Part 3 hereee..

Finally :D

Wait for it Sarada, your mom and dad are going to give you a brother


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Exactly! Who knows, you might find a place where you can finally belong.

And you don’t even have to cros the CGs if you don’t want to.

Also what the fuck is wrong with your hair.

“That’s not funny, that’s super sad!”

People around me when I try to make jokes.


Wait… hold on. Didn’t someone else said she wanted to be here?

When Reading Maximum Ride Forever (Lots of Spoilers....Like Seriously)

Holy Shit End of The World!!

Dr M and Ella are dead?!

Then Dylan “dies”

But the flock keeps fighting!

And shit keeps getting worse!

Then Akeela Dies! 

But Max and Fang!!

And they have sex :D

Wait Max and Fang have sex???

But then he leave her again!!

And Gazzy, Iggy, and Angel all leave too!

Then Max leaves Nudge and Total!

Then Nudge dies!!!

Then Gazzy and Iggy die!!

And Angel’s like “It’s all part of the plan”

And Then FANG!!!!!!!!!

And so many tears!!

Max finds out the flock is actually alive though!

Well not Fang

But Dylan’s alive too

Then Battle

And Max says she’s Pregnant! 

And then Dylans dies to bring Fang back

But Dylan is dead for real this time

And there’s a Fax baby now

Which I guess is Okay

But hey…better ending than Never More

The End!