DW 30 Day Challenge: Day 17: Favorite outfit?

Jia Chong

HIS CLOTHES ARE SO UNF. JUST. OMG. They'r just so dark ooking, and they clash in SO WELL with his personality. The black aren’t normally seen in the usual clothign Koei would come up with, so that, imo, makes it even better.

I enjoy the clash of the blacks and blues. It looks really nice. but I have to wonder… has he ever jabbed himself in the ankle with all those little knives tucked away at his leg? It also gives that ‘dark’ vibe. <3

Chong’s clothes and fantabulous. 'Nuff said.

Day 01: Your favourite Doctor.
For me, it could never have been anyone other than Doctor number 10. Regardless of the fact that I love David Tennant, this Doctor captured my heart way more than any other Doctor has done. He was cast perfectly and scripted perfectly, and series three in particular includes some of my all time favourite Doctor Who episodes.

Dynasty Warriors 30 Day Challenge: Day 9


I really don’t do this sort of stuff for anyone or anything, but if I had to choose one, it would be Ling Tong and Gan Ning. They pretty much hate eachother but at the same time, are best friends and always work together and help each other out; sort of like a married couple. It’s pretty funny at times.

(just a random fanart I found)

Day 22: Your favourite Friendship.
I loved the two episodes with Craig in, and I loved how him and the Doctor seemed to hit it off pretty much straight away. Because it’s James Corden it was bound to be humorous, and we weren’t let down. They were great partners and great friends, and I really wish they’d given Craig more of a story. I didn’t want to pick a companion for this, as they always seem to turn out as more than friends, and Rory didn’t seem right for this as they’re not really all that friendly with one another most of the time. However, as I already said, the Doctor and Craig were friends almost instantly.

Day 12: Your scariest Episode.
It has to be ‘The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances’ for me. It was such a good story arch but my god was it creepy. If it had all been adults, it wouldn’t have been so bad, but the fact that it all started with a small child made it 10x worse. It was a great story and it’s one of my favourites, but it’s also the one I find the creepiest.

Day 02: Your favourite Companion.
This was difficult, as there are so many companions that I’ve liked. I first thought of Martha Jones as my favourite, but finally settled on Donna Noble. She was funny, quick witted and sassy, and I feel she really helped the Doctor more than Martha did in areas concerning Rose. Donna was a real breath of fresh air, and she always managed to lighten the mood of any darker situation. 

Day 16: Your favourite Actor.
Of course it’s David Tennant. Favourite Doctor, favourite Actor. He’s just so wonderfully wonderful and so so talented. When Christopher Eccleston left and the Doctor regenerated, I was staring at the screen with my mouth wide open like “oh my God who is this body of sex on my tv.” And I was what, 12 at the time? Ah, childhood. Anyway, David is a fantastic actor in everything he’s been in, and in Doctor Who he will forever be my favourite. Oh, and he looks mighty fine in leather trousers and not much else. (Fright Night, 2011)

Day 11: Your funniest Episode.
As the first episode with Donna Noble in it, ‘The Runaway Bride’ is probably the Doctor Who episode I find the funniest. Catherine Tate was always going to be a funny companion because of her style of acting, and it was good to have a companion that was more funny than the previous companions had been. This episode showed us the kind of humour she would bring to the show, and I thought it was great. 

DW 30 Day Challenge: Day 15: Favorite strategist?

Guo Jia.

He’s been one of the best I’ve seen in-game. He makes the great Zhuge Liang seem like an amateur in comparison.

With Guo Jia and Xu Shu, they completely turned Wei’s future upside-down (in the good way), and instead of them all crumbling away, they raise into even greater power, at their victory at Chibi. It were only possible, because Guo Jia figured out the Coalition’s plan. He didn’t even need to think about it.

Guo Jia has unsurpassed intellect, and it goes without saying if you go down the Hypothetical route. He’s the best-of-the-best, and one of the main reasons Wei is so powerful. 

Don’t mess with a Kingdom that has brains as smart as his!

DW 30 Day Challenge: Day 09: One character from the Three Kingdoms story that you’d love to see in the game?

Cao Zhi

Jiang Ji

Either of these two.

Cao Zhi is Cao Pi’s older brother, and Jiang Ji was basically Sima Yi’s best friend for 30 years. Seeing either of them in a new title would be lovely. c: I really enjoy the history behind both of these men.

Then again.. Sima Fu would be pretty nice. Him being Sima Yi’s brother, and all.

But yeah, I especially want to see Zhi. *A*

DW 30 Day Challenge: Day 07: Favorite Others character?

Yuan Shao!

WHO WOULDN’T LOVE THIS GUY. I MEAN SERIOUSLY. He’s the king of sass, he’s arrogant, and he thinks he’s the best. WHAT IS IS THERE NOT TO LOVE? And you guys have /no/ idea how much fun it is to roleplay this guy, omfg.

Yuan Shao is pretty hot for a guy his age, too. Not gonna lie. >_> I also like the friendship he once shared with my beloved Cao Cao. It’s sad how War can tear apart such close friends, and pit them against one another… :c



DW 30 Day Challenge: Day 04: Favorite Wu character?

Lu Xun

*A* I have loved Lu Xun since the beginning of DW. I adored him to pieces in every title, and I still do. I used to get crazy obsessive over him, but I’ve mellowed down a whooooooooole lot since then. My favorite clothing has to be the 6th title. 

Lu Xun is now at 3rd place in my top favorites… I won’t announce Wei or Jin, since I haven’t gotten there yet, but I’m pretty sure everyone knows who my favorite Jin character is. lD; 

Anyway, Lu Xun’s adorable, yet he seems to lack a bit of his own personality… He almost seems like a drone, following orders without any sort of will of his own. But he’s very good at what he does *coughfireattackscough*, and he has his entire life ahead of him still to make all sorts of improvements. ;v; He’s very loyal, he’s mindful of his superiors, and very well-behaved and polite around everyone.

I wish I was like him when I was 17. xD I was such a rebellious little shit, omg. I looked up to Lu Xun as a role model ever since I started playing (since around 2002-2003) and I always admired how hard he worked, and his urge to get things done. <3

So Wu has to be Lu Xun. No exceptions.

DW 30 Day Challenge: Day 03: Favorite Shu character?

Good lord, I love Ma Chao. ♥

While I’m not exactly fond of his ‘JUSTTTTTIIIICCCEE’ rants, and the fact he murdered Wang Yi’s family contradicts his 'Justice’, I frickin’ LOVE this man. I have absolutely no idea why, but I have a pretty good idea on how it started. It probably dates back to a roleplay I had with a friend, who was Ma Chao. I was Guo Jia, but that isn’t important here.

I absolutely adored him after that, and started to play as him way more than I used to before. Sort of funny what roleplay can do, huh? xD

But yeah. Day 3, favorite Shu character is Ma Chao.

…I have him set to watching the Stables in Ambition Mode… It’s so perf.

Day 14: Character you like that everyone else hates.
This was difficult, because I didn’t even know there was characters that the entire fandom hates. However, I’ve seen a few people who have said they really don’t like Martha, so I went with her. I really did like Martha as a companion. As said previously, series 3 is my favourite series, and I think Freema played her role marvellously. I don’t understand why people don’t like her, unless it’s because she had the unfortunate task of trying to fill Rose’s shoes. 

Day 10: Your saddest Episode.
Could it ever have been anything else? ‘Doomsday’ was, by far, the saddest episode for me. I cried so much watching the end of that episode, and so far that’s the only time I’ve cried during Doctor Who. Rose was not my favourite companion. Billie Piper was definitely not my favourite actress. But even if you hated Rose (which I didn’t, she just wasn’t my favourite), you could not help but be moved by this series finale. It was beautifully done, and deeply moving.

Day 04: Your favourite Villain.
I’m not sure why Davros is my favourite Villain, but he is. It was a toss up between Davros and the Master, but Davros wins in my eyes because I’ve always loved the Daleks, and when Davros appeared in ‘The Stolen Earth’ (Series 4, episode 12) I actually gasped with excitement to see the creator of the Daleks. Also, of course, I absolutely adored series 4 in general, of which Davros was the main antagonist.  

DW 30 Day Challenge: Day 11: Favorite stage?

DW8 - The Battle of Tong Gate (Cao Cao’s Forces)

This battle took me over 40 minutes the first time I played in Wei’s storymode in DW8. I absolutely HATED IT. HATED. IT. But after a few times more in freemode online with others, I grew to love this stage. It’s one of my favorites in 8, and probably always will be. It’s a lot of fun to play in multiplayer mode, because you can work in tagteams. <3

Especially the part with luring Pang De away from Han Sui. Haha

DW 30 Day Challenge: Day 06: Favorite Jin character?

YOU ALL GUESSED IT. Zhuge Dan. (JiaChongisaclosesecond)

There are many, many reasons why I love this man. They’ve all been explained here and there all over my profile. I’m too lazy to list them all again. XD

I’m pretty sure a majority of my followers know why this precious little puppy is my favorite. <3 he gets second place in my top three.

*A* Zhuge Dan is so precious… I adore how if played right, you can make Dan completely overlook the fact he’s a ‘Zhuge’, and fight for himself, not his bloodline or family. <3