dw: mismatched socks

Mandatory track shot to prove to you guys I’m still working out. First time on the track this year, and it was…interesting. 3x1600 turned into 2x1600 when the wheels fell off the bus on the last repeat. Still, I’m not too beat up about it. Half marathon is at the end of the month, and I’m confident I can hit my goal time. Everything I do between now and then will be to put the nail in the coffin of that sucker!

Should probably do some work, but chose to color this instead.

Fun fact! I usually wear 98% black, but for some reason my ‘home clothes’ (including the ones that I sleep in) are as colorful and mismatched as it gets. It’s not by choice, I just don’t care anymore. Too tired.

What’s up with the fact that there never seems to be a complete pair of socks?

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