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My Opinion on;

Character in general: sooooo like I’ve had a crush on this babe ever since DW4 (tbt to when he was shortie short and had a hat!) and now that i think about it, he didn’t REALLY have much personality back then, but because i read so much fanfiction + viewed him with my own characterization of him, i always thought of him as the somewhat shy but well-intending hard worker—studious and modest, slow to open up but really sincere, can be charming and playful if comfortable enough! looking at his DW7/8 appearance and personality, he’s matured a bit from the short boy he was in DW4/5, but I think his essence is still the same? he might be a bit on the bland side but i like him nonetheless! :3 (but i still miss old xun ngl like look at him shoot a burning arrow into a squadron of soldiers and not give a shit [link] )
How they play them: I REALLY admire the way you write Xun! you maintain the canon essence of him while developing him as your own, and he feels like a more rounded, in-depth version of his game personality! no complaints, really…i do enjoy your characterization and i think all of your headcanons + interpretations of him are super interesting. plus the snarky sass you give him is a GREAT touch and cracks me up everytime! i dig it A+

The Mun: i can understand how the formal way you write may make you seem unapproachable to others but really!!! you are so friendly to talk to and i wish more people saw that?!?!?! you have such a kind heart, and i always appreciate our conversations! i’m glad that we started talking, and i truly hope we can keep growing our friendship in the future :’)

Do I:

RP with them: unfortunately no, not on this blog D:
Want to RP with them: aaaaaabsoluuuuuutely!! though bc of fan castle, it is a little hard for suo to interact with xun without being angry—maybe we can consider making them meet before fancheng? O:

What is my;

Overall Opinion: LOVE love love your blog + amazing writing, so glad i discovered it!!! i don’t regret reaching out to you at all—talking with you has boosted my confidence since i’ve returned here! i can only hope we can interact more in the future, in character and out :D

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