So that Cullen/Lavellan confession got me thinking: 

Would the Dalish even be interested in converts? I mean, sure, they want city elves to become Dalish, but I don’t think they would think of that as converting so much as just getting in touch with proper elven culture. It’s canon that at least some Dalish clans allow elf-blooded humans to join them, but would the Dalish be interested at all in people who are 100% human, dwaren, or qunari converting to their religion? 

I’m inclined to say they wouldn’t be. Even if the answer wasn’t an out-right “No, you’re not allowed to,” I feel like the Dalish would at least be like “Why would you?” The way Merrill explains it, the entire point of their religion is to prove to their gods that they’re “elven enough.” It seems like people who are literally not elves in any sense joining the religion would be pointless at best and completely self-defeating at worst. 

And that’s okay? Not every religion wants or even allows converts. That’s okay.