dwarf hamster

This may look like a cute picture, but it is actually quite harmful to put hamsters in water! Getting a hamster wet or, even worse, making them swim, stresses them out beyond belief. Also, water strips the natural, healthy oils from the hamster’s fur. Lastly, and most importantly, hamsters can get chilled very easily from being wet, and this often leads to death. Plainly stated: Hamsters + water = NOT GOOD. Do not submerge your hamster in water, and also make sure the hamster’s cage stays nice and dry (watch out for leaky water bottles and such). If your hamster is looking greasy, a sand bath is your best option… but most hamsters meticulously groom themselves like cats and they do not need our help! Please keep this in mind <3


It’s National Pet Day, I guess? Here’s my horde of animal minions for anyone who hasn’t seen them yet (minus the 36 gallon fishtank because there’s a whole lotta fish in there). Only Charlie will actually do my bidding which is weird because he’s a cat?? Why does he listen to me