dw background


OK. HM. I try to do some background and lockscreens from Elsword.(SPECIALLY AISHA because i love her) I did this because when i had my new phone, i didn’t find any phone wallpaper like this (    è  3 e”)/

First time i do something like that. :3 Maybe, i will do other character
I know, it is not extraordinare ;//;

Murray Gold / Peter Capaldi

“Is it a sad song?”
“Nothing’s sad till it’s over… Then everything is.”
“What’s it called?”
“I think that it’s called Clara.
“Tell me about her…”


Without Photoshop.

Step 1: pick a pic that can be reused and modified for non-commercial use (for copyright issues)

Step 2: remove the background with an eraser app or any other way until the background is transparent

Step 3: use an app or any other software to make a collage. Choose a background and insert your transparent background pic.

Step 4: add stickers or other objects until you are (relatively) pleased with yourself.

“You both should feel honored.”
“Right, very honored,” I said. “Always wanted to be possessed!”