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sort the companions too maybe? :)))

i was practically falling asleep as i wrote the one last night, so i had to wait until now, i’m afraid, but i’m ALWAYS A SLUT FOR DW HOGWARTS AUS

rose is definitely gryffindor to me, she always fights for what she believes in, and, obviously, she is incredibly brave. i’ve seen her sorted into hufflepuff which i guess works because she’s protective of the doctor and her family, but her actions are certainly more gryffindor, and she definitely values bravery as well. (if i were using the @sortinghatchats method, i’d say she’s hufflepuff primary gryffindor secondary)

jack is difficult, because he has quite a few aspects of all the houses, but overall i think i’d go with slytherin for him - the ways he saves the world in torchwood are often doing something bad for the ‘greater good’ (e.g. killing his grandson), and he has the slytherin trait that i love so much of not necessarily caring about everyone, but he has a few people close to him that he would unleash hell on anyone who tried to hurt them. also, he’s cunning and manipulative, and i’d say he was quite ambitious before becoming immortal.

the obvious choice for martha would be ravenclaw (and i actually sorted her there in my now dead and buried hogwarts au ask blog), but i think hufflepuff suits her slightly better. her main priority is her family, she was incredibly loyal to the doctor (which blinded her for a while, stopping her realising how much of a dick he was), she was kind to all the minor characters, and she’s very hard working. then again, i feel like she may be more likely to choose ravenclaw, so who knows.

i’ve always thought of donna as a hufflepuff, and that hasn’t changed, but i think she has quite a few ravenclaw tendencies as well. she definitely values kindness, is very protective of her family (even if she won’t admit it in the case of her mum), and she has a very loyal friendship with the doctor. she is also hard-working, as shown by her mission to find the doctor again in ‘partners in crime’, but that could also show that she’s inquisitive, hence the ravenclaw tendencies.

amy, rory and river are gryffindor, hufflepuff and slytherin, respectively. i don’t have detailed arguments for these three but i really don’t think i need to, they are the epitomes of their houses tbh.

ive sorted clara into every house before; after s7 i was like 'i… don’t…… know…….. but maybe hufflepuff??’ which we now know is incredibly incorrect lmao. after s8 i was very adamant that she was slytherin, but then after s9 im realising she has quite a few gryffindor traits. overall though, definitely slytherin. the scene in dark water when she tries to get danny back is 300% slytherin, and she would almost certainly risk everything to save the doctor à la heaven sent. i think there was a line in hide when That Woman was practically dying because of the metebilis 3 crystal, but the doctor was still in the pocket universe, and That Guy was like 'she can’t do it’ and clara said 'SHE HAS TO!’ which is super slytherin. she’s also manipulative, as shown in that scene, and her scenes with bonnie, and i’d say she was quite ambitious, particularly in the way she tried to keep up her normal life and her tardis life. the gryffindor recklessness only really came about because of danny’s death, so i think naturally she’s slytherin.

while bill was still in the queue to be sorted, the hat went 'right, she’s probably a ravenclaw. could be a hufflepuff though. a few gryffindor traits.’ then the hat touched the top of her afro and screamed 'RAVENCLAW!’ and that was that. she’s just!! so!! inquisitive!!! and so eager to learn!!!! the doctor is literally teaching her everything, she asks a million questions (that aren’t even necessarily relevant) every episode, she picks up on the tiny details (such as the bugs being a weird present in 'knock knock’), and once she’s interested in something she wants to know everything about it (the ninth legion). as a lesbian ravenclaw, i welcome this lesbian into ravenclaw.

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A coffee shop AU with Clara/River plz ☺

a very very belated admin fill for fluffuary by @perfectlyrose. sorry for the wait nonny and i hope you like this!

this also is for pride month and the weekly prompt of “you know what they say…”

Clara wasn’t surprised that her favorite coffee shop was practically empty when she dropped in on Tuesday afternoon. She’d taken a day off of work and was just stopping in for a latte on her way to her next errand.

She was halfway to the till when the barista moved out from behind the espresso machine. Clara almost tripped when the curly-haired blonde aimed a smirk at her with deadly precision. There was a twinkle in her eyes that Clara desperately wanted to know more about.

“Hello gorgeous, what can I get for you?” she said once Clara had reached the counter.

Clara tilted her head, smiled, decided to go for it. “Came in for a latte but I wouldn’t say no to your number.”

“Oh, I think I can handle both. I’m very talented.”

“I bet you are,” Clara answered, eyes dropping to the woman’s lips. She handed over a fiver and the blonde tucked it in her pocket instead of opening the till.

“I’m Clara, by the way,” she said as the barista started making her drink.

“River Song.”

“You worked here long? I haven’t seen you before.” 

River snapped a lid in place over the paper cup and reached for a sharpie to write on the side of the cup. She slid it over the counter to Clara and winked. “Who says I work here?”

“So you’re just making coffee for random people in the middle of the afternoon?”

“Idle hands. You know what they say…” River’s smile was all trouble and Clara was already a goner. She never could resist the siren call of trouble, especially not when it looked like River Song.

“What do they say?” Clara leaned forward over the counter.

“Guess you’re going to have to use that number and see if you can get me to tell you. Can’t go giving you spoilers this early.”

“Guess I will.”

“Good. I’ll see you later then, Clara.”

“Count on it,” she said with a wink of her own. 

Clara was out of the shop and halfway down the street before taking a sip of her coffee and promptly spitting it out. There was absolutely no doubt that River didn’t work at the coffeeshop, this latte was terrible.

She immediately pulled her phone out to text her that very thing.