dwarf shark


They’re finally here! Seven sticker pages of beautiful aquatic creatures fresh from the home aquarium and onto the page! I don’t have these printed yet and I still have to look into what materials I want to print on and where to get them this time. I’ve printed and sold stickers before though and they turned out beautifully! I’m not quite ready to take orders yet, so in the mean time why don’t we have ourselves a little 300 follower give-away! 

I’ll probably be giving away 3-5 sheets of stickers, so here’s what you have to do!

1) Reblog this post, you can use more than one blog BUT you can only win ONCE.

2) Be following thebettaboys! you can be a new follower, but I WILL be checking!

3) Be 18 years old or older, OR have parent consent!

Winners will get a choice of one of the following pages, they will be on white backgrounds when printed. The give away ends when they’re ready to ship, I’ll notify y'all when that comes around. 

1) Sharks, Gourami, and Tetras/Barbs/Danios/Rasbora (threw all the lil schooling fish together)

2) Assorted Cichlids, Axolotls, and Guppies

3) Oscars, Rainbowfish, and Loaches

4) Arowana, Fancy Goldfish, and Shrimp/Crayfish

5) Bichirs, Plecos, and Bettas

6) Discus, Snails, and Corydoras

7) Puffer fish, Angelfish, and Mollies/Platys

If perhaps you know for sure that you want to order a couple pages or all of them, and want to be sure yours are the first ones shipped out, you can place a pre-order by sending me an email at madimakesart@gmail.com and sending payment via PayPal to madimakesart@gmail.com.

Prices when they come out should be as follows, but may change depending on the cost of materials, ill try to keep it around this though (plus $5 shipping).

1) $5 for one species/group, separated by color (ex: oscars, snails, plecos)

2) $12 for an entire page (ex: page 1, 2 or 3. includes every species on it)

3) $60 for all 7 pages

Six artistic cocktails

1. The scream. Ingredients: one large glass of vodka, one mime artist. Method: fill glass with vodka. Instruct mime artist to remain on the other side of the glass at all times. Any time you look into the glass, the mime artist makes that face. You know the one. Later on, the mime artist will trap you in an invisible, ever-shrinking box while she finishes off the vodka. You will regret that you ever ordered The Scream.

2. The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living. Ingredients: 5% formaldehyde solution, shark. You may need to use a dwarf lantern shark or similar to get it to fit in the glass. Method: fill large glass with formaldehyde, add shark. Note: do not drink this, you will die.

3. Piss Christ. Ingredients: piss, Christ. One of the few cocktails that one may make whilst stranded at sea on a makeshift raft. Depending on religious sensibilities, availability and level of desire to blaspheme at the horror of your fate, Christ may be substituted by other objects to hand, such as bits of mainbraces, yardarms, etc. Serve in a conch shell whilst cursing the relentless sunlight.

4. Sunflowers. Ingredients: your favourite cocktail, sunflowers. Method: make your favourite cocktail. Place in large vase. Fill with sunflowers. No, you can’t have a straw. Is there a straw in the picture? No. Just put your face in there. This is art.

5. The Persistence of Memory. Ingredients: a dazzling and regrettable cornucopia of intoxicants, a clock. Method. Place the clock on the edge of a flat surface. Consume the intoxicants. When the clock flops over the edge, you will have successfully accomplished this cocktail. Put a tick in your artbook and pat yourself on the back of your curious doughnut-head.

6. The Garden of Earthly Delights. Ingredients: strawberry juice, cherry juice, buttocks, a bagpipe. Method: Mix ingredients. Serve in a giant bird-headed monster feasting on human corpses.

The waters were warm along the skirts of the Great Barrier Reef. A female shark casually swam a distance away from the colorful reef, content to bask in the dull colors of the sand for fear of scaring away the reef residents. She floated thoughtlessly, carelessly, a flick of her large tail let her glide a few feet effortlessly in the water. A toothy frown fixed itself upon her grey face. Life as a great white shark was, at most, lonely. Unless one found a mate, or joined a feeding frenzy, the white shark often swam the blue alone. This didn’t seem right to Serena, though. A newcomer from Hawaii, she grew up with white pups who eventually left the White Shark Cafe nursery to seek out new territory. Every year was a new cycle. New friends who eventually left. 

While reminiscing on the past, the shark seldom looked where she was going. Suddenly, she collided head-on against a massive shape. “Oof!!!” Serena reacted, bouncing off on impact. She backed up- at least as much a shark could- and gazed up at the creature with which she collided. Serena gulped. 

To say the unfamiliar shark was large…that was understatement. He was massive. Stretching twenty feet, he completely dwarfed the runt shark. “Uh…hello,” she squeaked. 

Help save my fish

As a lot of you may know, I’m in a bad situation at home and I’m more than likely to be moving out very soon. I have a week to decide and then maybe a month to pack and get out. I still do not have my own place or a job so I will have to stay with friends until I do. Thing is I also do not have (even temporary) homes for my fish and they absolutely cannot stay here: We had been on vacation in NH and my parents went home after fighting with the rest of my family there and I’m positive they were the ones who beat my koi to death, I’ve found soap in my tanks numerous times, and my brother has made betta fish fight to the death before. 

There are a lot of fish that will need places to stay or new homes, 3 Rosey Red minnows, 2 5in common goldfish (A male and a female), a 6in female shubunkin goldfish, an angelfish, 2 kuhli loaches, a silver molly, 2 veiltail betta fish (A pink male and blue female), african dwarf frog, a rainbow shark, and over 20 snails.

I have a donate button on the very bottom left of my blog and my commissions are open but what would be best is if someone around Leominster Massachusetts would be willing to temporarily take care of my fish for me or even keep some of them, like my 3 6-7inch goldfish or betta fish. Even if you can’t help me or don’t live in the area, please reblog this so I can find someone who can.