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Say hello to the Garden Trolls! A fan made sub species of troll that are related to the Rainbow Trolls. 

They are a race of Trolls found in the far reaches of the forest. They are kin of the Trolls found in the original Troll Tree, the Rainbow Trolls. Typically keeping close to the ground, building burrows and shacks along tree roots. They are peaceful creatures but be careful not to cross them because they will come back for vengeance. 

This is an open, Free-to-Make sub species, you don’t have to ask me to create one! Just tag it as garden troll or tag me in it so i can see what you made!!

Click the read more for all the lore details!

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Pen Sketch Friday

The First Doctor, suggested by @manuscriptmuse.

It’s really cold here right now and my hands are cold so this is a bit messy but just pretend it’s part of the style okay shhh

I’m going overseas for a bit tomorrow so the next pen sketch will be a while away, but when I get to it it’ll be Gandalf! I expect to have lots of time to draw while I’m away though so even though I won’t be online hopefully I’ll have a bunch of stuff to upload when I get back :)