out of hiding to join him. Robin would relax his weight into the base of a tree, idly whittling arrows from fallen tree branches while his son chattered at his newfound friends. They would mewl and purr contentedly back, rolling belly-up for him to scratch at once they’d had their fill of the milk he brought them.

They mostly tolerated Robin’s presence, so long as he sat there quietly; truth be told, he had never considered himself much of a cat person anyway, and he was fairly certain he was at least somewhat allergic to them. Once they’d determined him to be nothing more than a harmless, larger-sized version of Roland, they would come sit near him from time to time, batting at his pile of arrows or rubbing their heads against his forearm when he wasn’t paying them enough attention, looking quite taken aback each time that he sneezed.

The majority did not hang around long enough to earn themselves a name, but there were a few regulars: an orange-spotted tabby that Roland took to calling Pepper, a tortoiseshell with prominent brown ears that got nicknamed Pinecone.

One cat in particular would not emerge until the very end of the day, and even then she remained deliberately perched between shadows, just beyond reach of the sun and not a paw more than that. If milk was what she came for, she made no sign of it; rather, she seemed satisfied to stay by her little corner of stone until Robin was forced to grow strict about bedtime, and he would gather a yawning Roland into his arms (reminding the boy of that storybook Queen Regina had lent him when he refused to go easily).

Robin didn’t mean to make a habit of it, but each time his gaze would swing back, searching, to just catch the tip of her ebony tail as it slipped behind columns and became one with the night.

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Care For Her (Finished)

A/N: (REPOSTED + FULL VERSION) Sequel to Care for the Company and Care for Him. I’m sorry the first time I uploaded this was a slip of a finger and I felt so blood bad! But I hope you enjoy the ending of the story! 

It was all happening so fast, way too fast. The clashing of iron against iron and the roaring of the great orcs that had ambushed the party, the battle cries, the cries of the wounded and the dying, all at once afflicting the air. I watched on from the torn city of Dale as the war went on. As the blood was spilt.

I had not sighted any of the other dwarfs besides receiving a raven from Fili informing me that Thorin had prevented any of them from fighting or getting involved in any aspect of the war and was locked up in the throne room. I had thrown the note aside in anger, wanting to claw my face in anger and scream.

The kingdoms would be ripped apart if they were not stopped at this point, and the dwarfs would all but be overthrown. Bilbo stood beside me now, both of us in silence as we watched on in silence. Before finally he spoke. ‘Y/N, do you think we will live to see another day?’

I looked to him at this, my eyes wide and glistening before turning away, unable to even think of anything that would provide an answer to any of this, turning my back on the fight as I just shook my head. Suddenly a deep bellow echoed across the plains, making us turn back to Erebor to see Bomber atop of the head the large dwarf statue at the gate, blowing into a massive horn.

I looked down in shock as the wall was ripped apart, a magnificent golden bell ringing through the silence that had been brought upon the land before a familiar battle cry came forth. And I watched on in shock and happiness as Thorin came into view.

I smiled through tears as the dwarves began to fight against the orcs alongside the elves and Dain’s great armies. I looked to Gandalf and cried, ‘They’re fighting back-Gandalf, their fighting back.’

He looked over to where I was pointing, his face instantly turning from a scowl to a small smile full of hope, almost like a child, ‘They’re rallying their king! There may be hope for us yet.’

‘Wait-Where are they going?’ I said as I watched four rams, each carrying Thorin, Fili, Kili and Dwalin, climbing up the steep mountains carefully and yet with such quick pace, Gandalf muttering under his breath with a smirk, ‘To cut off the head of the snake.’

That was until a message came from Legolas that Azog the Defiler would be having another one of his army’s attacking from the North, right towards Ravenhill. I stared up at Gandalf at this revelation in horror before he then said, ‘We must warn Thorin and the others. If we don’t they’ll be in great danger once they reach Ravenhill.’

I looked to Bilbo who nodded and set off instantly, but just as I went to follow, Gandalf stopped me, grabbing my shoulder firmly, ‘Not you my dear, you’ll take another route. Just in case if he doesn’t make it the way he goes.’

I nod at this before following him, fighting alongside him before he led me to a pack of eagles that stood proudly upon the ramparts, fighting any orcs that came its way. Gandalf gave me a boost up onto one of the great creatures as he instructed me, ‘Keep your head down and your heart full of courage. Get to Thorin and the others and warn them but be careful, I don’t want to lose one of my best healers.’

I stared down at the wizard with a smile, shaking my head, ‘Oh Gandalf, didn’t you know that getting into trouble is what I’m famous for?’

And with one last smile towards me along with a nod, Gandalf raised his staff at the eagle that let out a shriek before lifting off in flight, the rushing of wind welcoming me into its arms as I clung to the eagle’s beautiful feathers.

I watched from above as we flew over the battlefield, watching as the orcs were slain by the elves, humans and dwarves. I looked up at the sight of the ghostly remains of what was known as Ravenhill, praying to Mahal that the others were okay.

Just as we flew over the mountain side where the ruined tower stood, I sighted Fili and Kili, both sneaking through the hideout of what had been where the Orcs had to been hiding in. I whistled and they looked up instantly as I jumped from the eagles back, landing before them as they smiled.

‘Y/N, what are you doing here-’
‘Its a trap,’ I said as Kili incased me in a hug, instantly pulling back at this, Fili at my side in an instant as well, ‘How do you know this young one?’

‘Gandalf, he told me this placed has been vandalised and ready for an attack from an army from the North that are set to attack. I just had to warn you, I didn’t want to lose any of you. But we need to get out of here right now.’

They nodded at this, beginning to lead the way on to the exit of the mountainside, until suddenly an orc guard walked past us, stopping as it sighted us but was dead before it could make a sound as my sword entered its throat. As it landed with a crash to the marble floor, we ran from the scene as fast as we could, knowing that someone would eventually find the body, but not before I grabbed the sword with a small smirk of satisfaction.

We slid back across the frozen lake, literally on our tiptoes, only for me to cry out as I was pulled to face the one only infamous Azog who threw me to the solid ice floor.

I cried out softly, in a choked manner almost as pain washed over me, looking up at Azog who stared down at me, his eyes consumed with anger, ‘How dare you destroy my plan! How dare a woman like you interfere!’ I looked away from him to see Kili and Fili trying to sneak towards him but I shook my head ever so sightly, only to look back at the great Orc who chuckled at me, ‘What are you going to do little girl?’

I stood to my feet quickly, picking up my sword as I went and pointing it at him with a smile, ‘I’m going to fight for the ones I love.’ And at this, I lunged at him, beginning to fight him. I noticed as his pattern of fighting as we went on, he was slow with his weapon, and slow on his feet as he moved towards me.

I dodged his attacks tactfully, away from his morning star weapon, I knew how to attack him, I knew how to get rid of him, I knew how to destroy him, and finally the dwarves would be left in peace, all of them, Thorin would be left in peace-

‘Y/N!’ I turned at the desperate cry of my name to face a wide eyed, horrified Thorin, Kili and Fili just behind him. But this was the worst thing I could ever have done. 

I turned only to have Azog’s hand clasp around my neck tightly, lifting me from the ground as he began to choke the life out of me, making me see stars as my eyes rolled back. I grabbed at his large hand uselessly, my vision blurring as I just saw the outline of the smirk on his lips. 

Suddenly I fell to the floor, coughing and spluttering instantly as I looked up to see Thorin pushing Azog away from me, Orchrist firmly in his hands as he began to fight him. I felt a hand placed on my shoulder, turning to find Fili and Kili now beside me, holding me gently as we watched the King fight the Defiler, both evenly matched.

That was until Azog pathetically broke the ice around them, Thorin instantly stepping away and allowing him to fall through into the pitiless waves of ice water, disappearing from sight. As silence fell I sighed in relief, leaning my head against Kili’s as he just rubbed my shoulder carefully, Fili hugging us both in a brotherly hug as he just smiled, ‘Its over. Its finally … all over.’ We stood to our feet slowly, watching as Thorin picked up Orchrist, wiping the grime and blood from it with his gloves.

He shook his head at me, bringing me into his arms in a tight embrace as he growled, his voice clearly cracking, ‘You came back … After everything that happened you came back! But that was foolish to fight him you brat!’ I ran my fingers through his hair lovingly, whispering, ‘I had to … someone had to make sure that you didn’t go head first into danger.’

I pulled away and smiled as he just caressed my cheek lovingly, placing a gentle kiss to my forehead. I smiled as he turned away to give his two nephews a hug, holding them tightly as they smiled in tears of relief and victory, all chuckling heartily. But my eyes began to drew awe from the happy scene towards the frozen floor beneath me, sighting the unmoving body of Azog that drifted through the water.

I followed it slowly as it reached the end of the frozen waterfall, watching as he began to drift from sight until, to my absolute horror, his eyes flew open making me gasp. I didn’t even have time to ready myself as I felt the tip of his sworded-arm pierce my foot, screaming out a terrible scream that made the three dwarves and the others turn in horror as Azog broke through the ice, sending me down to the floor in a heap.

I drew my sword just in time as he brought his weaponed arm back down upon me, both of us clashing against each other. I pushed with all my might, growling under my breath as I heard the others cry out my name, but I didn’t turn my head but scream, ‘Leave me, just go!’

‘Thats not going to happen!’ Fili cried back at this, but I couldn’t allow myself to be distracted, staring back at Azog, who smirked, chuckling, ‘You really think that you can defeat me, petty girl?’

At this I instantly came to the realisation that he was right, I knew that I wasn’t a fighter like everybody else, I knew that I couldn’t defeat him, I just couldn’t deny that my arms were already beginning to give in, trembling uncontrollably. I looked to the corner of my eye to see Thorin running towards us, his mouth open in a muffled scream that seemed deaf to me as I looked back up at the defiler. 

I had to do this.

I pulled my sword away from his and gasped as the sword pierced my chest, a tear silently running down my cheek as he laughed loudly, echoing through my ears like a drum. 

Everything seemed to slow down. 

I could hear the muffled screaming of Durin’s line, but could not tear my eyes away from the disgusting animal before me as I smiled up at him through the pain, making him freeze as I whispered, ‘No, but he can.’

Before he could even take in my words, orchrist pierced through his armour, silencing him as he choked, Thorin pulling his body off of me with a roar before plunging the sword deeper into him a second time, a crack slicing the air, indicating that the blade had gone all the way into the ice. I heard the defiler’s ragged breath, cough and splutter, then a definite silence followed.

And thats when the pain began to kick in, making me gasp for air as my body screamed in agony. I coughed heavily as I heard Thorin and the two young dwarves run over, the king instantly taking me up into his arms and cradling me to his chest, placing his large hand over my own that laid upon the large wound.

I looked down at my hands, only to find blood covered them, my blood, making me want to hurl yet cry as I felt the pain beginning to ebb at me, ‘Oh Mahal-’
‘Shh,’ I heard, my tears falling as I cried softly, Thorin instantly pulling my face up to look up at him, ‘Eyes on me okay, your going to be okay, just keep looking at me.’

I breathed heavily as he called for his nephews to flag down some of the eagles, which that did instantly, as Thorin held me tightly, while I cried, ‘Thorin. if I don’t make it-’

‘Quiet,’ He said as his sighted his nephews leading three eagles towards us. He looked back down at me, cradling my face as my tears fell, his hands shaking terribly as he did, trying to keep himself composed,  ‘Your not going to die okay? Your going to live. You just hold onto me okay.’

I nodded quietly, wrapping my arms around his shoulders weakly as he held me carefully, crying softly into his neck as he lifted me up slowly, yet rushing over to the eagle at a fast pace, holding me tightly as he sat himself on the magnificent beast before the eagle lifted off in flight. I stared up as the image of Thorin blurred and focused constantly. I watched sluggishly as he stared ahead, his hair flying wildly in the wind as his eyes filled with a mist. He looked so beautiful. 

’Thorin …’ I squeezed his hand weakly and he looked down at this instantly, his eyebrows creasing in worry as I began to shut my eyes, his voice fading as did my sight as darkness fell upon me like a haze.

‘Y/N?! Open your eyes! Please!’

‘She’s losing a lot of blood, we need to get her wounds closed-’

‘Were losing her, Oin!’


‘Don’t you dare let her die!’

‘Tauriel and Legolas can help her! Let them help!’

‘We can save her I promise-’

‘Come on little one, you can fight this, please!’

‘I love you Y/N … Please stay with me …’

I open my eyes slowly, but squinted as my eyes were violated by the sunlight, groaning as I aroused myself from sleep. I remember the muffled voices that evaded my dream, shaking my head slowly as I looked around to find Kili and Fili not too far away, turning back with shocked smiles.

‘Y/N! YOUR AWAKE! WE THOUGHT WE LOST YOU!’ They screamed, running over enveloping me in a massive hug, making me groan and smile at this, tears streaming down my face fast as I held them tightly to me. I heard more screaming to see many of the other company members streaming in, all crying and hugging me as the two princes pulled away.

I smiled as Ori cried into my shoulder, patting his head, Balin dabbing his eyes as he placed a fatherly kissed to my head, Bofur and Bombur just firmly kissing my cheek over and over again, Dori and Nori praising Mahal, Bifur clapping his hands together in excitement and Dawlin trying to hide his tears, nodding his head towards me.

My eyes flew over them and to the figure who stood at the back. Gandalf made his way over, ducking underneath the very low ceilings, smiling at the sight of me. I smiled at him gently as he pushed through the dwarves who cheered on, taking my hand into his and placing a kiss to it, ‘My dear! Your finally awake!’

I smiled at this before hugging him tightly, his arms instantly wrapping around me in turn, the rest cheering and smiling at the scene between us, ‘Oh my dear, how happy I am to see that your okay again. You had me worried sick.’ I looked up at him at this, smirking lightly, ‘Oh come on Gandalf, you know that I get into as much trouble as it is, you should’ve known that I would make it out of this.’ I winked at him and he just sighed, the dwarves snickering at this, especially Kili and Fili.

However when I looked around, my smile faded when I came to realise that the one person that I really wanted to see, was no where in sight. I found my eyes stitch towards Kili who shook his head sadly, making me sigh heavily. But I raised my head with another smile, the two familiar elves now making their way in.

‘So what about you and Tauriel?’

‘Oh shut up, Y/N.’

Kili and I were now alone in the healing ward, the others having left for dinner in the great hall of Erebor, but Kili stayed behind, Fili promising to try and bring something far more delicious foods for me rather than medicinal herbs that I had to either smoke or shove down my throat to help heal the large wounds left behind by the great enemy.

‘Hey I’m being serious! You two are really good together!’ I say with a wide smile as Kili just chuckled, shaking his head as he helped me tie the new bandages on my arm, ‘I do love her. I know its foolish and that we’ve only met a couple of times … But I’ve never met a woman like her, well an elf like her. She’s strong, independent, smart-’

‘Beautiful?’ I say with a smirk as he just sighs, that dreamy look evident in his eyes as he probably thought of her, ‘Oh yes. Very beautiful. The-wedge between the elves and dwarves is a problem though. She’s worried we won’t be able to live our lives properly. Especially if we-if we think about having children.’

I sighed heavily at this before placing a hand on his shoulder gently, making him look up at this, ‘Don’t worry Kili, I’m sure people will grow accustom to the marriage of Elves and dwarves. I assure you it will happen.’ He just sighed heavily, smiling up at me gently before his expression fell, ‘What about you and Thorin?’ At this I froze, before looking away from him, ‘Its a pipe dream. He’s never going to love me.’ He scoffed at this. ‘Rubbish Y/N, you must be joking! Thorin has his eyes set on you and only you-’

‘Pardon me,’ We both looked up instantly, and I gulped instantly at the sight of Thorin who now stood in the archway of the healing ward. Kili instantly stood at this, bowing towards him, ‘Uncle.’ I bowed my head towards him but he raised his hand at our actions, stepping forward, his hands moving to rest behind his back as he looked towards Kili, ‘Leave us, nephew.’

At this, the young one bow, sending me one last nod before exiting the chamber, leaving Thorin and I in utter silence. The small loving moment we had shared on the battle field were now a memory of ash. Slowly he made his way over, sitting in the spot his nephew had sat not moments ago, my head turned away from him before he finally spoke, ‘When we got you back here, you had nearly lost half amount of the blood that should’ve been running in your veins. You were asleep for four days. We all were prepared to say our goodbyes to you.’

‘Well it seems you weren’t happy enough to see me when I actually awoke today,’ I muttered under my breath harshly before he grabbed my uninjured arm, turning me to face him. His eyes were glazed, his eyebrows furrowed in what could only be described as pain as he shouted in my face, ‘Do not question my actions! Did you not think that I would’ve come to you the moment I heard that you were apart of the living once more? Do you not think I would’ve if it hadn’t been for all the duties I had to attend to to ensure the survival of our kingdom?!’

And instantly I remembered, Azog had been defeated. The fight had finally come to an end, and that Thorin now was the King Under the Mountain. The mission was now complete. That meant that the dwarfs would be streaming in in only a matter of days, it was for sure.

I looked up at him as he continued to shake me, ‘Do you not think that I was in pain to see you in such a way?! Do you?! Do you not think that I thought over and over what you did was utterly foolish!’

‘How was it foolish?!’ I scream back in his face as I pushed him away, my tears now falling fast down my cheeks as I finally looked up at him, ‘I saved you! I saved the one person who has meant the most to me throughout my whole life! Don’t you get it! Your life and death would mean so much more to so many. And me, well, my life and death would never amount to anything compared to you.’ Thorin’s eyes widened in horror at this, shaking his head slowly, ‘No-No why would you-Why would you even think of such a thing?!’

‘I’ve never meant anything to anybody! All I’ve done in my life it helped and served others and for what? To be left in the dust at the the end of it all,’ I couldn’t help but hide my face from, sobbing softly into them as my body shook. Realisation dawned on the oaf, his frown turning into a small gentle smile, ‘That’s what you were trying to say on the boat wasn’t it? Wasn’t it Y/N?

I nodded at this, only to whimper as Thorin pulled away my hands, only to have him cup my face in his hands, staring deeply into my eyes, ‘You silly girl. Your kindness outweighs all, your simple acts have served to help us on many occasions throughout our journey. You healed us, fed us, clean us on many occasions, did everything to make us comfortable! You mean so much to so many. Including me.’

I couldn’t help but let out a sob as he kissed my forehead hard, holding my head as gently as possibly, as if I were a newborn baby. Thorin pulled away to run his hand through my hair, only to pull my back in as he placed a kiss to my cheeks, just beneath my right ear, and upon my neck. I whimpered as he did this, clinging to his robes as he planted kisses wherever he could, before pulling back to stare into my eyes. The longing and love I saw within them was enough to allow new tears slip down my cheeks as he finally placed a kiss to my lips, allowing me to place my own hands on his neck, caressing the skin there gently. 

I pulled away with a gasp, laying my head on his shoulder as I cried weakly. Thorin could only smile as he held me in his arms, rubbing my back lovingly and comfortingly with one hand while the other ran through my hair.

‘Seriously Thorin where are you taking me?’ 

‘I told you it was a surprise! Now whats the point in spoiling it when were all ready so close to it,’ I could hear the smile in his voice as I just shook my head, ‘Thorin I swear I’m gonna kill you.’ 

It had nearly been about four months the war had ended, and the dwarves were slowly coming back to their home. My wounds were healed, yet at times still pained. But now, Thorin had announced and made it official with a small braiding ceremony with the company, that he was officially courting me. 

On this particular night, he had dressed me in the finest midnight blue gown with a neckline and waistline that shone of diamonds, matching his robes for the evening. But he had now blindfolded me with a piece of black silk, leading me through the halls of the mountain ever so slowly as he held me in his arms. 

And what seemed like an eternity, he finally stopped me, removing the blindfold, however I kept my eyes shut as he had instructed me to do so even if he did remove the material from my face. He smiled slowly before leaning in towards my ear, whispering against them gently, ‘Are you ready?’ 

I nodded slowly and with that, I opened my eyes, only to be shocked as I realised we were now outside. But we now stood before a beautiful marble white gazebo decorated to what appeared to be hundreds of candles, all alight, flames dancing slowly in the beautiful evening. There were panels of stained glass windows of all sorts of colours, decorating the pentagon floor as the moonlight shone through them. 

I made my way up the stairs and into the centre of the beautiful creation, smiling as the colours of the stained glass and the reflection of the flickering flames danced off of the diamond jewelled dress and upon my skin. Thorin could only smile at the sight as I twirled with a fleeting laughter. 

I smiled as I finally stopped, facing the man I loved, shaking my head, ‘You did this?’ He nodded at this, making his way up the stairs towards me, ‘I had some help from the other dwarves, especially the miners and jewel experts. We melted down the jewels and created them into the stained glass shards.’ I could only look on in awe at the creation that surrounded me, ‘Its incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it before …’ 

I turned back instantly, taking his palm into mine and placing a kiss to his cheek, ‘Thank you my love.’ Thorin smirked before giving a bow, ‘May I have a dance.’ All I could do was laugh before placing my hand in his and the other on his torso as he led us in a slow dance, humming a soft tune under his breath. He twirled me several times, both of us breaking out into laughter before he brought me back into his chest, holding me close. 

He stared into my eyes loving, pushing some of my curled hair out of my face before taking my hands up into his own, ‘Y/N … I know we’ve known each other for less than a year but, these past few months have been the best of my life. And you have-have made me so happy, so much that I’ve never ever felt like this before in my entire life.’ 

‘Well I’m glad I am making you that happy Thorin,’ I said with a gentle smile, he smiled too before squeezing my hands once more, ‘I can only hope that I am making you as happy as you are making me. And hope that I can continue to care for you.’ 

Suddenly he pulled out a beautifully sculpted diamond ring, it wasn’t too flashy or too simple, but it was simply divine. The diamond was pure and was shining simply in the reflection of the flames. All I could do was stare up at him in shock as tears filled my eyes as he took my hand once more, ‘Y/N, will you become my wife and my one and only Queen?’

At this I just smiled, nodding instantly, ‘Yes of course I will Thorin!’ He sighed at this in what only could be relief as he slipped the ring onto my finger. Thorin just smiled up at me, running a hand through my hair before pulling me into a kiss, cradling my face in hands before lifting me in his arms, both of us chuckling and laughing in absolute happiness.

a/n: Again this is the final version! AND FINISHED!

elfsplaining  asked:

For DWC! Dom!Solas "roleplaying" as Fen'harel with Lavellan in front of a Dread Wolf statue. Give me hair pulling, choking, spanking, diiiiirrrrrtttyyyy talk, ALL OF IT. Fuckin go wild with it. I need it

Glimpses: Or the Wolf’s Gonna Blow it Down


Rating: Explicit

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Solavellan

Warnings: Rough sex, Dom!Solas, choking, spanking, etc. 

Reader discretion advised.

Ellian knew exactly how to test him. She was cunning and quick-witted and always teasing. She’d invite him out on excursions in the field only to spend the entire time flirting and tempting him before pulling back. He wasn’t sure whether she was purposefully taunting him or not, but he was at his limit. What that meant, he wasn’t sure. They’d been physical before, in ways that pushed both of their limits, but somehow he still never had enough.

That morning he’d woken up to her straddling him, one brow raised, and though they’d rolled in the blankets for over an hour the actual sex had to be quick and easy to hide. They weren’t alone, after all.

But they were now. She’d brought him deeper into the forest on a mission to gather rare herbs, but he couldn’t tear his eyes off that perfect round of her ass shifting with every step. When she addressed him, turning slightly over her shoulder, he raised an eyebrow and forced his gaze away from her rear. She’d said something, probably. “Hm?”

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Hi there! So I was tagged by a bunch of amazing people: @trap-dumplings, @jean-geniee​ & @crushed-andpulverised (thank you so much! 💕) to do various ask tags, but as I’ve checked them out, a lot of questions repeat so I hope it’s okay if i mash them up and do one big post! c:

name: Łucja (pronounced Woocya)(im ok with calling me Lucy)
nickname: Łudka, Uceł, Ucełke
zodiac sign: aquarius 
birthdate: 19th February 1999 
sexual orientation: bi but still not sure
height: 5′1 (159cm)(im a fucking dwarf)
relationship status: single 
time right now: 1am 
last thing i googled: sth about mammals
favourite music artist: artist, like not a band? it’s gonna be Hans Zimmer 
just white slavic girl from Poland i guess ;-; (tho my relatives were from Germany)
fave fruit(s): persimmon, cherries, strawberries, a lot actually
fave season(s): summer!!! im v emotional about this
fave book(s): The Witcher, Ender’s Game, 1984, The Martian
fave flower(s): roses, freesia, forget-me-not
fave scent(s): coffee, books, fresh clothes
fave animal(s): doggers
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: all three but i drink tea daily
dream trip: UK, Australia, Finland
pets: one sweet doggo
last song I listened to: some by Royal Blood
hobbies: sleeping honestly my bad time-managing is killing me and my old interests
song stuck in my head: Holding Out For A Hero by Nothing But Thieves
last movie i watched: oh man i never remember such things…
last tv show i watched: some extract from polish cabaret (i had a good laugh tho)
what are you wearing right now: black jeans and black t-shirt with some fancy net instead of regular short sleeves lmao
when did you create your blog ?: my archive says October 2015 (after accidentally deleting my old one which was kinda popular :)))) )
what kind of content do you post ?: band-related stuff, aesthetic, trash stuff, memes, dogs!!
do you have any other blogs ?: not in use
do you have asks regularly ?: haha no
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pokemon team: no idea
favourite colour: yellow! but also in love with this dirty pink
average hours of sleep: 5-11 depends on when
lucky number: i have no idea math hates me (but i like even numbers wtf)
favourite character(s): joker (tdk), sherlock holmes, jessie pinkman, tony stark
how many blankets do you sleep with ?: i usually sleep under some duvet
dream job: doctor but actually no idea, bed tester
following count: 307
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it was fun! i tag @ieskapieska, @jarjowiex, @we-were-kissing-gods, @mushewhosta, @gallifreyan-uprising and @thatcrazyfangirlwhohasnolife ☀

Some highlights from C2E2 2017!

I got a copy of Thrawn signed by Timothy Zahn!

When I met Svengoolie, it was the same day as my mother’s birthday, so I didn’t ask for an autograph for myself, but rather a surprise for her!

The Weta booth was amazeballs! it was great to see the replicas and statues upclose, even if they were too expensive for me. I did love the life-size Urukhai and Dwarf statues!

I got a couple prints from Artist Alley. my favorite is this one

when I asked for it, the artist touched his fist to his chest and said, “Mad respect!”

And even among the throng of people, I managed to meet-up briefly with a former co-worker!

notes on a fantasy setting

hey @enby-trashgoddess my original comments on this post said that i was working on it with you. Do you recall what direction we were taking this in?

  • Elves: some elves are hairier, bulkier, and have enormous noses, or even small “horns” on their brows (actually not hard). Others are nearly hairless and have small noses and slender frames. The causes are hormonal responses to differences in diet and are connected to water retention and fat storage. This lead elves to make assumptions about what other species eat. All elves have tails like cows, these are seen as scandalous and titillating, and young elves giggle and snicker at the sight of cattle. Half-elves are hairier than humans on average. Elves are a mostly disenfranchised people who have not had large communities of their own in many ages. Elvish craft has historically included many practical uses of magic, and within the Empire, they are often employed in low-level thaumaturgy.
  • Dwarves: known dwarvish cultures lack a notion of gender as others understand it—pronouns are either uniform (in the Mimkut and Khurz languages), or based on status and rank (in Aomekait), and may change depending upon who is speaking and to whom they are speaking. It is recognized that some dwarves bear children while others do not, but no special distinction is made except to identify parentage—and this only applies to the childbearer, with the dwarf who impregnates another dwarf having no official status in dwarven culture even remotely approaching what is seen in other races. The siblings of a dwarf’s parent are of great importance in their life, however, and dwarves are often disgusted to see a lack of the presence of aunts and uncles in the lives of other races—or presume that a person’s spouse is actually a sibling (indeed, the words used for the undwarven institution of marriage are best translated as “adoption as siblings”).
  • Orcs: all orcs are women, with a rare few non-binary people. They recognize the existence of men, but there are no male orcs. Some orcs would be identified as trans women. Men are seen as pitifully weak; humans have historically misunderstood orcish spite for “men” as being directed at “humans”. The dominant orcish culture venerates a cruel and terrible killer whale goddess, and the use of this motif is the origin of their name in the Roanish language.
  • Halflings: live in the sky. We fear the tiny people and their airships. They are too cheerful, too smug in their superiority. They hunt the great sea serpents and lake wyrms from atop the backs of birds, they command the lightning and direct the winds. We are all fortunate that they have not gone to war. Those who have attempted to take halfling knowledge and steal it for use in war and conquest have been found dashed upon the plains, like eggs dropped on a kitchen floor.
  • Gnomes: survivors, skilled at hiding and battling their enemies. Gnomes are a people of shadow and rumor, masks and magic. Rare is the outsider who has seen a gnome’s true face unconcealed by hood, mask, and illusion. Highly skilled at diverse trades, they are encouraged by praise for their creations, but shrink from compliments directed at them as the creators. Gnomish flesh is considered a rare delicacy by some creatures, but others that will eat humans and elves react with disgust to it.
The Egg Part 3

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Laketown hadn’t exactly ended how I thought it would.

We’d tried to steal weapons from the town armoury, only to be captured by the guards and brought before the master. There, Thorin made a promise to share the wealth of Erebor, and I could tell by the expressions around me, I was the only one who felt it would end badly.

With the Masters blessing, we left for the mountain in the morning. Bofur, Fili, Kili and Oin being left behind.

As soon as we reached the shore, I rushed up the slope, calling for Bow.

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so i was thinking about the new bilbo poster and his pose in it:

then it hit me that his pose is pretty similar to the ones of the dwarf statues right outside erebor protecting it:

bilbo is kneeling like the one on the right –> bilbo is the dwarves right hand man (hobbit)??


This Day in Disney History

August 25, 2006:  The Seven Dwarfs respond to astronomers giving Pluto “dwarf planet” status by issuing the following statement via their friends at the Walt Disney World Resort:

“Although we think it’s Dopey that Pluto has been downgraded to a dwarf planet, which has made some people Grumpy and others just Sleepy, we are not Bashful in saying we would be Happy if Disney’s Pluto would join us as an eighth dwarf.  We think this is just what the Doc ordered and is nothing to Sneeze at.”

The Mysterious Miss Matthews

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Chapter Six: He’s everywhere.
Word Count: 2,700

At lunch Riley finds Isadora and Farkle sitting together at a table. Riley enjoys the quirky geniuses company and joins them. They both welcome her with warm smiles.

“May I sit here?” Riley asks.

“Of course, you’re always welcome here. Right, Is?” Farkle turns to his girlfriend who’s staring away giggling.

“Smack?” Riley waves her hand in front of the girls face. When there’s no change in her unusual behaviour Riley follows her line of sight and catches Lucas just as he’s was about to pounce.

“Do you make it a habit to sneak up on people?” Riley shoots him a glare.

“Just you,” Lucas smirks, “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Sure, do you want to sit down?” Riley motions to the other spare seats at the table.

Lucas glances at the two staring geniuses, Smackle has her head resting in her palms as she gazes at him and Farkle is sporting a mild glare or jealousy.

“Uh, no,” he laughs, “Could you come over here for a second?”

Riley excuses herself and walks aside with Lucas.

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anonymous asked:

If you could give the planets stereotypical high school traits (jock, nerd, ect) what planets would be what?

This is an awesome question. Here is my opinion:

Mercury is definitely a cheerleader.  Keeping close to the star! 

Women have always associated themselves as being “from Venus”. She is definitely the popular girl. The mean girl. The girly girl! The “A” Crowd.

Our planet, Earth, is the artsy kid in class. Earth is the only planet in this solar system who can dream and discover! Without Earth(lings) we would not have discovered the other planets!!!!

Mars is definitely that emo kid that doesn’t do much but you are so intrigued by.

Jupiter and Saturn are the jocks if you didn’t figure I’d say that anyway. They are bigger than everyone else and take the school to state championships-WHOO HOO!!! 

Uranus is the class clown. It isn’t bad enough that his name is inappropriate but he can’t sit up straight! He’s tilting! Cmon, Uranus! Pay attention!!!

Neptune is kinda a loner, not really a jock, not a class clown. Just kind of there. Neptune can’t find a “clique” but is definitely not forgotten!!!!

Pluto is….the wannabe. Pluto is not a planet but definitely wants to be! Own that dwarf status Pluto! We will still love ya!!!