dw s22


Doctor Who episodes | Story: 140 | season 22 [4/6]
↳ The Two Doctors

“In the first place, I have no authority to ask Kartz and Reimer to submit their work for analysis. And in the second place, the Time Lords have no right to make such a grossly unethical demand. I’ve never heard such unmitigated arrogance!”


Doctor Who episodes | Story: 138 | season 22 [2/6]
↳ Vengeance on Varos

“Should the Doctor be lying, he will find the next noose about his neck will sever his head from his spinal column. But should he be accurate in his appraisal of the potential worth of our zeiton ore, I shall want to know, Sil, why you and your company have been duping Varos these many generations.”