dw whovians

Befriending a superwholockian...

Whovians: Are probably a major conspiracy theorist. Believes in aliens. If there’s even something slightly wrong they’ll instantly think of the most unbelievable thing; if somethings wrong in the news, they’ll instantly suspect an ~alien~ - they probably love to read.

Sherlockians: They can probably deduct every thing about you; they can definitely tell when you’re lying or telling the truth. Don’t lie to them, it doesn’t work. They’re probably an introvert, and probably spend most their time on the Internet.

spn: They definitely believe in demons/ghosts/etc. Possibly religious, but maybe not. They’re probably violent, but not towards anyone; they could beat someone up if they were provoked. Probably have an exorcism recording on their phone and probably carries salt around with them. They probably also sleep with a type of weapon under their pillow/bed. They probably enjoy reading and the Internet.

superwhoclockians: literally run and don’t look back. They probably know everything about you before you even opened your mouth. They probably already deduced your next sentence. You’re not safe. Run and don’t look back. And if you ever make fun of their Fandoms, don’t fall asleep.


The Gold Titles for Free Comic Book Day 2017 have been revealed, including a fantastic new Doctor Who issue from Titan Comics, featuring a cover by me!

Imagine the Doctor giving you his coat

(Requested by anonymous)

And here we are. In the middle of nowhere.
It’s cold and there is no life to be seen anywhere.
Long story short, the TARDIS landed here, in the middle of nowhere, and when you and the Doctor came out it started rebuilding itself, not letting you two in.

‘’Why does she always do this to me! She could have landed somewhere civilized at least!’’ the Doctor whined.
‘’Or somewhere warm.’’ you added.
You sat yourself down on a stone wall nearby and tried to warm yourself up, rubbing your arms.

You let out a big sigh, because it’s not helping a bit.
When you feel something big and warm being draped over you, you look up and see the Doctor, coatless.
‘’You’re going to get cold.’’ you said.
‘’Well, maybe, but i can’t stand seeing you shivering.’’ he said, and you swore you saw a faint blush on his cheeks.

‘’Come here, maybe your coat is big enough for the two of us.’’ you smiled.
The Doctor sat down with a sigh and you huddled together, using the Doctor’s coat as a blanket.

When the TARDIS was done rebuilding and you were warm and cozy in your bed, the Doctor came to your room.
‘’Could we…maybe…cuddle?’’ he asked.
You only nodded before pulling the blankets back, and the Doctor gladly accepted your invite.
‘’Thank you.’’ he mumbled in your hair.

I’ve gotta know.

I’ve never been an online active member of the Doctor Who fandom until recently.

Raise of hands, how many Whovians believe or are convinced that Alex Kingston and Matt Smith have had some sort of affair? Because I bloody well am.


Free Quill = trouble for Charlie