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He has the Master locked in there and he brings him dinners and tells him stories about his adventures because without River, he’s lonely again and the Master is the only one who can really understand him.


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I'm shaking with rage. What was that episode? This might be the most overtly homophobic thing Moffat has ever written and it's like Tumblr doesn't care. "evolved beyond gender" and "a bunch of gender stereotypes"? What the actual hell?? Not everyone is bi or pansexual, and you're not more enlightened if you are! I'm not ignorant for being gay. My orientation is nothing to do with "gender stereotypes"! It's about bodies, and it took me so long to accept that as being normal. It's fucking Pride!

And don’t forget the Bury Your Gays trope to top it all off.


THIS IS HARD TO EXPLAIN UH i really don’t like making original characters out of existing series (tbh this is probably the first one i’ve ever made)

But because i’ve never done a character-only doujin, i decided to go with a character study. and if you’ve read Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray” you can probably see why i chose to include him as a writer in a character study for atsushi (dw he only appears in like 2 pages lol)

idk this is just me tossing ideas and concepts out there lol ;;;;;;;;

prompt: “my kid adores you and never stops talking about you and one day when you were helping them w homework they accidentally called you mom/dad”

all of my aa writings are happy clichés bc these sad children don’t deserve more trauma

also i wrote this yesterday on the bus ride home while hella dissociating so sorry if it sucks im trying my best..,


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idk if it's just me but people keep going on about how Doctor/Master has never been more canon etc (which don't get me wrong, it's good in a way) but I find it a bit dodgy that they're pushing this element now that the Master (ugh or 'Missy'~) is female? like especially when they were trying to claim gender doesn't matter while referring to the binary as you stated (also justice for Bill pls)

Doctor/Master should not be canon, period. That’s like the definition of an abusive relationship, to the extreme, and in no way should a relationship between the Doctor and the Master/Missy be romanticized.

Especially since Missy sexually assaulted when she and Twelve came face-to-face for the first time (Moffat even admitted that’s what it was), pushing any sort of positive relationship between them now is absolutely disgusting, but Moffat’s had a habit of portraying sexual assault as not a big deal, and just a thing that friends do to each other occasionally, before everybody gets over it two seconds later.

Of course, Moffat had to throw heteronormativity in there, but any sort of Doctor/Master relationship is bad.

I haven’t even watched the season finale yet (because for some reason BBC American pushed back the rerun to 4 AM instead of 12 AM like it’s been for ages? what? why?) and tbqh have spoiled myself to death on it, but I ain’t even mad because I was really very worried about my Sweet Lil Baby and seeing the spoilers, I am… content. Sad that Dr. Grandpa and Lesbian Granddaughter apparently are indeed parting ways, but Lesbian Granddaughter seems happy enough and hopefully she’ll get a nice return in the future with her loving wife and they’ll adventure with Dr. Grandpa-turned-Whoever Dr. Grandpa Is Then for awhile and be a happy lil family. :’)


Clara… for what it’s worth, and it might not be worth much… when your whole life flashes in front of you, you see people you love and people missing you.

                 A n d   I   s e e   n o   o n e .

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that scene where missy calls bill and nardole exposition and comic relief was so cringey, like not only is moffat basically straight up admitting to half arsing his companions while putting up a joke as a guard, but missy saying they were genders just made it even more embarrassing, then again i find missy incredibly embarrassing in general *thinks back to death in heaven and shudders*

I would just overlook that line if not for the fact that the Doctor basically said that human genders are stupid (saying it right to a gay person), and that Time Lords don’t have a gender binary, but they also do because they’re men sometimes and women sometimes.

Maybe Moffat just wants to be homophobic but be sneaky about it (although he did kill a gay character in the episode so idk how sneaky he is really being).

I mean, have any of his characters ever said anything about genders being weird when they weren’t talking to a gay person? I can’t remember anything.

And this is just an episode after a bi person told Bill that her being a lesbian is backwards and “not very modern.”


Spoilers! The Doctor is ice skating on the Thames once special effects are added to this studio shot from Doctor Who, Series 10: Episode 3. [x] [gif source]

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You know what would be cool (not going to happen, but still cool)? If they keep Capaldi on, as a completely different character who just happens to look like the previous Doctor.

Haha. Yeah. He did make a previous appearance in DW before he was the Doctor. But I guess it’s time for him to move on and do different things. :)

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Is it just me or is something off about how Moffat writes the Master? Like, maybe it will be explained next week, but I kind of saw when we last saw him in The End of Time as a kind of semi-redemptive moment? Like, not that he's totally good, but more sympathetic to the Doctor (which I guess we see in Missy) and fighting the Time Lords in that part. Now, he seems like he's full on evil and doesn't give a shit about the Doctor even though he actually did. IDK if i'm reading into this or what?

Well, this Master could very well be from pre-End of Time.