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hey pals! i wasn’t entirely sure what to do for hitting one thousand followers, but i thought i’d give this a shot and send some love and shoutouts to some of my favorite It blogs that i’ve been following!

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no paladin left behind - sassysunshine

Word Count: 1, 468

Summary: Keith and Lance discuss the Thing at the end of S04E06.

“Yeah,” Keith croaks. “I was. My life versus the fate of the universe…guess it wasn’t a hard decision.”

Keith drops his gaze from the window to the floor, and Lance watches his eyes turn glassy. “I wanted to make it up to you guys. For not being there. I would…I would do it again.”

Lance’s heart splinters.


what the hell is this

digital artists and alignments

lawful good: organized layer folders, each folder has a name, all of the layers have names, finished layers are locked

neutral good: names all the layers and locks them but doesn’t do folders

chaotic good: names all the layers but doesn’t lock em and doesn’t do folders

lawful neutral: layers and folders still have ther default numbers, no names

true neutral: no folders and all default numbers. no names. no locks.

chaotic neutral: sometimes uses names. sometimes doesnt. sometimes theres folders. sometimes theres not.

lawful evil: does everything in one layer

neutral evil: merges all layers as they finish them

chaotic evil: a million blank layers with nothing on any of them