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Fallen Stars (Thorin x OC)

A/N: Hi guys! Here is the third chapter! Enjoy! I tried to add more of my own writing into it, as requested on the last chapter. Sorry if you feel like it is a slow pace but I can’t rush this story. There is too much to explain haha 

Fandom: The Hobbit 

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x OC (Enlentári) 

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Chapter 3: The White Light


Elentári woke up in a start. She looked around her surroundings, feeling confused and disoriented until her cheek bushed against a soft material. The half-elf frowned and lifted her hand to brush over the fluffy fur as she sat up on the sofa she was lying on. Her cold hands pulled the fur coat off her shoulders and into her lap to observe it. As soon as her eyes landed on the thick coat, her eyes widen.

This was Thorin’s coat.

The half-elf couldn’t deny that she had felt rather warm and comfortable the entire night thanks to this coat but she couldn’t help but wonder why the dwarf king would cover her up with his coat when it was obvious that he didn’t like her. He was barely tolerating her presence…

Elen sighed but decided to use the coat as Thorin was nowhere to be seen. She slowly put the coat on and chuckled to herself as she saw how big it looked on her. Elen tightened the coat around her small frame and buried her face into the fur one last time before she decided to get up. The half-elf sighed as the intoxicating sent of Thorin surrounded her. The coat smelt like rain, smoke, iron and some kind of musk that made her blush without even knowing why. The girl shook her head and stepped over the two Durin brothers who were sleeping on the floor before the sofa. She smiled at the position they were sleeping in. Fili and Kili were lying on their backs with their arms and legs stretched out. Kili had his right hand over Fili’s face and they were both snoring loudly. Elen stepped over a few other dwarves and reached the kitchen. Gandalf and Thorin were absent but as she walked over the kitchen sink to prepare a quick breakfast for the company, movements from outside the small kitchen window caught her attention.

Thorin and Gandalf were sitting on a bench before Bilbo’s house, smoking their pipes and discussing something quietly. Elen smiled and turned back toward the sink, thinking about something to bake. The girl walked into the hobbits’ pillaged pantry to find that the dwarves had only left out a few eggs, a ham and some bacon. She shrugged and took everything back to the kitchen then started to cook peacefully. She loved morning like these, the weather would be great and she was excited to finally leave the routine she lived in the Lothlórien.

“You seem to appreciate the warmth of my coat, Miss Elentári.” A deep but quiet voice brought Elen out of her daydream, making her gasp and jump before she turned around to see a smirking Thorin leaning over the doorway of the kitchen. Elen blushed as she saw his eyes attached to her face.  

“Well… I’m sorry I kept it on. I was still cold but hm…” Elen stuttered then cleared her throat. “Thank you for letting me borrow it. I mean… thank you for covering me during the night.” Her voice came out as a gentle and shy whisper as she shrugged the coat off and walked the small distance that separated Thorin to her. Elen extended her arm to give the coat back to the king, which Thorin gladly took. Their hands brushed for a second, soft and cold against rough and warm. The dwarf looked up with a frown, his icy blue eyes staring at her face.

“You are freezing!” Thorin’s deep voice said and Elen bit her lips.    

“Do not worry yourself, master dwarf. I will always be this cold.” Elen tried to explain but she didn’t seem to find the right words and the air around them suddenly felt awkward.

“Elentári is special.” Gandalf’s voice said from the other entrance of the kitchen, appearing once again out of nowhere. Elen looked at Gandalf then at Thorin who was eyeing her suspiciously. “Her skin is cold because she did not share the body warmth of another for a very long time.” The wizard said, making the half-elf wince. He made it sound weird and apparently, Thorin did not understand it the right way as well as he looked at Gandalf with a raised eyebrow.

“What this old wizard is trying to say…” Elen quickly added, glaring at Gandalf. “Is that I’ve been living on my own for a long time. I might be living among the elves of the Lothlórien but I live secluded. Others do not enjoy my presence so I keep to myself. Only speaking with Gandalf and my mother or when it’s truly needed.” Elen turned around when she finished her sentence, feeling embarrassed and truly uncomfortable. She hated how there was no way to present it without moping around her fate. She groaned at herself and finished the breakfast as Thorin and Gandalf sat at the kitchen table.

“Odd for an elf…” Thorin simply answered her explanation. Elen shrugged and placed a huge plate of scrambled eggs, the ham and the bacon on the table.

“I told you she is special.” Gandalf added, smiling at his old friend. Elen returned the smile but hopped that she will not have to explain herself in details. Being alone for so long and finally giving up to ever find someone she could love was hard enough, she didn’t want to explain all the causes and consequences. However, she felt an unknown warmth spread into her heart as Thorin watched her from his spot at the table. A warmth she tried to ignore vigorously.

Some dwarves joined them soon after. The smell of the fresh cooked breakfast tearing them away from their deep slumber. Elen secretly wished that it would also be enough to wake Bilbo up so she could try and persuade him to join the company but her hopes were thin. Fili and Kili were the last ones to join the rest around the table, their eyes closing on their own and yawns escaping their mouths almost every second. Elen smiled at the two brothers and grabbed a small share of egg before sitting next to Fili and digging into her food.

“Did you sleep well, Miss Elen?” Kili asked, his mouth full of eggs and bacon. Elen chuckled and nodded her head, finding the dwarves’ odd way of eating quite amusing.

“Yes, thank you Kili. Thanks to you, your brother and your uncle.” She answered with a kind smile.

“Uncle?” Fili asked before his little brother could.

“Yes. Thorin lent me his coat, it was a cold night.” Elen answered as a matter of fact, not understanding how much of a big deal it was for the two brothers. Their uncle hated elves so lending his coat to one of them was really strange and unexpected.

“Indeed…” Fili and Kili answered at the same time, watching their uncle suspiciously but with an amused twinkle in their eyes. Elen wondered if these two were already up to something but she quickly shook the thought away as her stomach growled in need of more food.

After breakfast, Ori and Dori offered to wash the dishes and everyone else worked on tidying Bilbo’s house. To Elentári’s amazement, the house was perfectly clean in fifteen minutes and everyone was ready to go. However, Bilbo was still sleeping and unaware of the fuss that was going around in his house. Elen sighed out and glanced down the hall one last time, maybe the hobbit would change his mind at the last moment. The dwarves were already outside the house as Gandalf made his way toward his friend with a gentle smile.

“My dear Elen, it is time to go.” Gandalf warned the half-elf as he reached her side. Elen glanced up at the wizard and nodded her head.

“All right, Gandalf. I’m ready.” Elen said and let her friend lead her out of the house. Elen closed Bag End’s door quietly and made her way outside with Gandalf by her side.

“Miss Elen?” Thorin’s voice called, making the woman look up at the king who was already sitting on his pony. “Do you have a pony?” Thorin asked in his gruff voice. Elen smirked as she opened the small fence of Bilbo’s garden and stepped next to Thorin’s pony on the dusty path before Bag End.

“I do not have a pony, master dwarf but a young horse. A colt to be specific.” The woman answered, her smirk not leaving her lips.

Elen was proud of her dear friend, Shadowfax. He was one of the race of the long-lived Mearas, the greatest horses of Middle-Earth. Gandalf was the one who presented Shadowfax to Elen, the horse was his friend but for now he was Elen’s size and not Gandalf’s. Elen turned around and whistled melodically to call the young white horse who she had left into the fields behind Bilbo’s house. The white horse appeared from behind the hill, neighing and galloping in Elen’s direction in a joyful way. His long white mane flying in the wind as all the dwarves looked on in wonder. Shadowfax slowly stopped as he approached the young elf woman and Elen bowed her head then reached her hand to pet the horse’s mane and head.

“By my beard…” Bofur was looking at the horse in admiration. “Is he what I think he is?”

“Yes, Bofur. Shadowfax is a Mearas.” Elen answered, smiling at the beautiful creature. Even Thorin watched the horse impressed.

“Shadowfax is our friend since a very long time.” Gandalf added as he approached the horse while Elen grabbed her bag to tie it onto Shadowfax’s back. The dwarves were still in shock and admiration as the half-elf finally climbed on her horse. Thorin’s gaze crossed Elen’s for a brief second before he called for the company to finally leave Bag End. The half-elf wondered why Thorin kept glaring at her, did he expect her to attack the company in their sleep? Or did he expect her to turn into a dragon suddenly and burn them all to ashes? The woman rolled her eyes and pulled on the reigns to tear her horse out of his new found breakfast which appeared to be Bilbo’s grass.  

Elen rode next to Gandalf, enjoying the last few hills of Hobbiton as they quickly entered a wooden area (still in the lands of the Shire). The dwarves were riding their ponies, and Gandalf his horse, down a path through the woods. Elen could hear a few words of their conversation as she rode quietly, including “waste of time” and “use a hobbit?!”. Several other dwarves were huffing at the hobbit’s absence. Elen rolled her eyes at them, they had so little faith in Bilbo when she knew that a great courage lied in the hobbit’s heart. The woman was certain that the hobbit would show up. She observed the company as they all started to bet on whether Bilbo would come or not. Gandalf said he had faith in Bilbo and accepted to bet against the majority of the dwarves. Elen smiled as Fili and Kili rode to her sides.

“So, Miss Elen…” Kili started smiling goofily at the woman.

“You said you are only half-elf?” Fili finished his brother’s question. Elen raised an eyebrow at the two brothers.

“Yes?” She answered, feeling rather unsure as she already knew that the two brothers were the pranksters of the group.  

“So, you are half-elf and half daughter of men?” Kili asked, his tone neutral and even friendly. Elen looked at the brothers and they only wore genuine smiles on their features so she decided to answer them.

“Yes. My mother is an elf and my father was a man of…”

“Rohan!” Fili and Kili exclaimed at the same time, making the young elf shook her head with an amused look on her features.

“Gondor.” She said patting her horse on his mane. Fili and Kili shared a confused look.

“But your horse is from the plains of Rohan, isn’t he?” Fili asked, looking at Shadowfax then at Elen.

“Yes, he is but I am not from there.” Elen said and Fili nodded. “Even if, I think that I can call the Rohirrim my friends.” The elf added just above a whisper.

Not far ahead, Thorin rode his pony leading the company with Dwalin close behind. The dwarf king quickly took yet another glance behind his shoulder to watch his nephews and the elf talk. He wasn’t too fond of the new friendship the two young dwarves decided to start with the elf maiden. Thorin wasn’t blind, he could see that she was hiding a lot of things from them. This girl was used to live alone and he knew that she only trusted Gandalf in the company but as weird as it seemed, Thorin wanted to know about her life. Indeed, the main reason why was because he had to guarantee his company’s safety but deep down the king was simply curious. Elentári of the Lothlórien was a mystery he had to solve.

“They seem to like the lass.” Dwalin’s voice brought Thorin out of his thoughts. The bald dwarf smirked as he watched Elen and the two brothers smile and chat, he was hard on her but even the ruthless warrior could tell that the elf had no bad intentions. It was quite the opposite.

“Yes…” Thorin answered his friend not wanting to be very eloquent on the subject. Dwalin chuckled at his leader’s expression, Thorin looked even more grumpy than usual since Elen’s arrival.  

However, as the company kept complaining about the waste of time Bilbo had generated, the hobbit ran up from behind them as he tried to catch up. Elen was the first one to notice the hobbit, or more precisely, to hear the hobbit approaching.

“Wait! Wait!” Bilbo’s voice called out in hope to make the company stop and be able to catch up with them. Elen stopped Shadowfax, pulling on the reigns gently. She turned her head around to see Bilbo running down the path that lead to the company, he looked tired and out of breath but what Elen focused on the most was the long contract in the hobbit’s hand. A bright smile made its way over her features as some dwarves called “Woah!” and stopped their ponies as well. Fili and Kili watched the hobbit impressed by his decision to finally join them. Bilbo caught up in a few more tired strides and handed Balin the contract.

“I signed it!” Bilbo said and looked around quickly, catching Elen’s grin and Gandalf’s proud eyes. Balin took the contract and inspected it with a pocket­glass. He seemed to have a lot of troubles to see from up close. He then smiled at Bilbo, the old dwarf being one of the few who had somehow faith in the hobbit.

“Everything appears to be in order.” Balin said as he folded the contract back and kept it with him. Bilbo looked scared of the ponies, staring at the gentle creature as if it had tree heads. “Welcome, Master Baggins, to the company of Thorin Oakenshield.” Balin finished and winked at Bilbo who seemed rather pleased with the old dwarf kind gesture and with all the cheering coming from the dwarves. Even Elen cheered for the little hobbit. However, Thorin didn’t look that impressed and even looked grumpier at the hobbit appearance.

“Give him a pony.” The dwarf king said without conviction. Bilbo looked slightly frightened and shook his head in disagreement.

“No, no, no, no.” Bilbo tried to deny. But everyone was already moving on and Elen chuckled as she saw Fili and Kili approach the hobbit with grins on their faces. “That… that won’t be necessary, thank you, but I… I’m sure I can keep up on foot. I… I… I’ve done my fair share of walking holidays, you know. I even got as far as Frogmorton once… WAGH!” Bilbo’s speech is cut off as the two brothers rode alongside him and picked him up from behind by the bridles of his backpack to put him on a pony.

Elen laughed at the frightened look on Bilbo’s face and she rode quicker to settle next to him and Gandalf in the middle of the company. The hobbit looked terrified on the pony, he was holding the reigns high as if he didn’t know how to properly hold them. Then, the pony neighed and tossed its head backward, making Bilbo quite uncomfortable and carefully shift on the pony’s back.

“Don’t worry Bilbo. This gentle creature won’t hurt you.” Elen told the hobbit in a chuckle, amusement lacing her voice.

“Are you sure?” Bilbo muttered, making Elen laugh even more. In the back of the company Oin’s voice called for Nori.

“Come on, Nori, pay up. Go on.” Oin said amused and Nori grumpily tossed a sack of money to Oin. Then sacks of money began passing between the dwarves as Bilbo looked on confused. Elen even had to duck as a sack brushed past her head.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Oin exclaimed happily, making the sack jump in his hand a few times before putting it into his bag with a content smile. Some dwarves started to laugh and Bilbo turned to Gandalf.

“What’s that about?” The hobbit asked the wizard with a frown.

“Oh, they took wagers on whether or not you’d turn up. Most of them bet that you wouldn’t.” Gandalf explained, keeping his eyes on the road ahead.

“What did you think?” Bilbo asked again, making Elen smile and glance at Gandalf.

“Hmmm.” The wizard did not answer until he caught a sack of money tossed to him and put it in his bag. “My dear fellow, I never doubted you for a second.” He said and Bilbo smiled, turning around to look at Elen.

“They did not ask for my opinion, Bilbo. But I never doubted you.” Elen said, feeling the somehow disappointed look that her new friend casted her way. Bilbo nodded at her words and whispered a small ‘Thank you’ before he suddenly sneezed loudly.

“Ohh. All this horse hair, I’m having a reaction.” Bilbo explained as he searched his pockets for his handkerchief. Elen could see that he was unable to find it as he looked up in shock. “No, no, wait, wait, stop! Stop! We have to turn around.” He called out for the entire company to hear. They all came to a halt, and the dwarves started objecting and asking what was the problem. Elentári bit her lips as she already knew what the hobbit would answer.

“What on earth is the matter?” Gandalf asked, rather annoyed.

“I forgot my handkerchief.” Bilbo answered, Gandalf rolled his eyes and Elen had to bit her lip harder in order to control her giggles. But it was an impossible task as Bofur tore a strip of cloth from his clothing and tossed it to Bilbo.

“Here! Use this.” The kind but cheeky dwarf said. Bilbo caught the rag and looked at it in disgust and surprise. The dwarves and Elen laughed then began to continue their journey.

“Move on.” Thorin barked, annoyed by the hobbit. Elen looked up at the sound of his voice and stared at the back of his head. She thought that he looked particularly majestic on his pony but she quickly shook her head in disbelief at her thoughts and focused back on Gandalf and Bilbo’s discussion.

“You’ll have to manage without pocket­handkerchiefs and a good many other things, Bilbo Baggins, before we reach our journey’s end. You were born to the rolling hills and little rivers of the Shire, but home is now behind you; the world is ahead.” Gandalf said seriously as they finally reached the end of the wooden-lands of the Shire. They would have to travel through many areas, forest, hills, and plains and other more dangerous parts of Middle-Earth. Elen sighed as she rode next to the Durin brothers once again. She knew that this quest would not be easy but as weirdly as it sounded she was glad to be among those dwarves.


The night came quickly that day and Thorin called for company to stop and set the camp. They stopped in a huge clearing close to the woods they were traveling through, Thorin wanted to keep going but he had to ease his excitement to reach the mountain quickly as they had to arrive at the Lonely Mountain healthy and in good shape. Elen jumped off of Shadowfax’s back and stretched her sore muscles as she watched the other dwarves start a fire and tend to the ponies in a rush. The half-elf took the saddle off her horse and let him rest among the ponies without bothering to tie him up somewhere. Shadowfax wasn’t under her orders but he was her friend, he was free to go if he wanted to.

“Don’t you tie him up for the night?” Bilbo asked from behind her. Elen turned around and shook her head ‘no’ with a smile on her lips.

“Shadowfax is my friend, I don’t want to tie him up. If he needs to escape he can run for his life.” Elen explained, looking back at her white young horse for a brief second. Bilbo seemed to think about it for a few second before her decided to nod and try to find a spot to rest. Elen went around camp to look for Gandalf. She found the wizard with Thorin and Balin, talking about the road they’ll have to cover on the next day.

“We could reach the hidden valley for tomorrow evening…” Gandalf said but Thorin cut him almost aggressively.

“I will not go near this place!” The dwarf king said, looking at Balin for support.

“We do not need their help.” The old dwarf added in agreement to his king. Gandalf sighed and tried to reason them but nothing seemed to work so Elen stepped in.

“If you allow me to interrupt, my lords, I think that it would be wise to ask for Lord Elrond’s skills with those runes on your map.” The half-elf dared to say, receiving a relieved look from Gandalf but a hard glare from Thorin. Balin just looked at her, listening to what she had to say.

“I do not want to hear what you think, elf.” Thorin hissed at Elen. “Indeed, you would seek refuge among your people! You are no different than those disgraceful elves!” His words stabbed Elen’s heart but the woman tried to look indifferent even if deep down she wondered why he was suddenly lashing out on her for no apparent reasons.

“I beg your pardon?!” Elen exclaimed in disbelief. “Disgraceful elves?!” She shouted in anger and taking a step closer to the dwarf. Balin and Gandalf quickly stepped in before it could escalade even more.

“Well, well, lass calm down…” Balin tried to soothe the girl but Elen was fuming.

“I won’t calm down! I deserve respect! I did nothing wrong to you and your people, Thorin!” She exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air.

“You did nothing wrong?!” Thorin hissed in sarcasm. “Your people left us for dead, they did nothing when we asked for their help!” The king screamed, trying to get past Gandalf.

“I did not take that decision for them!” Elen tried to defend herself as the entire company was now looking at them in slight discomfort.

“Now it is enough you two!” Gandalf said, glaring at Thorin then at Elen.

“Oh, don’t you look at me, Mithrandir! He started it!” Elentári said and pointed her forefinger at Thorin. The dwarf glared more at her but finally turned away and walked in Dwalin’s direction to avoid the elf.

The dwarf warrior was already on watch when Thorin sat next to him frowning and clearly angry beyond measure. Dwalin did not dare to open his mouth as he turned around to look at his friends in confusion. The other dwarves chuckled among themselves, they couldn’t help but think how much Elentári was not behaving like a normal elf. She was quick and hot tempered for an elf, she talked back and she was way too cheeky and funny for a lady of her kind. Elen groaned, the tip of her ears red with anger and her first clenched into tight fists at her side.

“Stupid dwarf! If only he knew!” She muttered angrily before storming away to sit next to Bilbo near the fire and far away from Thorin. However, Balin and Gandalf heard her and the old dwarf frowned before looking quizzically at the wizard. What did she mean by ‘if only he knew’? Gandalf quickly avoided Balin’s eyes and also made his way toward the fire where everyone started to eat.

“Are you all right?” Bilbo asked the elf as she sat muttering about how stupid the dwarf king was.

“Hm…” Elen answered with a nod, too angry to talk. Bilbo sighed and wondered why Thorin was so hard on her. He could understand that the elves had done something unforgivable but Elentári was different. Moreover, Bilbo could swear that he saw a sparkle of care in Thorin’s eyes when he watched Elen when he thought she wasn’t looking. Bilbo suddenly wondered what happened that made the dwarves hate elves that much.

“Balin.” The hobbit called to the old dwarf at his left. Balin turned his head to look at Bilbo and some other dwarves looked up as well. “You said that the elves did not help you when Smaug attacked Erebor but… Is there anybody else who helped that day?” Bilbo asked, genuinely trying to understand. The dwarves looked at each other as if they wondered if Bilbo could be trusted with this information they were ready to share with the hobbit.

“Well lad, there is someone who helped us.” Balin started, Bilbo looked at him then at Bofur who was nodding his head vigorously.

“Aye, there is the ‘White Light’!” Bofur exclaimed and the dwarves gathered around the fire to listen. Fili and Kili seemed to be really interested in this story.

“Uncle used to tell us the tale of the ‘White Light’ every night when we were dwarflings!” Kili said, his older brother smiling at the memory. Bilbo glanced at them then back at Balin.

“The White Light? What is that?” The hobbit asked, already too interested to let it drop.

“The White Light is an ancient entity that helped us and swore to protect the line of Durin.” Bofur answered, Balin nodded and added a longer explanation.

“When we escaped Erebor with the wounded and the few survivors, Thranduil the great eleven king of Mirkwood cowered back into his kingdom in fear of the dragon’s fire.” Balin started, everyone now listening to every word that left his lips. “We were homeless and defenseless. Smaug saw his chance and tried to get rid of any remaining dwarf in Erebor who were trying to run for their life. We couldn’t help them but suddenly, a flash of white light entered Erebor and fought the dragon!” Bilbo could almost feel Elentári shook from next to him at this point.

“The dwarves who were present that day said that the White Light was an ancient warrior of old times. That it was Mahal’s spirit itself that appeared to protect his own creation! This diversion gave the opportunity to almost all the remaining dwarves in the main halls to escape. Including my own father.” Balin finished, a kind smile appearing on his lips and his eyes tearing up. Elen looked up at the dwarves, Oin and Gloin were also tearing up at Balin’s tales. Her eyes trailed up and met Gandalf’s gaze for a few seconds then she looked away, absorbed by the fire.

“And… What happened to the White Light after that?” Bilbo asked entranced by the tale.

“We only saw it once again during the battle of the Moria but it was the last time.” Balin finished then everyone was silent. Even Thorin and Dwalin were listening from their spot a little separated from the fire.

Dwalin watched as his best friend and king stared at the elf maiden from far away. He could see the fight that was going on into his eyes. Dwalin already knew that Thorin felt something for the girl but what is was, was still a mystery for him.

“She’s a rather secretive lass, isn’t she?” Dwalin finally spoke up to bring Thorin out of his daze.

“Hm… Aye. She’s hiding something.” Thorin muttered gruffly.

“Agreed.” Dwalin simply answered as him too watched the odd silver-blond haired elf. 

Elentári sighed, her stormy eyes staring into the flames, lost in her mind and in her past.


I hope that you liked it!! Please tell me what you think :) 

La Da Dee: The Lost Pop-Up Book

La Da Dee (PMV) was always planned to be a full, three+ minute video. But, once the shorter version was released, I knew the full version would need to be worth it. It really needed to be an upgrade, rather than just more of the same.

I figured that would be satisfied by two things: An emotional climax earned and built up to by the rest of the video, and a visual climax that did something way beyond what had been done already. The emotional climax would be the reveal of Shining Oaks, and that would mostly be sold by Heir’s wonderful teary Twilights. The visual climax, however, would be my job. There were certainly times I questioned if I was contributing my fair share to this project, so I wanted an awe-inspiring contraption that made people go ‘Whoa’ as it opened up.

I envisioned a pop-up book. Everything to that point was ponies on strings against backgrounds. The moment the 3D plane really opened up, with elements popping up in the foreground and dwarfing the ponies… that was what I wanted to capture. The moment it became more than strings and paper.


It wasn’t working out. It still felt pretty much as flat as everything that came before it. I imagined towering foreground elements creating a crazy sense of scale, but two lightposts didn’t much accomplish that…

Also, I thought I would just sort of… figure out how pop-up books worked, I guess?? I didn’t. When it came time for the page to turn to the Everfree scene, I couldn’t manage to get all the trees in I wanted. Turns out you need lots of space, for one, and with those ponies hanging there…

As one of the prologue animations implies, I lost the whole pop-up book when my hard drive crashed, so I just did something totally new. Keeping the 3D plane idea but losing the page-flipping aspect, I was left with a diorama. Pulling the camera out into the scene, rather than the scene simply being revealed via what was essentially a curtain going up, helped it feel much more 3D. The taxi ponies also helped created more depth, even if they did end up being yet another “one more thing…” for poor Heir.

Ultimately, I think the Shining Oaks scene ended up being both the emotional and visual climax, which is how things should be, really. But at least the final diorama scene ended up much closer to the ‘Whoa’ effect I was going for than the pop-up book was shaping up to be. 

Shetland Ponies
  • Sips: Oh my god. Look at all the wild life out here!
  • Sips: Simon, what're you doing to that dog?
  • Simon: ...It looks a bit like a corgi.
  • Sips: *Cracks up*
  • Lewis: What is your obsession with corgis?
  • Sips: Yeah.
  • Simon: They're.. DWARF DOGS, Lewis!
  • Lewis: Oh I see.. yeah..
  • Simon: Welsh Folklore has it that corgis were created so that fairies could ride on the back of them.
  • Lewis: Wooow..
  • Sips: What's up with all these like parts of Britain that have like all these little dwarf animals, like Shetland ponies, as well. What the fuck, like why are they all s- why are they all so small?
  • Sips: What happen- What happened to them?!
  • Lewis: They're adorable!
  • Simon: What's your- What is your FUPPING problem.. with Shetland ponies?
  • Sips: Listen, I get mad when I think about a Shetland pony, okay?! Just get off my back, Simon! I- I'd- It's not right!
  • Simon: I'm getting ON your back and riding you around like a corgi!
✨kylux artists rec list✨

There are so many great artists in this fandom, I thought I’d show my appreciation with a list of my favorites! Some are well known, others aren’t. They are all wonderful and talented. I’ll keep adding to this list when I can~ I love you all, keep making great stuff! [mutuals are in bold]


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Outside in the cold again? Wasn’t Kingsley( @ask-king-sombra ) looking at the pictures in a book, making fun of names on a map just a moment ago? Beckoning for his traveling companion it appears his friend was no longer beside him, however these mountain regions were very different from before, he could see a city off in the distance! But it did not seem like the Crystal Empire he remembered so fondly, nor was the kingdom he sought inhabited by miniature dwarf like ponies…Coffin Mountains?…Kingsley had a sinking feeling he was no longer in Canterlot anymore. These dwarf ponies, aptly calling themselves Stouts, insisted if Kingsely must be off into the snowy mountains that he must protect himself from the cold…and worse, the dreaded ‘Ferals’ of the Coffins. The proper attire must be had.

The Stouts are small mountain dwelling ponies that inhabit a kingdom far further to the northwest of Shroudtrott. Hardy workers, miners, and tinkerers to most ponies traversing dangerous peeks like the Coffin’s is no easy task, but not for these sturdy ponies. However Stouts in the Coffin Mountains tend to build their homes inside the faces of the mountains, or even live deep inside underground cities. For the danger’s of what lives out in the peeks of the jagged landscapes strikes fear to any who live in Shroudtrott. Even since the Elder Wyrm was sealed away in the Coffin Mountains during the first age, feral dragon attacks have been all the more prevalent in the region. The Stouts have created tunnels for ponies to make safe passage, but even then the likelihood of feral dragon attacks are exceedingly high. All who live in the Coffins commonly wear triple layered sheep’s wool coats while traveling above ground, however while among the underground Stout cities there is a fashion trend in wearing shields. Stout civilization revolve around the crafting of shields and show great pride and notoriety of the family who’s clan’s design appears on the shield. Unfortunately unwitting ponies who are not aware of this custom commonly find themselves involved in Stout Family Feuds due to the design that appears on their shield. This leaves the shield-bearer engaged in the hardy sport of intense drinking contests. Contests that leave one drunk on the floor asking themselves how such tiny ponies can drink that much alcohol and not succumb to poisoning, just before blacking out.