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Ships: Tentoo x Rose, Ten x Rose AU, Ten x Rose, a little tiny bit of Nine x Rose

Rating: anything from general to explicit

DW ‘verse or AU: canon expansion (Pete’s World) and AU

Genres: fluff, smut, hurt/comfort, angst with an h/c ending, humor

Tropes: baby!fic, proposal/engagement/marriage, a variety of smut kinks/tropes, telepathy, all sorts of AUs from neighbors to childhood besties to flowershop, dimension hopping Rose…

Nopes: Rose with anyone besides Nine, Ten, or Tentoo and vice versa, abuse passed off as “romantic,” ALL sorts of Tentoo-related nopes that have been documented elsewhere, but mainly when people say he’s not the Doctor or he’s a clone or something weird. Or make him only go by a human name. Or just generally do anything Ten wouldn’t do besides being a little more open and emotionally available and being ready to commit to a relationship (though honestly, I think that’s more from getting her back and having matching lifespans than anything else). But I think him deciding to just abandon everything he was pre-metacrisis is unforgivably OOC.

Babyfic: Tentoo x Rose or AU: YES MORE PLEASE. Ten: might read it, wouldn’t write it. Nine: no thanks for me but you do you! (see below)

Head canons that influence my writing: Tentoo and Rose are the happiest couple that ever lived, even if things aren’t always easy. I really don’t think they were formally “together” before Doomsday, but definitely some kissing and pre-relationship stuff was going down. Don’t hate me, but I don’t think there was anything but mutual pining between Nine and Rose. I like them bonding post-JE. I don’t think it took her very long to accept Tentoo as the Doctor (she was already calling him Doctor by the end of the episode). I definitely count the TARDIS coral as canon. I think they start out working for Torchwood and cut back to part time once it’s grown. I do think they stick with Torchwood because it’s the best way for them to make a difference in the universe and defend the Earth and be part of the family business, and it gives them friends who can know their real identities. But they also travel a lot too and teach their kids to fly it because they will inherit it once Tentoo and Rose’s “one human life” spans are over.

Thoughts on other companions: They have all been fun so far as portrayed by the actors, though I don’t always love everything about the storylines written for them. But I do love including companions in AUs. Mickey x Martha shows up in a lot of my AU fic. Basically, they are all awesome people and I don’t do companion hate, though I may not always think they were perfectly written in canon. 

Other things of note: I have a Fandom Guide. It is large. But always growing, so if you have fandom tips of any kind, hit me up. Besides that…um… I don’t really write fix-its or canon rewrites. I would love to be the type of person who writes really long multichapters, but that just isn’t me most of the time, so expect primarily one- and two-shots from me. I struggle to write 10k and don’t do it often, but it does happen rarely.

Open for prompts? Not usually. I do occasionally fill some ask prompts if there is something you really think I would be good at and you have read enough of my stuff to know what my jam is. So I’m not opposed to it from my regular readers, but know I might refer you to one of my friends if I feel like it would be more their thing than mine. Or I might suggest it for a prompt for the prompt blog I help with (this one, aka @doctorroseprompts).  


in which adrien & marinette attend a wedding reception and marinette notices how adrien looks at the bride and groom wishfully.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

//sorry for the lack of art lately! i’ve been swamped with work but i’ve been thinking about my whole wedding au and the events leading up to it….including proposal *stuffs my face in a pillow and screams while thinking about their proposal scene*


“Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up. Never give in.”

In the 61st century, the Shadow Proclamation recruits a group of women from different periods to form an elite squad: the Department of Objective and Covert Temporal Oversight through Respondent and Warranted Humanitary Operations, also known as D.O.C.T.O.R.W.H.O.


„Wait a moment.“ said the red haired girl with a fierce voice. „Who exactly are you again?“ she asked while looking at Rose. „My name is Rose Tyler. I travelled with the Doctor a very long time ago.“ replied Rose. „But where did you came from?“ continued Amy. „I mean, you just appeared out of nowhere.“ „I came from another Universe.“ answered Rose patiently. „But how?“ said the new Doctor and looked at Rose. „It’s a long story. But I’m not here to talk about that. I’m not the only one who can travel through Universes anymore. Doctor, we’ve got a problem and I’m here to solve it with the help of you three.”

This is my present for @phoenixsoul13 (prompt:  Dimensional traveling Rose meets Eleven, Amy and Rory.) for the @dwsecretsanta event. I hope you’ll like it sweety ! I really liked the prompt and I tried my best to full fill it (Sorry if there are any mistakes in the text, english is not my first language). 

Can we please ship Mickey Smith and Reinette? Just do yourself a favor for a second and imagine:

  • it’s Mickey’s first trip to outer space in the TARDIS. They find the fireplace, and good old tin-dog Mickey knocks the wrong thing and wheels around into 1700s France
  • he sees this little girl (and Mickey is good with kids), and he hears the clock—and he’s a mechanic, he knows a six-foot sound when he hears one—he is scared out of his mind, but Mickey Smith is not one to leave scared little kids, his grandmother taught him better than that
  • and there’s THE AUTOMATON. Mickey Smith, panicked in trying to protect this kid and not get killed in his first outing, catches the Automaton’s attention and gets it over by the fireplace and hooked to the ledge
  • Frantic, he smacks the thing that got him here and he’s back at the spaceship, automaton in tow, Ten mildly shocked but happy to play with more robots if Mickey will go get them
  • Ten is so distracted by the robot that he doesn’t notice a certain somebody pressing the thing again—Mickey wants to make sure the little French girl is okay—Rose’s “wait!” falls on empty air.
  • and oh shit, Mickey is met by this gorgeous woman, who calls him her imaginary friend and seems to remember him as a hero, an angel, not a scared guy—and oh no, this woman is Madame de Pompadour, isn’t she?!
  • quite a start for your first adventure
  • And when Mickey gets back through the fireplace, Rose and the Doctor have wandered off—of course they have, that’s what they do—so Mickey, looking for them, wanders through another door and into France again, and meets Reinette some more
  • and more automatons, of course; but Mickey’s a mechanic, he knows his way around those; delicate parts snap easily
  • Reinette is a delicate part, and wants to dance
  • Meanwhile, the Doctor and Rose are working it out from the ship—Reinette being 37 is what the droids want; and oh, no, the droids are about to strike.
  • Mickey doesn’t consult them. He has a horse (after all, he’s let Rose keep the Doctor), he has a mirror, he has Reinette—
  • Reinette.
  • Reinette, the only woman who has focused on him, and seen the hero he could be.
  • Reinette, so loyal that she rejoices even if he only shows up every few years.
  • Reinette, who is treated as an object by the droids just as much as he is treated as a tin dog by the rest of his life.
  • Reinette……
  • Mickey Smith jumps through the mirror, riding a horse. He and Reinette drink wine, and count the stars they would like to visit but never will now.
  • One wrong fireplace and Reinette is gone forever. Mickey reads her letter in the TARDIS. The Doctor and Rose leave him alone (alone, again). Mickey decides he will be the hero Reinette saw him as.
  • Next adventure, Mickey defeats thousands of Cybermen.

There’s an urban legend making its round every year on Halloween night, with the details changing from story to story; sometimes people disappear in them, sometimes they have witnessed such terror that they’ve gone insane, and other times they’re suddenly no longer recognised by family and friends - a stranger in their own life. (Just to name a few.)

No one even remembers when and where they first originated, but they always feature the same figure leading to the creepy endings: The Doctor. An other-worldly, charismatic traveller who charms people into following him into the great unknown, promising wonders and adventure, only for the life of anyone he enchants to end up in tatters.

Little does the youth gathered around bonfires and house parties exchanging known stories for new ones know the Doctor is actually very real and ever-present…

A random little AU Dark!Doctor on the occasion of the day ;)
Happy Halloween!


“Those stories you told me about your parents, even you - Melody Malone, the private detective. It’s all a lie. A story you came up with on the spot. You were running, River. Running from the Silence, and it’s time to wake up.”

When the Doctor comes to investigate the Silence, he bumps into Melody Malone - a 21st century detective full of mystery and impossible stories. As he closes in on the Silence, he slowly unravels the truth of Melody Malone, the fob watch, and the daredevil River Song that haunts her dreams.


au: Oswin Oswald manages to evade Dalek conversion long enough to be saved by a strange man who calls himself the Doctor and his two best friends. She joins them in their spaceship in order to fulfill her dreams of seeing the stars. (aka an au where Oswin doesn’t die)

im tired anyway here’s some more time travel fic

Everything goes the way it does in the books, except that occasionally someone looks up and Neil isn’t there and the air smells a bit like burning, but then they blink and he’s right back in front of them. The Ravens switch divisions. Neil and the monsters go to Eden’s Twilight. Neil pays someone to knock him out. He hitchhikes back to Palmetto. He tells Andrew his half-truths and whole lies. They go on Kathy Ferdinand’s show. He fights Riko. Andrew offers Neil his protection.

It goes the same. Sometimes Neil travels in time and space, sometimes only in time. Usually to somewhere around Andrew, except he hates Andrew, so for the most part, Neil stays away, even when Andrew is an angry-looking kid, even when Andrew is a calm-looking adult.

Until one day, when he gets whisked into a bedroom in the middle of the night and the figure on the bed stirs.

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Just a new day

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary: Two fake FBI agents come into your class and step into your werewolf case, so it’s not great that one of them is your soulmate, or is it?

Word Count: 1725 (this is the longest shit I’ve written in a long time)

Warnings: Canon-level violence, swearing, (really terrible) smut (im so sorry), soulmate!au, awkward moments with Sam 

A/N: Written for @kittenofdoomage‘s Classic Movie Quotes Challenge (I know I’m late af, I’m so sorry) with the quote “Because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”. Shoutout to my beta @lauraalla (again, I love you babe).

Tags: At the bottom.

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They walked into the room while you gave your students homework after your sociology class. Your class was very interested lately with the soulmates subject, what made your job a lot easier.

Soulmates were a rare thing nowadays, and not more than 7% of the American population was biologically capable of having a soulmate, and not even a 4% out of them found it. Soulmates were not what fanfiction said it was, either. Babies that were born with a wing-shaped mark on their shoulder weren’t blessed. They were cursed. Who would find their soulmates in a world where people moved constantly? And how would you feel if every time you undressed your partner, your other half, you saw a wing that represented that they meant for someone else? Winged people usually died alone, dealt with mental health issues or got too involved with drugs, alcohol or work, to survive the black hole provided by the lack of a partner and the pressure of society.

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