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a long time ago, I swore I saw an episode of Arthur where Arthur and DW were baking a cake, and they were pronouncing "lb" (as in pound) as "lub" and they had no idea what a lub was. I've tried looking for it but I'm stumped. Do you know which episode I'm talking about? Or did I dream up some ridiculous Arthur fanfic?

that sounds SO FAMILIAR but i just can’t quite place it. sorry anon! i’m gonna have to throw this one out to the audience. anyone know? 

Headcanon Time!

- Dw and Gosalyn will sing theme songs together. Especially old cartoon themes and movie themes. A microphone-comb is also included.

- Father and daughter riding the toy story mania and getting competitive to see who can get the higher score- Gosalyn beats Dw every time to Dw’s disdain. (He’ll take Launchpad later to beat him by a long shot to feel better over losing against a child.)

- Going back above to the first singing headcanon, Dw sings a LOT in the bathroom and when he believes he’s alone in the tower. Gosalyn finds him every once in a while and records it for Lp to see. Dw loves being over animated in dancing to the songs.

- Dw and Gosalyn will go to an ice cream parlor in Duckburg every friday- and will hang out with the triplets and Scrooge. Dw loves birthday cake and Gosalyn gets superman with the coolest topping available.

- At the Disney parks, Gosalyn loves riding the Mansion late at night right before the park closes. He clings to her the whole time and freaks out over the Ghost Host’s laughs and the hitchhiking ghosts. Gosalyn teases him about it, only saying they’re animatronics- but he SWEARS that one of them actually followed them off the ride.

I missed pocky day buuuut

The snack pack just seeing Bridget and Gristle doing it and being curious about it. Then she gives them like one stick (which is around their height) and explains the pocky game thing and all of a sudden you have ten little trolls trying to eat five gigantic sticks of biscuit covered in chocolate without losing one big end of it to another troll.

branch gets a bit hesitant at first bc “choking hazard” but next thing you know he’s losing to poppy in a matter of minutes.

the twins having to stretch their hair out just so they can try each end and leave the middle piece out for leftovers.

smidge carrying everyone on one pocky stick before it breaks.

suki and gd fighting over which end they want bc choCoLATe

cooper and biggie not really caring and breaking them in half and using them as lightsabers and stuff.

bridget and gristle giving up on explaining and letting them do their thing

oh my stars! my sister made a TARDIS cake for my birthday!!!! :D I hardly wanna eat it!