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David Tennant filming his Doctor Who video diaries

…so this is mostly Doctor Who Confidential filming David filming his diary while filming episodes of Doctor Who

(this post is a mix of gifs and still photos)


From Lauren McGinty on Twitter, my sister just told me about this not too long ago and I had to go view it. :) Lauren made this cute drawing of Twelve and Clara and brought it to the Doctor Who filming set (on I’m guessing August 12, 2016) to have Peter sign it. He did, as you can see, but not without giving her an adorable critique! ♥


Concept Art From DreamWorks Animation’s Home

Here’s a bunch of cool concept art from DreamWorks Animation’s Home. The world building was extensive in the filmmaking process for Home. It’s really neat to see how similar some of these concepts are to the final film.

Images 1-4 by art director Emil Mitev. Image 5 is a handful of concepts for O by Griselda Sastrawinata. Image 6 and 7 are concepts of Tip and aliens by Devin Crane. Image 8 is a concept by Jason Scheier. 

- Christopher

Paula Simó on Instagram: The Doctor & his companion running scene in #Valencia #DoctorWho #PeterCapaldi #PearlMackie


Hi, Peter– ouch! He literally ran into the poor person filming them! This was a helpful laugh before going to work! :D