dw background


OK. HM. I try to do some background and lockscreens from Elsword.(SPECIALLY AISHA because i love her) I did this because when i had my new phone, i didn’t find any phone wallpaper like this (    è  3 e”)/

First time i do something like that. :3 Maybe, i will do other character
I know, it is not extraordinare ;//;

Murray Gold / Peter Capaldi

“Is it a sad song?”
“Nothing’s sad till it’s over… Then everything is.”
“What’s it called?”
“I think that it’s called Clara.
“Tell me about her…”

“You both should feel honored.”
“Right, very honored,” I said. “Always wanted to be possessed!”


Without Photoshop.

Step 1: pick a pic that can be reused and modified for non-commercial use (for copyright issues)

Step 2: remove the background with an eraser app or any other way until the background is transparent

Step 3: use an app or any other software to make a collage. Choose a background and insert your transparent background pic.

Step 4: add stickers or other objects until you are (relatively) pleased with yourself.

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