dwarf monkeys

So what I understand of Overwatch

You have Dorito Gamer Princess
Her brother Music Frog
Rocket Mom and Angel Mom
Soldier Dad and Edgy Dad
Aunt Zippy and her Purple Wife who not everyone is OK with
Mountain Aunt and her Chill Wife
Uncle Cowboy and his Zuko™ Husband
This-Uncle’s-on-Fire and his husband Unstoppable Pig Man
Uncle Robot Ninja and his husband(?) Robot Ghandi
Aunt Triangle
Uncle Dwarf
A Monkey’s Uncle
And Grandma Done-With-These-Kids.

if you took Dragon Ball, The Little Mermaid, Jurassic Park, Vikings, Egypt, Nightmare Before Christmas, Venice, politics, Native American’s having their land taken by Europeans, Japan, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Pokemon, wrestling, actual historical pirate information, El Dorado, Pinocchio, giants, zombies, angels, mermaids, Italy, various different religions, dwarfs, clowns, monkeys, samurai, magic, world politics, philosophy, superheroes, literally every super power you can think of, talking animals, cyborgs, futuristic technology, mad scientists, lasers, tyrannical governments, assassins, forbbiden history and secret messages, MLK and Malcolm X, ancient kingdoms, Alice in Wonderland, Ghibli, Blackbeard, Mecha, and literally hundreds of other references that i can’t think of right now, combined it with the Heroes Journey and a healthy dose of Piracy, mixed it all together in a huge pot, you’ll end up with One Piece