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Question: what subject do the gang take?

Like we know they all take physics, and that April and Charlie both take history but like other than that we have no idea.

I think I remember seeing a bunch of art supplies and an easel in April’s room so maybe she takes art? Maybe Charlie does as well since we know he’s a talented artist. (Why would they do art history and then physics?)

What about Ram? does he take physical education or something like that? Does Tanya do computing? Or did she just teach herself how to hack?

Patrick Ness we deserve to know.

(if you don’t understand how a levels work, you basically take 4 subjects your first year and then drop one, but that is kind of changing so some schools you just take 3, it’s a kind of confusing system)


Happy Birthday, Ellie May Darcey-Alden! (4 September 1999)

“[My mum] told me [I won the part of Young Lily Evans] after school that day and I screamed, like I straight up screamed, then I cried. It’s not something you expect; it’s something you create [in your mind]. It’s one of those things you go, ‘Oh gosh, I wish I could do this. Like, how can I be able to do this?‘ And it’s, like, one of my dreams [to be in Harry Potter], something that sits in the back of your head. And then, when it actually happens, it’s really surreal.” (x)