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'Doctor Who' Star Michelle Gomez: 'What's About to Happen Is Really Kind of Wrong'
Plus: The Missy actress looks back on her favorite moments

Anything else you want to tease about what’s coming up?

“I arrived at the read-through not having read the script, my usual move, so that I can be really present in it. What jumped out of the page on that day, I did not see coming. What’s about to happen is really kind of wrong as well. It’s very strange.”

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‘Doctor Who’: Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in EW Portraits

Does this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly defy the laws of physics by being bigger on the inside than it would appear from looking at its exterior? Fans of the British science fiction show Doctor Who may well think so. For this week’s cover story, senior writer Clark Collis travels to the UK to meet with Peter Capaldi, the new star of the now 51-year-old time travel saga, and to find out what fans can expect from the forthcoming season of Doctor Who, which premieres on BBC America on Aug. 23. “He’s more alien than we’ve seen him for a while,” says the actor, speaking about his version of the eccentric Time Lord. “He is less patient with the foibles of human beings.”

In addition to Capaldi, Collis also spoke with the actor’s costar Jenna Coleman and showrunner Steven Moffat who tackled such burning as questions as “Will Capaldi’s previous appearances in the Who universe be referenced this season?” and “What will happen in the two-part finale?” Collis even got to drive the Doctor’s bigger-on-the-inside time- and space-ship the TARDIS and did so without busting anything which, according to production designer Michael Pickwoad, makes him a more careful temporal navigator than previous Who star Matt Smith (“He was very good at breaking things”). We also persuade Capaldi to talk about the old monsters he’d like his Doctor to face and offer a sartorial breakdown of the Time Lord’s many looks through the show’s half-century history. Never seen Doctor Who (and feel a bid daunted by that history)? Then feel free to peruse our guide to how you can get into Who. [x] [x]

This copy will be on stands Friday, August 1st, and you can purchase it online here. If you live in Canada or elsewhere outside the United States and would like to place a back issue order, please call 1-813-979-6828.

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