dwarf statues

i really wanted to write more for vday :(( but we had a car wreck at castle pengie and the stress from that (and the price tag lololol) kind of dampened the festive mood

please instead take the offering of these images:

  • mikleo’s latent healing magic helping little preemie sorey grow big and strong

  • sorey, attempting to feed a squirming, cursing mikleo chocolates from his mouth like he was a baby bird

  • sorey reading the celestial record to laphi; a double dose of the sweet babies that few can survive the sight of

  • sorey arguing with artorius over his stupid bird saying, sorey brings up the fact that most dinosaurs were probably flightless, artorius says dinosaurs didn’t have feathers, sorey immediately clocks him in the jaw, KOing him instantly. punk bitch probably wanted to argue with him about pluto’s dwarf planet status too.

somewhereapart  asked:


Roland, on the other hand, had no trouble making friends; within days of their arrival Leroy had granted him honorary dwarf status, and on the seventh morning he marched right up to sandwich himself between elbows at the royal table, much to Robin’s outward chagrin (in secret, he found he rather enjoyed the way the Queen would startle and soften, letting Roland sneak crumbs off her plate while she smiled in a way that made it impossible for Robin to look anywhere else).

fanfic work-in-progress guessing game: send me a word and i’ll give you the sentence it appears in!


more costume design doodles! now onto dwarwen style: main inspirations are Cirassian peoples’ clothing/assesories (mainly Georgian, Abazin & Armenian) & also i think abt female identifying dwarves most time that’s why they get all the nice things :D

+ a random piece of hadcanon abt jewelry: being monogamous by nature, dwarves pierce their ears only once (or not at all) in their lives & one an easily pinpoint a dwarf’s marriage status by their earrings. no matter if the pair wealthy or skilled in jewelry making,  it’s the important part of the wedding ritual to make the earrings themselves, working together blah blah w/e i think it’d be cute