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The signs as (tumblr) fandoms
  • Aries: Homestuck
  • Taurus: Doctor Who
  • Gemini: Attack on Titan
  • Cancer: Death Note
  • Leo: Supernatural
  • Virgo: My Little Pony
  • Libra: Steven Universe
  • Scorpio: Sherlock
  • Sagittarius: Hetalia
  • Capricorn: Marvel
  • Aquarius: Gravity Falls
  • Pisces: Soul Eater
  • (Idea credit to @obsessivelyobsessivefangirl)

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You want a healthy, adorable, canon gay relationship on screen???? WATCH BBC CLASS

On bbc america Saturday at 10 pm! right after doctor who! They know what they’re doing with an ethnically diverse cast and excellent LGBTQ representation. Also there are aliens and teen angst and family love. It would be shame if this show does not get a season 2.

Catch up on episodes one and two on bbc america site.

ID #93389

Name: Beatrice
Age: 18
Country: Italy

Hello everyone, nice to meet you. I’d like to start a “penship” with someone english-speaking (?), but I can also help with Italian if someone wants to try it. I like reading (Harry Potter fan since 2009), watching tv series (Sherlock, DW and GoT for example), and, for the last couple of years, watching anime (rn I’m crazy for SnK, YoI, TG and many more (and Naruto, always Naruto)). I like drawing and chatting my friends’ ears away, and I’d really like to interact with someone from a different place, to widen my horizons.

Preferences: I’d like to talk with someone in my age group, so let’s say between 15 and 23? Younger or older I’d feel a little weirded out myself.

As today is the start of Reibert Week (!!!) and the themes were Wall High School and Reincarnation AU, and because I’m lazy and/or busy and didn’t write anything, I’m going to once again shamelessly plug Dancing With Strangers and it’s subsequent universe, as it is both a high school and a reincarnation au. 

((Fair warning, this was written in 2015 before the Battle of Shinganshina happened, (I finished writing about a month before the battle actually began,) so the part about that battle as well as the warrior’s backstory is all now painfully inaccurate. However, I’m still so proud of this story, and the modern au fluff makes the minor canon inaccuracies worth it.))

Rating: T
Relationships: Reibert, with sides of Jeanmarco, Springles, and Yumikuri
Word Count: 91598 (6 chapters)
Summary: The story of how Reiner Braun successfully made Bertholdt Hoover fall in love with him… twice.


“Come on! Doesn’t the brawn of the team get a little more than a ‘yeah’?” Reiner asked jokingly, sneakily tickling his friend’s sides, which he knew to be Bertholdt’s weak spot. The brunette squealed, trying in vain to push his hands away, but Reiner wouldn’t give him mercy.

“Okay! Okay! I’m thankful to have you in my life!” Bertholdt exclaimed around his giggles, which were quickly spiraling out of his control. Reiner paused, letting up his tickle barrage as those simple words ran circles around his brain, leaving Berthold to regain his breathing and recover his composure. The brunette took three deep breaths of air before noticing his friend’s sudden silence. “Reiner?”

“Do you… do you really mean that?” the blonde boy asked hesitantly, staring questioningly into his friend’s eyes. They looked so green in the light from the moon. No wonder he’s the beauty of our team…

“Yes. I-I do,” Bertholdt nodded assuredly, clasping his hands together in front of him, his fingers locking together. His eyes were drawn to his fingers and his cheeks grew redder and redder as he continued to speak: “I’m… very thankful that I met you and Berick and Annie. And I’m happy that you include me in things, and make me laugh, and try to make me happy when I’m not. And I’m very happy that we’re friends.”

Bertholdt raised his eyes, not sure what kind of reaction he was anticipating. Reiner stared at him blankly for a heartbeat; absorbing the heartfelt words his best friend had just given him. Given was a good word for it, as if Bertholdt had just physically put something in Reiner’s hands, only the something was a feeling and Reiner’s hands were actually his heart. Reiner felt as though he’d just received the most precious present in the entire world.

“Your face is really red, you know,” the blonde said as gracefully as any six-year-old. Bertholdt blushed even harder, looking down at his shoes. “It’s nice.” Green eyes met his once again. Reiner shrugged. “It looks good on you.”

Bertholdt’s smile was bright as the moon, maybe even more so. Reiner couldn’t even give a fair comparison cause the moon meant nothing to him when Bertholdt smiled at him like that. Nothing seemed to matter when Bertholdt smiled at him like that. Everything seemed a little brighter, a little better. The world melted away for that momentary second in which his friend abandoned all shyness and shared with the world something truly beautiful.

And in all fairness, the brightness of the moon that night was a minute detail that could come and go with each retelling. Many things about this night would fade with time.

But the one thing Reiner knew without a doubt was, from that moment on, he would forever and always be in love with Bertholdt Hoover.

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Things fandoms have taught me:

Doctor Who = Everyone is important

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D = Not all heroes are super

Attack on Titan = Fight for your rights

Free = Enjoy what you do and the friends you have

Percy Jackson = Never give up on friendship

Sherlock = You are not alone

Supernatural = Family is important 

Welcome to Night Vale = DO NOT ENTER THE DOG PARK

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