dw: s2

simplicity | lai guanlin

word count: 1.1k+
genre: emotional + sweet fluff
warnings: the tiniest bit of strong language

It was a bad day. Correction, no — it wasn’t just a bad day. This particular one definitely made it into your top three of bad days, managing to have you endure several unpleasant occurrences in only a few hours. As soon as you stepped through your apartment door and let it fall closed with an audible, almost physically painful squeak, you let the heavy sigh that you’d been holding in for the past few minutes slip past your slightly roughed up lips.

You didn’t move for a few seconds, trying to calm yourself by leaning your forehead against the cool wood of your front door. Your hand reached up, picking a few flakes of dried up red paint off the smooth surface in a miserable attempt to distract your mind from the hot tears that were threatening to spill over your cheeks any second.

The day had started out fairly innocently — bad hair days weren’t that unusual for you, anyways — but as soon as you stepped foot out of your air-conditioned, sheltered apartment, the day seemed to go downhill exceptionally quick. The scorching summer heat was nearly unbearable, even in the early hours, and having your bus drive off right in front of your nose — without you on board, sadly — was something that frustrated you, however, you didn’t dwell on it all too much. 

If only the day could’ve ended right then and there. You groaned quietly to yourself, letting your mind wander back to the moment you got the news that you were failing your trig class, and how after your new, pretty water bottle exploded inside your bag, leaving most of your notes you took that semester ruined and illegible, you ended up buying the wrong flavour of ramen during lunch break. God damn, you really hated seafood.

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celebrating new who | favorite episode (3/3) the satan pit

“you know nothing. all of you, so small. the captain, so scared of command. the soldier, haunted by the eyes of his wife. the scientist, still running from daddy. the little boy who lied. the virgin. tnd the lost girl, so far away from home. the valiant child, who will die in battle, so very soon.”