dw season 8

I really can’t express how much I hate Clara Oswald. Not JLC, who is a beautiful girl and person, but Clara. She’s a ridiculous, bobble-headed bipolar bitchbear, incapable of independent thought. Kill The Moon was the perfect example.

She was given such a beautiful opportunity, a chance that would only come once in humanity’s lifespan, and she spat on it. The Doctor gave her such an amazing gift: to be able to decide how mankind would begin its interactions in the galaxy. He trusted her to set the tone for her people, to step out of his fatherlike shadow and step into herself as an adult in the universe. And what did she do? She fought him.

It’s never easy growing up, but most of us accept it as a normal part of life. I’d like to stay at home wrapped in mummy’s blanket, but I can’t do that. And when my parents gave me the chance to make a decision for myself, yeah it was scary as hell, but I did it and I appreciated that they trusted me to make the right decision. Only a child runs home when confronted with the realities of life. And that’s just what Clara is - a child in a short skirt and a preppy pullover.

I haven’t yet finished season 8, but the end of Clara Oswald can’t come soon enough for me.