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I know you didn't put the caption on the gif set about the 50th beginning with the TARDIS saying bad wolf but I highly disagree. The episode needs to begin with explaining how in the name of Rassilon they are supposed to get out of the Doctor's time line or grave or what ever you want to call it. If it doesn't begin like that I think a lot of people will be rather upset.

Anon, the fact that you expect that probably means it’s not going to be done. When the hell has Doctor Who actually explained something like that? They’re most likely just going to never even bring up how they needed to get out, just that they did and the ramifications of meeting John Hurt. 

Also, this whole time, I’ve never once seen anyone asking about how they got out of the time stream, so I don’t really think “a lot” of people will be upset. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t even occurred to the majority of people - it certainly didn’t to me. 

Either way, what I’m saying is: don’t get your hopes up.

Ten’s hair in the 50th anniversary episode though. It’s his uber-angst hair.

Exhibit A - the purported 50th promo poster:

Exhibit B - the only time we ever saw Ten’s hair like that during his run:

So obviously the 50th takes place just after Ten drops off memory-wiped Donna with her family. He’s rain-soaked during the entire episode. That’s the only excuse for such an egregious fringe situation.

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wait so I'm confused. remember in the episode The End of Time, with the the Master, and all the Gallifreyans were returning, right? The Doctor said that they could never come back. His people had gone too far, and so the Doctor could't and wouldn't save them. But now they're all magically "good," and it's ok for the Doctor to save them? I mean, the Daleks escaped the Time War, we know, so won't they just go back to fighting? (of course, what else did i expect from Moffat :P)

Also giggling over the fact that the resolution to this major 50th anniversary episode was just Moffat recycling “Blink.”

Make the thing vanish from the middle of the enemies, and they will be so tactically incompetent that they incapacitate themselves. Which made more sense with the weeping angels standing statically around the TARDIS than it did with “a billion billion dalek ships” whizzing around Gallifrey in 3 dimensional space, but w/e, “pedantic details.”

The Daleks are so profoundly incompetent, how were the time lords losing this war again?

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I DON'T UNDERSTAND PARTS OF THE 50TH. Okay how does making all 13 doctors circle Gallifrey make it hidden? And I didn't understand how they got all 13 doctors to circle it? I understood how the screwdriver with calculating worked. Was that principle supposed to apply? I'm just really confused and I woke up 5 minutes before it started.

Sorry, I’ve got nothing for you.

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War Doctor? What ever happened to, "Introducing John Hurt as The Doctor." Forget Moffat not remembering things from two seasons ago, he now seems unable to remember what he said IN THE LAST EPISODE HE WROTE.

Moffat baffles me, in that he tosses in references to classic Who quite often, like the Sisterhood of Karn (which is from a Fourth Doctor serial), and classic villains (zygons and the Great Intelligence and Silurians oh my), and Clara being named after Elisabeth Sladen. He often references his own lines (“Had some cowboys up in here,” for example, used in GitF and TEH, “wibbly wobbly timey wimey” ad nauseum, etc - although I’m only fractionally convinced all of this repetition is intentional). There is some degree of continuity and cohesion to these references and nods to Doctor Who’s past, both within and before his own tenure as showrunner.

Then there’s also truckloads of retcon he’s fond of dumping all over the place, his tendency to shove critical plot and character development into peripheral media (like the minisodes), his plot holes you could fly a helicarrier through, and his belief that viewers who want logical plot/character progression from A to B are “pedantic”.

I don’t doubt that Moffat thoroughly knows Doctor Who, classic and new and Big Finish. He obviously delights in tossing in TOKEN bits of continuity, which end up coming across as simple shoutouts more than anything else. 

But in terms of crafting a nuanced, cohesive overarching plot or character structure, especially on a multi-episode or multi-season scale, he just … doesn’t.

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lolololololololllllllllllll It’s okay, nothing that Moffat writes is really canon anyway. Gallifrey still burned.

And HEY, if you want a really spectacular, well-written and emotionally satisfying Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode, head on over to Big Finish and download “The Light at the End”!

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I've utterly struck out at trying to find out why McGann wasn't in his special. apparently you didn't see it, but do you have any idea why he wouldn't be in it?

I legit have no idea. I’m baffled.

Paul enjoys playing Eight, he appreciates his fans, he’s always doing cons and appearances for Doctor Who. I mean, he’s had terrible things said to him at times — he’s a waste of a regeneration, etc. (the fact that someone would say that TO HIS FACE makes me want to punch a manatee). But this tv special was a celebration of his Doctor, so … ??????????

My shot-in-the-dark guesses:

  • something simple like scheduling issues 
  • he was grumpy about the fact that they weren’t going to discuss Big Finish (But then Nick Briggs was in the special, if the posts in the Eighth Doctor tag are to be believed, so again … ??????) 
  • it isn’t only the Eighth Doctor who gets amnesia at the drop of a hat, it’s a chronic condition Paul suffers from as well; he forgot to go to the studio on the day he was scheduled to film the interview, ended up locked up somewhere with no idea who he was, and had to wait for India Fisher to come rescue him
  • worst-case scenario, he’s fuming over the inside information he just received that Moffat is taking the Time War away from Eight, and he skipped the interview in order to challenge Moffat to a duel, pistols at dawn

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also they introduced john hurt as the doctor right after they made a big deal about him not being the doctor. epic fail.

It’s like Moffat legitimately couldn’t figure out a way to describe his ~~super awesome mayfly Doctor-not!Doctor idea~~ without resorting to calling him the one thing Moffat keeps asserting that he isn’t.

“What I did, I did in the name of peace and sanity, but I didn’t do it in the name of the Doctor!” –> Introducing John Hurt as the Doctor! –> John Hurt isn’t 8.5, Moffat claims in interview! –> 8 says to magic potion, “No longer the Doctor, I am Warrior! But I am definitely not the Ninth Doctor! So I’m definitely 8.5!” –> John Hurt as WAR DOCTOR! –> PROFIT! (But it’s definitely DEFINITELY not the Doctor guyz! See, we put the word “WAR” there, so definitely not the Doctor! Now give us moneys for merchandise!)

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What is QE1?

Queen Elizabeth I.

This lady right here, from The Shakespeare Code…

…and from End of Time Part I…

Moffat loves to harp on the fact that the Doctor supposedly sexed up “The Virgin Queen.” I predict at least five cringe-inducing scenes and/or bits of dialogue about it will show up in the 50th anniversary episode.

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"The Doctor is becoming Rassilon" well that would certainly explain his recent drift towards xenophobia and megalomania.

During the 50th, we’re going to find out that the TARDIS is the Doctor’s version of the Foundry. He’s got entire universes stowed away in his basement, locked in time-loops and stunted from development. He’s been bio-engineering creatures without their consent, and committing genocide against every race that rubs him the wrong way.

I could … actually believe pretty much all of these things from Eleven, tbh. SURPRISE, Y'ALL, the Doctor is actually the founder of Gallifrey and the engineer of the Time Lords and the biggest dick in the universe!

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Have we been told that its definitely Ten from between Waters of Mars and EOT? I know its a past Doctor but I thought it was maybe series two or three, what makes you think its specials Ten? :)

He’s sexing up Queen Elizbeth I. We know that Joanna Page has been cast as QE1, and she has said in interviews that their interaction in the special is “romantic.”

After Waters of Mars, this is what Ten did to avoid answering the Ood’s summons for help, according to his own account from the episode “The End of Time Part 1”: “Travelled about, did this and that. Got into trouble, you know me. It was brilliant. I saw the Phosphorus Carousel of the Great Magellan Gestalt. Saved a planet from the Red Carnivorous Morg. Named a galaxy Allison. Got married. That was a mistake. Good Queen Bess. And let me tell you, her nickname is no longer… ahem. Anyway.”

So using those context clues, I’m pretty confident in saying Ten is post WoM, pre EoT.

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There's also a theory floating around that Hurt's character is going to be an aged Eight instead of a separate regeneration, because God-know-how long the Time War lasted. Or has that already been disproven?

No, it hasn’t been disproven. None of these theories will be, until we actually see the episode.

But if they’re going to have Eight in the 50th anniversary at all, why not bring back the original actor to play the part? 

I understand bringing in another actor to play a new regeneration (like Romana in the ask I posted a few minutes ago), or if the original actor is deceased (like they did in a few Old Who specials after Hartnell died, bringing Richard Hurndell in for the role). I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

But Paul McGann is alive and well and has enthusiastically been playing Eight for SEVENTEEN YEARS. He has repeatedly expressed an interest in appearing in the 50th anniversary. He is older than he was when he originated the role in ‘96. He can easily play an aged Eighth Doctor.

If John Hurt is intended to be an older Eight, it’s disrespectful to Paul McGann and the years he’s spent playing the role. It would be like, when the 75th anniversary rolls around, bringing in 60yo Tom Hardy to play the Eleventh Doctor instead of 55yo Matt Smith.

Of the theories floating around rn, the only one I’m even the least bit interested in is John Hurt as the Valeyard.