What has happened to the Koei Warriors Series?

For the purposes of this post, I’ll be talking mostly about Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors and Warriors Orochi.

So, I’ve played Dynasty Warriors 5 and the first two Warriors Orochi games myself. After that, I’ve watched gameplay footage of Samurai Warriors 3, Dynasty Warriors 7 and Warriors Orochi 3.

But lately, Koei has decided to release Samurai Warriors 4 and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate in Japanese with English text. Now, I may have let it slide for Warriors Orochi 3, but when you think of the time between the original game and the extension, you’d think that they would have the time to do English dubbing. Well, guess what? They didn’t.

Since WO3 is made up of characters from DW7 and SW3, I thought that they would have used archive voices from those games and leave it at part-dubbing. I can tolerate something over nothing.

When Dynasty Warriors 8 arrived, I noticed that they did use archived voices from DW7. The only thing about that was that there was no narration or camp character voices. I did tolerate that, but I thought that would have been a bit better if there were English voices.

When they announced Samurai Warriors 4 in English, I was quite excited, because the game was the celebration of ten years of the series. But when I heard that it was youing to be in Japanese with English subtitles, I was very disappointed. Koei has disgraced their fans, despite the fact that it is an important game of the series.

What I thought about for this was that KOEI NA and Europe could have been funded by Koei Japan to do the English dubs. Therefore, people who also want Japanese voices can have it through the Options menu.

My final opinion on this: I think that Koei has disgraced their fans. I, for one, have tolerated this long enough. The only way that they can redeem themselves from this disgrace is to eventually release a DLC, or commit seppuku for all I care.

For those people who have actually told Koei that they don’t want English dubs on their games, you should be all ashamed at yourselves. Your selfishness has dragged the entire English dub fanbase down. Sure, people don’t mind it, like me, but there are people who actually want English dubs. So the only for Koei and their fanbase to go now is to find a way to coexist (English DLCs and a Japanese voice option) or commit seppuku. But I know you’re not gonna go that far!

By the way, I also want to hear your opinions too, so feel free to add something when you repost!

EDIT 19 April 2015:
I’ve noticed that there are a lot more people who have liked this post. The truth is, the English dub situation with Koei has gotten worser since 2014. So if you’ve just discovered this post, check out the rest of the Koei Warriors Rant Series!



DW7-Lu Xun

Photo: Lok

Glad the patterns on the costume turns out to be okkkkkkk (dead

took me two days to draw it, and have to put it on the ground because the table…well, simply not big enough XD! Weapon and all patterns done in 3 days.