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I have lived forever in a smile. — e.e.cummings

There’s an urban legend making its round every year on Halloween night, with the details changing from story to story; sometimes people disappear in them, sometimes they have witnessed such terror that they’ve gone insane, and other times they’re suddenly no longer recognised by family and friends - a stranger in their own life. (Just to name a few.)

No one even remembers when and where they first originated, but they always feature the same figure leading to the creepy endings: The Doctor. An other-worldly, charismatic traveller who charms people into following him into the great unknown, promising wonders and adventure, only for the life of anyone he enchants to end up in tatters.

Little does the youth gathered around bonfires and house parties exchanging known stories for new ones know the Doctor is actually very real and ever-present…

A random little AU Dark!Doctor on the occasion of the day ;)
Happy Halloween!

                    When something goes  m i s s i n g ,
                                        you can always recreate it by the  h o l e  it left.