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Question: what subject do the gang take?

Like we know they all take physics, and that April and Charlie both take history but like other than that we have no idea.

I think I remember seeing a bunch of art supplies and an easel in April’s room so maybe she takes art? Maybe Charlie does as well since we know he’s a talented artist. (Why would they do art history and then physics?)

What about Ram? does he take physical education or something like that? Does Tanya do computing? Or did she just teach herself how to hack?

Patrick Ness we deserve to know.

(if you don’t understand how a levels work, you basically take 4 subjects your first year and then drop one, but that is kind of changing so some schools you just take 3, it’s a kind of confusing system)


David x Billie indie film aesthetic

David and Billie starring in an artsy indie film where they both wear skinny jeans and converse and thick-framed glasses and resist falling in love with each other for the first hour and then spend the entire second hour in bed.  (via thebadddestwolf)

He lives in New York and longs for his homeland. She lives in London and needs to escape. They don’t know each other, but through a website they end up trading apartments for a month. 

It’s a peculiar thing, falling in love with someone through traces of them: notes in the margin of a book, tea mugs organized by color, mixtapes for ex-lovers. When the month ends and she doesn’t want to leave, a unique cohabitation begins, blurring the line between reality and fantasy.


From Lauren McGinty on Twitter, my sister just told me about this not too long ago and I had to go view it. :) Lauren made this cute drawing of Twelve and Clara and brought it to the Doctor Who filming set (on I’m guessing August 12, 2016) to have Peter sign it. He did, as you can see, but not without giving her an adorable critique! ♥


David Tennant filming his Doctor Who video diaries

…so this is mostly Doctor Who Confidential filming David filming his diary while filming episodes of Doctor Who

(this post is a mix of gifs and still photos)

For some reason I just really want to see The Doctor with a stereotypical moody teenager as a companion.

Can you imagine the first time he/she walks into the TARDIS and instead of being amazed by it they’re just like “Does this have WiFi?”

And when they’re running away from some sort of alien the teenager is just like “I CANT DIE YET, I NEED TO UPDATE MY DESTIEL FIC ON TUMBLR”

Can you imagine how many times the Doctor would ask the companion if they had a death wish because he/she kept dangling themselves from the TARDIS door to take pictures of space because it fits their “Instagram aesthetic”

And in the end the Doctor is just like “I’m done with you and your entire generation”