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Dean Winchester Funny Aesthetic - 2X07 The Usual Suspects

“My name is Dean Winchester. I’m an Aquarius, I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach and frisky women. And I did not kill anyone. But I know who did. Or rather “what” did. Of course, it can’t be for sure, because our investigation was interrupted. But our work in theory, is that were looking for some kind of Vengeful Spirit.”


if you’ve ever wondered if i have doctor who ocs, the answer is yes
of course
who do you think i am
i’ve got like 4 seasons planned out c’mon
i’ve made them all pinterest boards bc that’s the way i am


Doctor Who vs Ao3 tags  Part 10/??

like most people out here, I do ship Broppy and Breek (hHHHHYES) but wow what about this one guys,,, I don’t think I’ve seen any fanart of these two together before sO HERE YOU GO. 

also I used a ref for the pose :>