Imagine - Anakin Skywalker - Wedding

could you maybe write a really fluffy anakin imagine where the reader and anakin get married in secret and then spend the rest of the day together?

Today the best day of your life was going to occur at sun set on the distant planet of Dwaal, a tropical planet that was completly desolate so the two of you would be completly alone. Marrying the love of your life. But instead of a large wedding with friends and family, it was going to only be the two of you and someone to marry you both. You and Anakin were going to have a secret wedding because marriage was against Jedi Code and if they were to find out he would be banished. Anakin loved you more than anything so breaking the rules was nothing for him and he would put you before anything in the galaxy.

The sun began to set and you stood in front of your vanity and gazed in the mirror at yourself. “Wow..” was all you could say, your white dress was beautiful. It was long sleeved and stretched down to your ankles, your hair was in curls and your makeup was done beautifully. As the sun turned purple and pink you walked down to the balcony where Ani was waiting for you. He was in his Jedi robes and was waiting patiently for your arival, as you walked into the room Anakin’s face showed that his breath was taken away. Walking up to Anakin and the man that was marrying you, you took his hand in yours and looked deeply into his eyes. “You look beautiful.” he smiled at you “And you look as breathtaking as the day I met you.” you smiled back. The man asked you for the rings. Anakin pulled yours out, it was beautiful and sparkled like the brightest star in the sky. It was speckled with smaller diamonds that gathered around to a larger one that lit up in your eyes. You didn’t have a ring for Anakin because he could not wear it anyway because he would have to have it concealed but you could wear yours and say it was a gift from your royal distant family.

Anakin looked deep into your glowing orbs and you into his, “You may now kiss the bride.” Anakin took your face with his hand and cupped your cheeks delicatly. Kissing you had sealed the deal of your marriage, you were now Y/N Skywalker. You wish you could call your family and let them know of the good news but you couldn’t, you couldn’t tell anyone. If you could keep your relationship a secret you wouldn’t have an issue keeping your new marriage behind wraps. Several hours after your wedding Anakin took you to the beach and walked in the waves. Holding hands you spoke of your future and the idea of children maybe. “We wouldn’t have to concieve Ani. We could adopt maybe?” adoption would be your best bet because you wouldn’t have to worry about having to conceal a pregnancy. “We’ll see my love but now let’s just focus on us.” you agreed. Sitting in the sand you dug your feet into the warm ground as the waves pushed over your legs. “This is perfect Ani. Thank you.” you rested your head on his shoulder. “For what?” you smiled, “For marrying me. For being with me and not leaving.” Anakin tok your hand in his and looked at your with a serious face. “No Y/N I want to thank you. You are the one who chose to be with me. You rested my worries and fears. You are the one who stayed with me when our relationship is needed to be hidden. You saved me from me and I want to thank you.” he began to tear up. Taking your thumb you wiped away his tears and kissed him. “Anakin, without you I couldn’t have done any of that. You are the only one because this is true love. You and I.” Anakin took you into an embrace, he was crying and so were you. Holding each other tight you swayed side to side as the waves hummed a sweet lullaby. Falling asleep on the warm sand the stars danced above your heads. Celebrating your marriage for you, the heavens kissed the two of you goodnight as a new married couple.

Lieve persoon die dit leest,

Als ik tegen jou zou zeggen dat je bijzonder bent, zou je me dan geloven? Vast niet. Waarom zou je ook. Je kent me niet eens. Toch vind ik je bijzonder want je leest dit en dat betekend dat je er nog bent. Dat je nog niet hebt opgegeven en dat je nog aan het vechten bent.

Ik wil je wat vertellen maar ik kan niet de goede woorden vinden om te zeggen wat ik werkelijk bedoel. Daar heb ik vaker last van, dat ik niet weet wat ik moet zeggen en dan zeg ik maar niks. Ook saai – iemand die niks zegt.

Goed, ik dwaal af van wat ik wil zeggen. Je bent een mooi persoon. Je bent sterk en je kan doen wat je altijd al wilde. Er is tijd en er zijn mogelijkheden en ik zou willen dat jij deze mogelijkheden ook zou zien. Inmiddels weet je vast al hoe het leven in elkaar zit en hoe je met bepaalde elementen om moet gaat. Maar is deze manier altijd de juiste manier?

Ik zou willen dat je jezelf de tijd gunt om erachter te komen wat je wil en wat je kunt want ik weet zeker dat er ontzettend veel goede dingen in jou zitten. Geniet van de mooie dingen, van de mooie dagen. Van een waterig zonnetje dat tussen de wolken door schijnt. Dans, zing en lach. Het leven is niet altijd slecht…toch?

Maak van jouw eigen weg ook daadwerkelijk jouw weg en neem de mensen mee die jij op jouw weg wilt hebben. Als bepaalde mensen niet in jouw leven thuishoren, waarom neem je ze dan mee? Verspilde tijd en verspilde moeite. Zonde. Je bent zo bijzonder, laat dat alsjeblieft niet kapot maken door het een of het ander. Koester de mooie momenten die meemaakt en laat de vreselijke dingen achter je. Je kunt ze immers toch niet meer veranderen of terugdraaien. Sluit je ogen en ren door het vuur waar je nog doorheen moet om bij het mooie groene gras te komen. Maak van elke dag een mooie dag. Niet omdat het perse nodig is maar omdat je het verdiend.

Dikke knuffel,

van mij