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More Random T7S Thoughts:

In “Baby Fever,” (3.7), Kelso turns to Hyde at one point and says “Hyde, help me out here,” when he is trying to think of things that Jackie owes him for. 

Hyde’s response: “Oh, don’t forget he burned your house.”

I find this interesting because not only does Hyde do the exact opposite of what Kelso asked him for (thinking of something Kelso owed Jackie instead of something Jackie owed Kelso), but he spoke directly to Jackie, in essence ignoring Kelso altogether.

Jack says it was only physical… I’m not sure it’s entirely debatable at this point… but people walk away from others for less than “physical” relationships all the time. But, if it was more than a purely physical relationship I doubt Jack would’ve kicked Kent out during the kegster and wouldn’t be saying shit like “we had a time limit” and giving Bitty the wrong (hopefully) idea.

I hope the goal of this update is to illustrate to us the differences between Kent and Bitty (… our little ocular chameleon Kent Parson’s eyes were brown this update… hmmmmm…) Jack has now set the precedent of having shallow physical relationships. How is his relationship with Bitty going to be different? Ngozi said that Jack doesn’t realize how happy Bitty makes him. Jack has just insinuated that he’ll always pick hockey first, so I’m interested to see Jack not pick hockey first, and to see how Bitty will react to finding himself as a main priority of Jack’s. And at what cost.

Of course it could all go down the drain with our collective tears, but I don’t think so.

Also, hopefully this helps settle some feelings about Kent. I think we’ve been made to misunderstand him for a reason. I don’t believe he’s going to be a classic unredeemable villain… maybe a relatable antagonist, but not a villain.

I mean, how would you feel if Clueless™ Jack Zimmermann strung you along and left you out to hang? I’m just hoping that Jack doesn’t do the same thing to Bitty. He probably will, but the difference will be that Jack Will Do Something About It and not just disappear like he did to a Kent. At least, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

I find Laurie’s characterization in “Baby Fever” (3.7) to be very in depth. Typically the show depicts Laurie as Eric’s vapid, Satanic older sister (that or a ‘skank’), so I really love it when they do something else for her. I find Laurie’s nurturing behavior towards baby Marissa to be surprisingly in-character, even when she admits to Kitty that she might not mind having her own children one day.

And that got me thinking…can you imagine Laurie as a mother? I think it would be adorable! She and Fez (or whomever you ‘ship’ Laurie with) being an incredibly strong parental unit and raising their kids to be independent and smart, just like Red and Kitty did. Plus they’d have really great hair because by then Laurie owns her own salon.

  • Garak: It's not going to work, you know.
  • Dukat: What are you babbling on about now?
  • Garak: I'm talking about Major Kira.
  • Kira: What about her?
  • Garak: She's much too busy trying to save this station to be impressed with your incessant posturing.
  • Dukat: Garak!
  • Garak: And even if she weren't, she has much better taste than to be attracted to you.

So @ittsybittsybunny and I were talking about my favorite fragile son kenny p (before and after we read the update), but since i’m an emotional flower, have some more Thoughts and Feelings.

The update basically confirmed unrequited jackparse, which has been my hc for a while, but the update gave us a bunch of new details. Some of this is stuff that I (and many other wonderful people have said before), but here it is anyway.

I just… the way jack brushes off whatever he and kent had as teenagers essentially gives us two scenarios: either jack never felt the same way about kent and truly didn’t think whatever they did was a Big Deal or he’s distanced himself from it.

Discussion of the update, some hcs about kent, jackparse, jack, jack’s overdose under the cut

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