dwarf cat


It’s National Pet Day, I guess? Here’s my horde of animal minions for anyone who hasn’t seen them yet (minus the 36 gallon fishtank because there’s a whole lotta fish in there). Only Charlie will actually do my bidding which is weird because he’s a cat?? Why does he listen to me


‘Tis the third set of Roger Rabbit Universe photos! As usual, the individual pics are filed here (link) for your reblogging convenience.

And in case anyone wondered, yes, I do custom jobs! (Commission info link here)

The Cat’s Eye Nebula is a lovely planetary Nebula in the constellation of Draco located roughly 3300 light-years away. This image taken by the Hubble Space Telescope highlights the detail of the structure, including jets and arcs, whilst showing a beautiful mixture of colours. This Nebula is studied intensely in a broad spectrum of wavelengths and is composed on mostly Hydrogen and Helium. 🌌