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Wich do you prefer: sans x cat; papyrus x cat; gsans x cat or grillby x cat?

Okay. If this question is about ‘ship’ which means the romantic relationship, I need to make sure about this ship thing in this moment. There is no ship with child Cat. Frisk neither. But maybe.. there is something going on between teenage Cat and her friends. Well.. I don’t know right now.. :d Actually I try not to think about ship between Cat and other friends. Because if I decide (or prefer) the ship, I might draw the comic focused too much on them. So.. then, let me ask you guys this question. Which ship do you like? :D

Wait.. there is one more…

Xd Flowey doesn’t like insects. Oh, and he has nickname too! I’ll tell you soon.

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Bodyswap au! Soukoku. What's the first thing each person does in the others body?

I don’t even have an explanation for this.


  • Calls all of Dazai’s exes and gives them his contact info
  • Cleans his house
  • Buys him some actual food
  • Buys him new clothes
  • Thanks Kunikida for helping him so often, and watches the man stumble out in horror
  • Hello Atsushi I am your mentor. Yes what is your name again? *reads smudged writing* 


  • Looks at the d
  • Wait what
  • Lol what is hygiene
  • Touching Chuuya’s hair all the time
  • Walks on the ceiling
  • Oh, hey Kouyou-neesan!
  • It is I 
  • Your little brother
  • Brothering it up
  • I am not Dazai *nervous laughter* He’s a dick!


look at me & my little son hayato. having a fantastic time!!! we’re watering the yard.

speaking of my yard…. look how good it looks!!! the grass is growing very well this year. i’m so glad!! :D

wait. what is that in the distance??? could it be….

NO!!!!!!! NO




( diamond is unbreakable (1999). written by hirohiko araki. )

When Reading Maximum Ride Forever (Lots of Spoilers....Like Seriously)

Holy Shit End of The World!!

Dr M and Ella are dead?!

Then Dylan “dies”

But the flock keeps fighting!

And shit keeps getting worse!

Then Akeela Dies! 

But Max and Fang!!

And they have sex :D

Wait Max and Fang have sex???

But then he leave her again!!

And Gazzy, Iggy, and Angel all leave too!

Then Max leaves Nudge and Total!

Then Nudge dies!!!

Then Gazzy and Iggy die!!

And Angel’s like “It’s all part of the plan”

And Then FANG!!!!!!!!!

And so many tears!!

Max finds out the flock is actually alive though!

Well not Fang

But Dylan’s alive too

Then Battle

And Max says she’s Pregnant! 

And then Dylans dies to bring Fang back

But Dylan is dead for real this time

And there’s a Fax baby now

Which I guess is Okay

But hey…better ending than Never More

The End!


Part 3 hereee..

Finally :D

Wait for it Sarada, your mom and dad are going to give you a brother


Part 1 here : http://petcow.tumblr.com/post/116563316771/sakura-gonna-have-a-good-time-if-you-know-what-i#notes

Part 2 here : http://petcow.tumblr.com/post/117870134221/im-so-tired-editing-this-post-because-tumblr#notes

OH MY GOODNESS did I mention I live for Steven Universe?! Its one of the most quality programs on TV right now, but y’all already knew that ;D

Waiting to see my babies Connie and Steven is taking WAY too long ughghghghhhhhggg (T-T) Gotta sketch them to pass the time!

To be Honest Connie probably can’t study near Steven anymore because he’s still confused about how this whole “school” thing works (like you already had to go to school LAST year, why do you have to go again?!?!) But even if he doesn’t get it, he always tries to make studying more bearable with a SONG! 

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Oh my god. Space Cadet. I have listened to it nonstop since I saw it on my dash twenty minutes ago. I want to cover it. Can I cover it?? If I can, could you post the lyrics?

Okay, I’ve gotten a lot of these asks, so here’s my final call on it. If anyone wants to cover Space Cadet, cool! Just follow these rules:

  • Please please please please please PLEASE PLEASE credit me if you post it anywhere. I worked really hard on it and would like to be given credit. Please link to my blog and to the original song.
  • Also, please credit avoidingavoidance and post a link to Mouse Month, since Space Cadet is based on it, after all.
  • Have fun!

Lyrics and chords are under the cut.

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Hey, I was wondering how you make your projects? Do you make your scenes in AE and then cut them in Final Cut Pro? And how do you do the "casting" of your characters? I'm very curious about your working process, so every tip or trick you could offer to an aspiring editor would be welcome :D - Thank you!

Here comes a quick break-down of my work process:

  1. I come up with a story that I think would work in a visual, dialog-free format. It must also be doable with already existing characters!
  2. Then I write down a a treatment of the video, which includes all the scenes that I will need in order to tell the story. It is at this stage when I come up with what characters to use, based on what kind of action and facial expressions I will need. I want the characters to work together as seamlessly as possible when it comes to animation style, character design and frame-rate. 
  3. I gather all the martial I need (characters, backgrounds and props) and render it all out in smaller video files so that I do not have to work with huge movie files all the time. 
  4. After that I create all my manips/shots/scenes in Adobe After Effects CC. I use one project for it all, and one composition represents one scene, with the exception for really complicated manips (those get a whole comp for themselves). 
  5. If I have yet to do so, this is where is my last chance to decide on what song to use. What I am looking for is the feel/atmosphere in the song, as well as how well the lyrics fit my story (literally or metaphorically).  
  6. When I am done with all the manips, I render them and move them to Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premier Pro. Here I edit everything together, add text, more effects, transitions, music, adjust color corrections and other details, zooms, etc. During the first cut I always make notes on what manips I should go and redo/fix in AE. 
  7. When I think I am just about done I show it to friends or family members, get feedback and adjust the video accordingly. 
  8. ALL DONE!! Time to upload and share with people!! :D
  9. Wait a few days and only then start finding “obvious” mistakes and feel miserable because that it’s too late to fix them. 

OBS: This is my personal preferred way of working and is not in any way a “this is how you should do it”-list! If you work better by doing Nr. 5 first, want to make one scene at a time, want to blend different mediums, etc then go right ahead! It’s important that the work method fits you! :3



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I don't know,, I'm literally falling in love with the Mark and Dan ship ATM but imagine Mark Dan and Phil- Mark Dan and Jack? Many ot3 possibilities honestly,,,

Who’s to stop that sweet, sweet OT4 potential, amirite? :D

Wait, no, I can totally mash this up, just give me a second…

#septiplierisnotonphil –No, that sounds counterproductive, wait, wait… Okay, got it!


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How would Dazai and Akutagawa react if their S/O shyly asked if they could lay their head on their laps? Thank you!

I feel pity for all shy girls that would Date a tease like Dazai. I bet they wanna sink in the ground with his comments =D
Wait.. who lay their head on which lap? That sentence could be seen for both cases.. ah nevermind I’ll write both :)

Osamu Dazai

laying her head on his lap

- Dazai is a really outgoing person and so he really enjoys her shyness. Especially when she asked such a thing like laying her cute head on his lap. He’ll gladly accept their wish and place them in his lap. Though a few comments will follow like “Don’t worry when you feel something ‘hard’. It just means I’ll enjoy it~” and making her blush and bury her head into him. Poor girl.

laying his head on her lap

- this wish is something Dazai didn’t even needed her permission to. He often sneaks in to her and put his head on her lap, even when she protests. Though he stopped after she got mad at him. So, when she asked him shyly that’ she is fine with it, he’ll have the biggest smirk ever, tackles her to the ground and put his head on her lap, saying that he missed her warmth and stuff~

Ryuunosuke Akutagawa

laying her head on his lap

- at first, he refuse. Akutagawa feels not comfortable with that sort of affection and stuff and he don’t want to look weak. However he can’t deny it for long because of the guilty feeling when he sees her sad face. When he finally agrees, this is the most awkward situation ever and he doesn’t even dare to look at her.

laying his head on her lap

- this is a completely different occasion. He does refuse having her head on his lap, but he doesn’t mind his head laying on her lap. He can’t state the reason but somehow he feel more comfortable and can relax when his head lay there. Though he would never say a word or smile at her, just laying there and closing his eyes.