Zwei Herzbuben <3


Auftritt Supporting Act - Florian Heider

Flo: Nino? Nino! Dein neues Kingdom Hearts ist da! <3

Nino: Danke Florian! Ich lieeeebe Kingdom Hearts! <3

Flo: Und ich liebe dich, Nino Kerl! <3


……..hihi?…*wimperklimper <3 …..öhm….Nö?

……..*lippenschürz <3 …..öhm….Nö!


Love is Contagious~ VALENTINE'S SPECIAL! (Rin x reader)

So this is a… VALENTINES SPECIAL!!! I chose Rin because his birthday was this month and thought that even though this is late, I’d still make a Rin-special. Hope you guys enjoy! :D And yes I know Valentine’s Day was yesterday in America but time zones and whatnot plus I was busy stuffing myself with pocky ~Chihiro

 "Rin, drink the medicine.“, I said sternly. He kept his lips shut and glared at me. I sighed and withdrew the medicine-filled spoon away from his face. It was Valentine’s Day, a sweet day full of love and passion for couples. And I was happy… NOT.

 I currently wasn’t in a relationship and Valentine’s Day was a yearly reminder that I was single. Though it didn’t mean that I didn’t have a crush.

 Rin Matsuoka was the one who captured my heart. He was always determined and caring. His sculpted face and body was also a huge plus! Though, I just couldn’t get myself to ever confess to him…

 Luckily we became friends and today I found out that he was sick by talking to his little sister, Kou/Gou. She wanted to take care of her big brother, but unfortunately had to study for an important exam. Of course, I volunteered to take care of Rin and now here I am. I soon found out that when Rin was sick, he was grumpier, angrier, and more stubborn than usual. He hated the cherry flavor of his medicine and needed a new box of tissues every 10 minutes. He would often complain of how cold or hot he is and keep whining about how he wanted to eat. All of that happened in under an hour. 

 I groaned and put my head in my hands. "Rin, please! If you drink your medicine and just shut your mouth for a bit, I’ll do anything!”, I begged. Rin looked at me and pretended to think. “… Ok.”, was all he said and in a flash, he snatched the spoon away from me and drank it. My eyes widened. Had I just promised to do anything if he drank it. Oh no… 

“____-chan/kun… You said you’d do anything so… Just let me do this.”, he grabbed my chin and pulled me forward, making our lips touch for a few minutes. WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. He pulled away slowly while I was still frozen in shock. Rin chuckled. “You’re speechless, but I’m glad you’re not yelling at me for kissing you.”, he laughed. I got back to my senses and thumped his chest. “You idiot! You’re sick and now I may get sick, too!” Rin grabbed my a wrist and hugged me tightly. 

“Well, then I guess love really is contagious.”, he whispered into my ear.

“Of course. So what’s wrong with you now?”
“What do you mean?”
“Listen, Tally. When David saw how beautiful you were, he took on five million years of evolution. He saw past your imperfect skin and asymmetry everything else our genes select against.” Zane held out his hand. “And now you can’t even look at me just because I’m shaking a little?”
She stared at his sickening, quivering fingers.
—  Specials